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The iPhone is easily one of the best gadgets ever made, but it’s not perfect, and there are a few things that are just kind of annoying. Obviously the Skip button is intended to just fast forward and rewind through playing podcasts, but it doubles as the most efficient way to skip past boring segments, annoying bumper music, or the repetitive commercials that you’ve heard over and over again (sorry Neil!). I stumbled on this one at iDownloadBlog during tax season and it saved a few headaches when figuring out expenses.
Oh and a bonus tip of sorts for those that were wondering about the screenshot shown, you can transform the normal Calculator app into a scientific calculator as displayed above just by rotating the iPhone horizontally to reveal the additional buttons and operations. This goes beyond the million and one general Siri uses to function as a personal assistant, from creating reminders to sending text message and emails for you, or anything else in the gigantic command list.
Let’s face it, using any screens outdoors in the bright sun can be tough, and it can be very hard to see or read details on the display. Be your own sun shield: Turn your back to the sun and use your own shadow to shield the screen from the sun.
Yes, the iPhone and iPad will automatically adjust brightness, but it’s not always adequate when in very bright light or in direct sunlight. That tinny cheesy camera sound effect is something all iPhone users are familiar with, and if you’re tired of hearing it there is good news.
This is great to use in quiet places like libraries if you’re snapping pictures of books or documents, or even at events where you want to shoot a few pictures a bit more discretely than announcing it to the world with the treble-full camera shutter audio. Note that in some countries this setting adjustment apparently makes no difference, due to particular regulatory requirements that require all cameras to make sounds.
The smaller SIM standard goes even more smaller as Apple trims the iPhone’s thickness by 18%. Using a ruler and a marke, carefully mark the five lines along which you would cut in the following step. You know clearing your computer browser's cache is beneficial, but you probably haven't been clearing your iPhone's browser's history, cookies and data. As you might have noticed when you looked at your data usage, your text messages actually take up a lot of space on your iPhone. From there, you can manually check off texts you'd like to delete and press the little trashcan.

Auto app updates are a convenient part of iOS 7, but they'll drain your battery and gobble up your data.
We’re aiming to address a few of those frustrations here, with these five fairly minor iPhone tips that can have a big impact, offering nice improvements to usability with a few things that can generally be frustrating or bothersome. Don’t hit the Clear C button and delete everything in the number bar, instead rely on an little-known swipe gesture to delete the last character one number at a time. The iPhone and iPad are no exceptions here, and anything with a glass screen is usually worse because of the reflections cast. Speaking of auto-adjustments, you might want to turn off auto-brightness entirely if you find it going in the wrong direction in particularly tricky lighting situations. The mute switch on the side of your iPhone will obviously mute calls and sounds, but it has a benefit for photographers too: it also turns off the shutter sound, letting you take pictures in silence.
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But we know if you came to this DIY guide, your intent is to Do It Yourself, lets get started.
You can turn off the auto updates and update manually when you're connected to Wi-Fi and plugged in. A lot of apps use location services to determine where you are, and it's generally not necessary.
Aimed at covering a broad range of things, from skipping past commercials in podcasts, a subtle gesture for Calculator that improves usability, fixing your knowledge gaps with Siri, to snapping photos in silence, and improving the readability of an iPhone outside in the bright sun, you’re sure to find something helpful. For most podcasts, two to four taps on that button are enough to get through their commercials quickly. Just keep in mind that if you turn off the auto adjustments and leave the iPhone’s screen brightness all the way up the battery will run out significantly faster. All you need to do is toggle the mute switch on, which reveals a little red line in the button to indicate so.

We decided it was high time we created some of our own—especially since we just couldn't pass up these clear cases we found on Ebay for $2 each!1. We decided it was high time we created some of our own—especially since we just couldn't pass up these clear cases we found on Ebay for $2 each!1.
It might take a minute to load, but you'll be able to see which apps are taking up the most space on your iPhone. If they're grey, that means you've just recently cleared the data, so there's nothing to remove.
To turn off auto app updates, go to Settings, then scroll down and click iTunes & App Store.
Supplies: Clear iPhone cases, pretty papers, paint, fabrics, found papers, scissors and paint brushes.
A few of them are geometric iPad wallpapers that we featured earlier this year, but they’ve since been converted to iPhone 5 wallpapers. There are a few things you can do right now (yes, right this very minute) to make your iPhone work better, and they won't cost you a cent. From there, you can choose to turn it off completely (not necessary) or just turn it off for certain apps.
If you plan on making your case with papers first create a template that fits your case; including the where the camera goes so you don't cover it. Use your template to cut out a pretty paper, lay this inside your clear case before popping your phone in.
Use your template to cut out a cute fabric, lay this inside your clear case before popping your phone in. Have fun customizing your case to your style—or gift one to a friend!What we love about filling the inside of the case with a pretty paper or fabric is you can change out your design as often as you like.

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