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So, say an Elder Scrolls movie were to come out, which game do you guys would translate best to film?
As for Nicholas Cage in an actual Elder Scrolls movie, I'd be there in a heartbeat for that.
I guess I am the only person on Earth who feels like a TES: Oblivion film would be a generic high fantasy crapfest.
Funny thing is that if you make a Breton in Oblivion and you put all of the custom sliders to the right, it looks like Nicolas Cage with a HUGE nose.

An Elder Scrolls movie should have Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, John Hurt, Alan Mandell, Geoffrey Rush, Peter O'Toole, Judi Dench, Edward Norton, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Sean Bean, Hugo Armstrong, Robert Duvall and Meryl Streep.
I would prefer this movie over the one that's coming out, tes has a lot of movie potential-just look at the theatrical trailer for skyrim! He'd just run around for 3 hours yelling like a crazy person and punching everyone out. OK, so in the tom cruise poster, it looks like a waterfall has developed somewhere near the 75th floor of the Empire State building.

But can someone tell me why the hell a waterfall would be halfway up between two skyscrapers?

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