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Whether you believe social media is here to stay or a passing fad, there’s no denying that it’s huge in the here and now. Social media provides significant opportunities for customer retention, marketing, and overall brand awareness. This entry was posted in Features and tagged adsmart, digital marketing, facebook, features, linkedin, search, social, twitter by Adsmart Online.
Storytelling is frequently cited as a best practice for content marketers, but what happens when your publishing space is limited? When it comes to effective B2B social storytelling, ita€™s not about shrinking the story to fit within character limits.
The first lesson B2B marketers need to know about storytelling with microcontent is that they arena€™t restricted by copy character limits in social messaging. Convey emotion a€“ How should the customer feel after skimming this social post in their feeds? Use a variety of visual elements a€“ Videos, infographics, memes, comics, SlideShares, quotes, etc.
Brand storyteller Kathy Klotz-Guest argues that B2B content should elevate the product or service to address the human needs of the audience. Anti-virus software Bit 9 utilizes its Pinterest board to focus on the crucial cyber security issues that all B2B businesses face each day.
Use statistics to reinforce the message a€“ Statistics and percentages help punctuate the story. Share customer feedback directly a€“ Share insights from case studies to present the user experience from the customera€™s point of view. Dell (another TopRank client) accomplishes this goal through their a€?point-of-viewa€? campaigns, which develop content narratives and spread them across their social channels. Share personal details a€“ Provided your companya€™s brand guidelines allow for personal sharing, have your subject matter experts post and comment on content that advances the narrative. Have you developed a story that works with the microcontent in your B2B social media marketing? One of the most impressive benefits I’ve found from social media has come from making powerful connections with my idols, mentors, and people I looked up to. We live in a remarkable time where the barriers to reaching those people are now lower than ever.
Coming out of cancer survival, I had one person I always wanted to meet, Brian Michael Bendis. Thanks to the power of social media, I’ve now met with Brian Bendis, as well as made connections with other writers, artists, and industry giants. Even though I use the writers, artists, and creators of one particular hobby as an example, these same steps can be used to make connections with future employers, your inspirers, business leaders, authors, more. Before you can make connections through social media you have to know who you want to connect with.
Possibly one of the reasons Facebook was able to pass Google in ranking was because of its ability to contribute what people wanted.
If you want to make strong connections, you need to be recognized as a contributor as well.
For instance, I made a twitter account just for comic book related matters so I could contribute to that industry and therefore make connections with those involved as well. Even though comics carry such a negative connotation and are seen as a very small niche, I gathered many mainstream followers by commenting on current events and pop culture from a superhero perspective.
If it feels like a chore, than consider if you are passionate about the people you are connecting with.
All in all, there is a great opportunity to make connections, unlike any other time in our history. Whether it’s the CEO or small business owner, someone needs to set the tone for social media output. If one person cannot commit time to engaging the online community, make sure you hire a communications professional.
First and foremost, you should research which platforms your audience spends the most time using.
Always remember that you should be connecting your brand to your audience in a way that benefits them and solicits their action.
If your current brand isn’t producing the results you’d hoped, it might be time to rebrand. Discovery is the first and most important task to properly managing the Content aspect of a Twitter or Facebook page. Finding content that takes up 75% of your business’ account can be extremely time consuming, as you scan dozen of blogs and news sites daily.

Now you’ve got the content – but how do you curate it without having to manually post each article? Facebook alone reached 1.06- billion monthly active users and 680- million mobile users just this month. Ads are considered social if they appear on a social network, but what makes them particularly powerful is using social recommendations and social actions, along with precise targeting, to create highly relevant and engaging messaging. LinkedIn ads work very similarly to Facebook ads in the sense that they are both set up as PPC campaigns with in depth targeting options. Twitter advertising may not be quite as robust as Facebook or LinkedIn advertising, however, with over 500- million users, it is definitely not something to ignore.
Whether you’re active on these social networks or not, your customers are there sharing comments, photos, videos and more – and they expect you to be there, too. B2B social media marketers only have enough space for 1-2 sentences per post, so how can they tell a story with such little space? There are multiple opportunities to enhance social network posts with visual content, and ita€™s simply more effective for generating customer engagement: 44% of social media users are more likely to engage with a brand that posts photos versus other media.
Emotion isna€™t restricted to B2C a€“ B2B content can be visually stimulating while still sharing clear facts and figures. Marketers need to share the inherent customer needs with their content a€“ and social media offers a venue to highlight the most important examples. Fear of data breaches is a common human emotion in many IT departments, so Bit 9 provides a visual, social service with their content on Pinterest. LinkedIna€™s Jason Miller (a TopRank client) believes that strong brand stories are told through a€?remarkable anecdotesa€?, strung together to advance the narrative. Each post and anecdote that ties back to the main content serves to advance the narrative, and they utilize a variety of visual elements to convey that message.
We respect your privacy.EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. What an interesting trend we are seeing, where people are searching for connections more than answers. At the age of 8, I was fighting Leukemia and spent many days at Phoenix Children’s Cancer Center.
Furthermore, it has led to amazing opportunities where I’ve received autographs, read scripts, and more. You were excited for the rides, but you also were probably excited to meet the different characters.
We all have those people who if we happened to see on the street we’d die to go up and get a picture with, ask some questions, or get lunch together. So if you have a leader in a particular field you want to get in touch with, see who they follow, friend, and share information from.
One person I wanted to reach out to was Johnjay Van Es, a popular radio dj who has 10’s of thousands of followers he might be able to send my way.
If they aren’t the Mickey Mouse of Goofy of your childhood dreams, than they might not be worth the effort. We all understand, “it’s who you know that counts.” Social media just makes it all the more easier to approach those people.
Bryce is the Marketing Coordinator for the Balanced WorkLife Blog, where he writes on personal growth, career development, and value based networking. They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more. Doing so will create a unified brand behind your organization, which is necessary to establish credibility within your target audience.
If you neglect to respond to negative comments, that information may come across as true and endorsed. If your audience prefers using Twitter, make sure you can prepare short but powerful messages. Promote newsworthy information and engage customers by making feedback surveys and incentives.
There are three main components to managing a Social Media account: Growth, Engagement, and Content. Thanks to RSS Feed Readers like Google Reader, Feed Demon, and RSS Owl, content discovery can be simplified. Thanks to the advancement of Social Media within the last couple of years, there are a wide variety of post scheduling and management suites available to make life easier. Also, are you already using some of these tools, and are there any that we’re missing? Add LinkedIn, Twitter, Groupon, Google+, Tumblr, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, and more into the mix and you have quite the pool of potential (as well as existing) customers literally at your fingertips.

Customers trust what their friends support and in this sense, social media can be considered the modern word of mouth advertising. You can target your audience as specifically as you like: age, gender, location, education level, career industry, and even the kinds of groups they’ve joined. LinkedIn is generally geared towards professionals and your advertising campaign can target individuals based on job title, function, industry, company size, seniority, and LinkedIn groups. Twitter’s approach to advertising follows their tagline of “join the conversation” by promoting specific tweets and accounts.
Engaging with your customers via social media is one of the best ways to build awareness around your dealership and cultivate customer loyalty. Some psychologists believe storytelling is actually necessary for human survival — we are hard-wired to respond to compelling narratives. Cisco capitalized on a popular event (Star Wars Day, May 4th) to play with the sci-fi interests of their audience. Your story thus becomes centered on the customer, while still highlighting what is important to your business. Each of these anecdotes can be promoted individually in social, yet they all serve to shape the ongoing brand story.
One of the distractions I took advantage of was painting the hospital window of my room with whatever lit on my imagination. Of course not, so why would you expect to start building a new relationship with someone without knowing more about them on a personal level?
Just because someone is a movie star, a Grammy winner, or a National Best Seller, doesn’t mean they don’t have their own personal passions.
I found out from listening that his daughter at only 8 years old was co creating a new graphic novel with him. If you know what they are passionate about, keep an eye open for any fascinating articles, videos, or content that they would love to see. Asking him directly to do that would never work, so I thought of a clever way to get his attention. If your audience is more familiar with a topic or brand, look to platforms like WordPress or Tumblr. In this article, we’ll explain how you can create an easier workflow for the Content aspect of Social Media.
With Facebook ads, you can choose to grow your Facebook audience (ie, gaining more ‘likes’ for your business page) or send your visitors straight to your website, while monitoring your true reach at any time.
One exclusive feature to LinkedIn advertising is its lead collection method; after visitors click on your ad, they are taken to a unique landing page within LinkedIn which features a button request to be contacted.
Promoted tweets are targeted based on location and throughout their mobile app to show up in Twitter search and timeline for both desktop and mobile users. With my mother’s help, Spider-Man and Wolverine would watch over me as I underwent chemotherapy, surgeries, and any other cancer treatment.
He’s won 5 Eisner Awards (picture Oscar’s for Comics), 9 Best Writer of the Year Awards, and many other nominations. While these tools are great, our favorite one is called Buffer, which focuses only on scheduling social media posts.
Depending on your campaign goals, you can utilize one or both of these options in tandem with sponsored stories to achieve the greatest reach and build a recognizable brand. Promoted accounts, on the other hand, show up in the “who to follow” section on the Twitter homepage when a user logs in. Those images stuck with me as I looked back on the successful life I’ve had from over a decade in remission. I thought he carried a resemblance to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, so I took five minutes to edit a side by side image and sent it to him saying I saw a mighty resemblance. Bendis answered question after question about all the popular books and characters, Iron-Man, Spider-Man, and The Avengers. Two seconds later he was sharing it with all of his own followers and sent me his own comments. Tools such as Hootsuite are a more robust alternative as they integrate engagement features, but the over-simplification and focus of Buffer’s scheduling services make it a much better primary tool for curating content.
I then asked him, “Can you tell us about your daughter’s involvement with Takio, the book she is co-creating.” He smiled and went on to share a great story. Afterwards, when I spoke with him one on one, he thanked me for asking thoughtful questions, signed some books, took a picture with me and then followed up with me on Twitter.

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