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If you are going to take a yoga teacher training and dive into the business side of yoga by offering privates or teaching in a studio, then you have to be ready to market and sell yourself as a yoga teacher. For most yoga teachers, the idea of having to “sell yourself” can seem pretty weird or even cheesy. If you have ever been in sales or know anyone who has, they will confirm that the biggest hurdle in sells is to gain peoples trust. In the East where yoga was born, students sought out teachers for them to become their gurus.
The reason why so many of us (especially in the “do-good” movement) don’t like the idea of selling is because we grew up around cheesy car salesmens and other tricksters always scamming people for money. It’s unfortunate that there have been so many businesses and people that have used poor tactics to market their business. Well, the first thing you need to do is redefine your definition of “selling” You see, what most people don’t realize is that we are all selling ourselves every day just by being who we are. So if you are one of those people who have a hard time “selling” yourself, the first thing you need to do is redefine the term “selling” into one that is not associated with a negative belief.
Something happened in the past that did not work out and I don’t want that to happen again. There are many variances of the above reasons, but they fall into those as the main category. This belief has to be the number one reason people do not try in life and the irony is that all successful people became successful through trial and error. When this happened you chose a negative belief about the experience instead of choosing to find the positive.
Just because you believe in yourself does not mean you are putting anyone down or think you are better then anyone. And if you fall down or make a mistake, brush yourself off, learn from it, and keep on going with a big smile on your face! Yoga Teacher Training Schools – Are you interested in becoming a yoga teacher and taking a yoga teacher training? Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship – Learn more about our scholarship program where we offer one lucky student the opportunity to win a free yoga teacher training. Make sure to friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with new articles offering guidance on how to teach yoga. Dream Job X provides career mentoring and coaching for yoga students who are looking to make money doing what they love.
Yoga teacher and retreat leader Jules Barber shares her tips on how to market yourself and build your business as a yoga teacher.
Understand that you, as an individual yoga teacher, are not automatically in high demand, so clear your head of any expectations you had prior to reading this.
Before taking that statement personally, read on and examine the steps we advise you take to stand out in the yoga crowd. You have to make sure you stand out in such an overcrowded space, and it can be really tough to work out how! Once you build a rapport with your audience, the next stage is step is to ask them what exactly it is they want. Yoga teachers often make the mistake of moving ahead with an idea to benefit the community without actually getting curious about the community’s needs. If for example you want to plan a yoga workshop or a yoga retreat, start by posting to your Facebook or Instagram account, or email your list of students and engage your audience by asking for their feedback. It’s as easy as stating: “I’m planning a new workshop in the next couple of weeks, is there anything you want to work on in your personal practice? Yoga is after all part of the professional services industry – and we all know money doesn’t grow in tree pose. Once you have your audience, you have asked them what they want from you, and you have put yourself out there, you need to deliver delicately. One final tip: do not bombard your (by now) devoted audience with incessant scripted advertisements for your yoga classes, workshops, retreats, and other events. And if you want to know even more about how to grow your following, develop your brand and take your yoga business savvy to the next level, take a look at The Yoginomics New Teacher’s Retreat in Koh Tao, Thailand from the 5th – 11th April. Receive 10% off the booking price plus a full spa day package at Jamahkiri Spa Resort when you book through Soul Seed Travel. Marketing or selling yourself requires a certain amount of skill, and some might say it has to come naturally. As of now, everyone and their mother uses the internet (even my grandparents surf the web nearly every day), and as we all know, people usually use the internet as a reference before they actually try something out in person.
For instance, when I want to take a yoga class, I usually check out the studio’s website beforehand in order to see the schedule, what the studio looks like, where exactly it is, and who’s classes I might want to take there. What I mean by this is that you can’t just make a website and then sit and do nothing expecting people to find you via a google search. The more opportunities that you make for yourself, the more people will notice you, and the better it will be for your career! Its necessary for everyone to have a resume or CV, and even if you don’t have a ton of experience, you can still create something worth sharing.
If I wanted to be a yoga teacher, and I was marketing myself towards that career, I wouldn’t construct myself a resume stating all of the office work that I’ve done. Obviously, there is plenty more to be said about constructing a good resume, and if you want more information on that, I suggest taking a look at this post, or reading this book.

I know that I’m not going to want to work with someone or take someone’s class who doesn’t know what they’re doing.
Final Thoughts: Its not easy putting yourself out there for the world to see, but once you go for it, its not as bad as it seems and you’ll get a lot out of it as well.
If you have any suggestions on self-marketing that I missed out on, please leave them in the comments below! This entry was posted in Advice, Dance and tagged actors, attention, choreographers, confidence, cv, dance, dancers, make things happen, marketing, positivity, publicity, resume, self-marketing, singers, website, writers, yoga teacher. I wish our professors at uni had taught us this instead of a large amount of pretty useless things. Keep your hands at your waist and concentrate on grounding into your standing foot as your spine lifts. Once you’ve completed the whole sequence on both sides, rest in Viparita Karani (Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose). Join the community and discover yoga together with hundreds of thousands from all over the world. I know this may sound like an odd concept, but here in the West where for the most part you only stand out if you market yourself, if you want to become a successful yoga teacher, you will need to embrace this concept.
If you look at any big yoga teacher out there, they have all sold themselves in one way (note: selling yourself does not have to mean selling out) When you think of any of your favorite yoga teachers, think to yourself why you admire them so much and I can almost guarantee you that how they speak and teach rings true for you so they have gained your trust. We have had one too many bad experiences with pushy sales people trying to sale us something we don’t want and then we got a really poor taste in our mouth about selling.
But some of us do it better then others because those people are conscious of the fact that they are selling themselves and don’t see this as negative. Most of us see selling as some cheesy car salesmen so we run from the idea of having to sell anything.
I guarantee you that if you chose to use that experience in a positive way and find a way to grow from it, you won’t experience it as something negative.
Then check out our list of schools from around the world offering yoga certification programs. Inspiration and ideas are welcome!” This creates buzz and conversation around the next yoga event.
So put the idea of yoga teacher enlightenment aside for now because at the end of the day, money pays the bills, not your unconscious and enlightened self. I say delicately because marketing your services is all about balance and after all, balance is what yoga is all about!
For each advertisement for your yoga business, post three times about something other than your yoga job. Reel them into your world, and your connection to them will last much longer than the sounds of 3 oms before and after your yoga classes.
It is helpful for your clients, potential students, readers, or whoever to have a visual reference of who you are and what you’re offering. I also find that I personally tend to follow through from internet to real-life-interaction when the website is easy to use and visually appealing.
Rent out a space for one evening, tell all your friends about it and get them to tell their friends about it too. The key is in the wording, and its important to cater your resume towards the career you want. What I would do is list all of the skills that I feel pertain to teaching and yoga, and then I would say where I obtained and applied all of these stills. There are message boards, social media platforms, and search engines where if you put yourself there, people will find you.
Even if they do actually know what they’re doing but they come across as if they don’t, that’s going to turn me off to them completely. Also, I’d love it if you would like my facebook page, add me on Google+, and follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, and Bloglovin’. Should it be plain text or should it be beautifully designed (but still not too overdone) so that it catches attention and looks visually pleasing?
All of the research that I have done has said that when you are applying to larger companies, its best to have a simple and easy to follow format that just showcases your best qualities. The one who’s always running late, who “forgets” to return phone calls and text messages, and cancels plans at the last minute. You’ll do the whole sequence twice (once through on each side), then relax into a peaceful restorative pose.
Those in the nonprofit world will accept your past year as solid marketing experience, while corporate hiring managers regard it as something more like an internship; it will be up to you to sell it as relevant.
The secret to distinguishing yourself in a tight labor market is to provide insight into what has driven your career decisions. That will be easier to do if you can create the network you wish your alma mater had provided — contact every AmeriCorps volunteer you can find, as well as every former newspaper colleague, and ask them for introductions to marketing people.
This also means if you have any shyness or insecurities about yourself you will need to take the time to transform these issues. The answer to that is simple: Because you want people to believe in you as a teacher and for people to trust you with their health.
All guru means is “teacher” and students would hear about teachers being profound and they would seek them out. This same scenario is very similar to how most of us associated money with being bad because we saw other people with money being jerks.

These are the people our society would see as outgoing, charming, charismatic, and so forth; while the people who are not aware of this are the shy and insecure people. But in reality, marketing and selling yourself as a yoga teacher just means truly believing in your capabilities and not feeling bad because you are putting yourself out there. Or, visit our Yoga Retreats page to explore beautiful yoga vacations from around the world. You need to acquire a small army of yoga practitioners who are keen to try the next pose you post on your instagram account. Don’t make the mistake of believing that you can change the lives of everyone who steps into your yoga class. Your consumers, your paying yoga students, want choice and they want to feel like they’re part of the decision making process. I am probably one of the shyest people you will ever meet, but after a little bit of time and research, I’ve discovered that self-marketing is something that definitely can be taught.
If I go on a website, and I’m confused about what I’m looking at, odds are that I probably won’t be taking that person’s class, going to their show, reading their blog, etc.. Yes, of course there are those certain exceptions out there, but odds are that those “exceptions” started out by making their own opportunities first anyway. Before you know it, you’ll have a fairly full room of people that you can sing to, and a performance that you can record and put on your website. Stay confident in yourself and your abilities, and that will take you further than any of the other advice I’ve given you in this post.
It’s nice to live a carefree life, but it’s not the best way to get things done, or to respect yourself and the people around you. Press the soles of your feet into the ground and keep the idea of grounding in mind as you practice, and experiment with long holds in the poses that you feel most challenged in. After five years at newspapers and being let go in 2009, I decided to get direct marketing experience by serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America). I’m not talking about pay or benefits, but about the personal connection with the work.
There are plenty of companies that market to nonprofits, and plenty that are marketing newspapers and other media — these connections will transform your seemingly unrelated past into the perfect preparation for your future. In short, selling yourself as a yoga teacher is really another way of saying that you need to gain peoples trust. In India, the guru did not have to sell himself because his disciples did all the talking for them. What makes some marketing cheesy or “bad” is “how” people have chosen to communicate their product or service with the world. For some reason in their early childhood, they established a belief that tells them that being confident or sure of themselves is bad.
Just because you are confident about yourself does not mean you are putting others down or saying you are better then anyone. Instead, the law of attraction will come into play as you attract a particular breed of yoga practitioners based on your teaching style, your personal yoga practice and personality. Although I personally have a long way to come in terms of getting my name “out there” and becoming “well-known” for what I do, I believe that the following five tips are the perfect way to begin. In order to become more well-known for doing what you do, you need other people to help you out. I’ve completed my year of service and am now trying to distinguish myself in this highly competitive job market.
But here in the West where having a guru is quite odd and “business” is the way we handle our transactions in life, if you want to make it as a well known yoga teacher, you will need to do some selling.
Try going to a networking party organized for your particular field or even creating one yourself!
Hiring managers are trying to connect your passions and interests to their company and the open position. A lot of yoga teachers I speak with don’t like marketing because they think its some grotesque corporate thing and that yoga is a deeper and meaningful essence that should not be marketed. Your class numbers will increase as you inspire your students to attend consistently and develop in their own practice.
Make connections online via email, or comment on someone’s blog post, retweet their tweet or comment on it. You need to be able to explain your decisions in terms of helping you prepare for the corporate world. I always turn it around to these yoga teachers and ask, “Have you ever shared with someone something you cherish? There’s only so much a website can tell you about someone, and although it is vital for the “self-marketer” to have one, you also need to interact with actual people. That’s marketing!” What makes marketing cheesy for most of us is  “how” the message is delivered.

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