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With youth employment being at an all time low, students can be forgiven for being pessimistic about securing a job.
Electrical Systems Lead Engineer Would you like to be a part of the nation's most complex and high profile maritime projects?
We serve a population of over one million people and all the associated businesses in an area of 1,000 square miles centered on Bristol. The University of Strathclyde seeks an experienced post-doctoral researcher to join their collaborative smart grids research programme. And is it really true that if you simply hold on long enough, investing in stocks and mutual funds will out-perform just about anything else?
This is a ridiculous attempt to compare whole life insurance to the “stock market” after the worst decade.
So, has “Tob” really found that elusive investment that gives you a 10% average return, and still lets you sleep at night?
And the answer is that you would have to get a 7 – 8%  annual return in a taxable account to equal the average net return in a typical and properly designed Bank On Yourself-type policy (assuming you’re in the 35% tax bracket). Keep in mind that you receive a guaranteed and predictable cash value increase every single year – in both good times and bad.
In addition, you have the potential to receive dividends.  While not guaranteed, the companies used by Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisors have paid dividends every year for more than 100 years.
The growth in a whole life insurance policy is not only guaranteed, it’s exponential.
The chart below shows you the exponential nature of the growth in a properly designed Bank On Yourself policy.
This chart is based on one of my own Bank On Yourself policies, showing the actual growth I’ve received so far in the policy, and the projected future growth, based on the current dividend scale (dividends are not guaranteed and are subject to change). However, no two Bank On Yourself plans are alike – each one is custom tailored to the client’s unique situation.  To find out how much your financial picture could improve if you added Bank On Yourself to your financial plan, and to get a referral to a Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor (a life insurance agent with advanced training in this method), request a free, no-obligation Analysis. Unlike stocks, real estate, and other traditional investments, both your annual guaranteed cash value increase and any dividends you may receive are locked in, once credited to your policy.  They do not vanish due to a market correction or crash. Do you think it’s possible to invest $50,000, get a 25% average annual return on your money every year for four years… and end up with only the $50,000 you started with?
If you add those four annual percentages together and divide by four, you have a 25% annual return. You started with $50,000 and your 100% increase in the first year doubled your money to $100,000.  Then you lost 50% in year two, giving you a balance of $50,000. You did great in year three, when your 100% increase doubled your balance to $100,000.  But the 50% decline in the fourth year leaves you with… the same $50,000 you started with four years earlier! You have nothing to show for this roller-coaster ride other than heartburn and a stomach ache. But this is the kind of smoke and mirrors the Wall Street illusionists have been using to pull the wool over your eyes for decades!
A recent study1 revealed that, for the past 190 years, American stocks have averaged a REAL annual return of only 1.4 percent! As the study’s author pointed out, the popular charts of stocks, bonds, bills and inflation that line the walls of brokerage offices assume full reinvestment of dividends, no commissions and no taxes.
Which means the only rewards investors have received for taking the extra risk of stocks and mutual funds for the past four decades are sleepless nights and broken retirement dreams!
So, if you found a great investment, you could borrow money from your policy to put into that investment. Result:  You could be receiving the 7 – 8% after-tax equivalent return I talked about at the beginning of this post… PLUS the return of the investment you put the money into! Chapters 8 and 11 of my book give real-life examples of people doing just that, from the Arizona couple using the money in their Bank On Yourself policy to fund a horse breeding business, to the surgeon who used his equity to purchase shares in a very profitable surgical center. The bottom line is that the rate of return on a Bank On Yourself policy will put just about any traditional investment to shame, and it will do that without the risk or volatility of stocks, real estate, gold, commodities and other investments. Haven’t we learned that return of our money is at least as important as the return on our money?
Financial security comes from knowing you have a solid financial foundation and that you have a nice chunk of your savings in a plan that only goes in one direction – UP.
So, if you haven’t started to Bank On Yourself, why not find out what it could do for you and your family?
When you request a Free, no-obligation Analysis, you’ll get a referral to a Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor who will show you how a custom-tailored plan can help you reach your goals and dreams.
The poster made the most valid point for these comparative arguments; that is, Bank on Yourself (and other self funded banking strategies) are SAVINGS AND FINANCING plans NOT investment plans, and to try and make comparisons between savings and investments is like trying to compare apples and oranges. I believe that the Bank on Yourself program is a sound strategy for accumulating wealth as an alternative to 1) traditional savings accounts, and 2) recapturing finance costs be they interest, points, fees, or opportunity costs should one pay cash. I also believe that there is a place for higher risk, higher yield strategies in almost anyone’s financial portfolio.
I would only offer this to those who feel so strongly in favor of stocks… Imagine if you had planned to retire in 2008.
I can tell you mine was severely impacted and caused me to rethink my retirement goal of December 2008! I have a BOYS policy already, but I feel that even when Pamela tries to be forthcoming about the program it comes off as being a scam and looks suspicious.

However, your policy is with a company that has never missed paying a dividend for over 100 years! I have asked your Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor to get in touch with you to go over your numbers and results with you. So, what does a person do if they have a lot of debt and can’t afford to try out your Bank on Yourself program? Please read chapter 8 in my best-selling book for examples of people in similar situations who, with the help of their Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisors were able to find the money to start their plans. Don’t they take our money and invest it themselves in stocks and bonds and other investments?
The companies used by Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisors invest primarily in high-quality, fixed-income assets such as long-term government and corporate bonds. For further answers to your questions, see the comment made on this blog by someone who is using Bank On Yourself to reach their goals and dreams.
What Pam Yellen is selling is a way for insurance people to grow their business and to steer clients their way. I have made no secret of the fact that I have been a business-building consultant to financial advisors. Unlike the financial “gurus” who recommend you invest in stocks, mutual funds, real estate, gold, commodities, and other traditional investments, I can make a very important claim that they cannot: not one person lost a single penny in their Bank On Yourself policy during the financial crisis, and their policies have ALL continued growing safely and predictably.
I have a file cabinet bulging with letters from grateful folks who tell me that their only regret is that they didn’t know about Bank On Yourself sooner. If we consider life insurance, especially term, we are betting a monthly premium that the insured person (usually ourselves) will die that month. 1) When I take a loan out, my dividends (if they’re paid by the company) keep coming in as if the money is still in my cash account. 3) By using my BOY accounts correctly and with the advice of my consultant, I have the ability to increase those dividends as much as I want and can! Periodically, I question it and want to see if it is really working, but the PUA’s are doing wonders and the value is there.
All these people who complain about their retirement funds suddenly being worth less because of all their stock devaluations are guilty of not following the rule of rebalancing, which is almost as bad as putting all of your eggs into one basket i.e. Your comment is more proof of how successful Wall Street has been at brainwashing the American Public. Anyone who takes advantage of a free, no-obligation Analysis, can know the minimum guaranteed cash value of their policy at any given point. For an example of this, please see another comment to this post left by one of the hundreds of thousands of happy Bank On Yourself clients.
Pamela – Please state the true rate of return on these policies just as you state the return of the ENTIRE stock market over time. Plus, that rate of return isn’t entirely accurate since you will NEVER have access to all of the cash value in your policy.
Furthermore, the rate of return that I quoted in my blog post IS based on your using the cash value to finance things! Regarding your question about what percentage of people who start a Bank On Yourself policy are still funding it years later – the answer is about 95%.
Once again the FACTS are not shared and opinion, conjecture and ignorance is shown.I can not believe how many inaccuracies you have on these posts. You State – And I do not discuss the return of ALL whole life policies, because as I’ve explained thousands of times, the Bank On Yourself-type policy is NOT structured in the traditional way, and has a much higher internal rate of return. My Reply – WHOLE LIFE policies, if they have the same rating, Ultra Preferred or Preferred or Standard or lower, all have close to the same rate of return in their rating class. You State – You are correct, however, that you cannot borrow 100% of your cash value.
My REPLY – Please revisit this with your local friendly insurance company and ask them the question. The typical properly-designed Bank On Yourself policy has an average of a 22.69% higher return than a traditional policy, NOT what you stated in your post.
The BOY method impressed me so much when I learned it a year ago that I got my license and have been mentored by the advisor who told me about it.
Assuming you both started at age 30 by age 60 the investor would be spending ~$8,600 each year for comparable insurance and saving only $1400, if he could even get it. I’ve read alot…can you clear how the loan works, borrow 10k then how much interest do you have to pay back? When you request a free Analysis, you’ll be referred to one of the 200 Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisors who will recommend a company appropriate for your unique situation and encourage you to do your due diligence before taking out a policy. If you’re a financial advisor, you can learn more about the Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor program here. Pamela, you are doing a very good thing here by telling folks the truth about Wall Street’s baloney. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
But while it is true that the employment market is tough, both the technology and engineering sectors are in fact facing a shortage of good people to employ. NATS provides air traffic control from centres at Swanwick, Hampshire and Prestwick, Ayrshire.

We currently have a vacancy for Electrical Systems Lead Engineer to work across a number of projects.
If more and more people jump on this program won’t that pyramid its profit potential down, and won’t the government step in with more and more unfavorable tax penalties for us?
Because of the legal requirements the companies have to maintain sufficient reserves to pay future claims, they have the ability to hold on to their assets for very long periods of time – even until maturity, if necessary.
When I was fortunate to finally stumble across Bank On Yourself, after investigating over 450 different financial products and vehicles, it became my mission to educate the American public about this misunderstood and unfairly maligned way to grow wealth safely and predictably. I need to borrow the money for other reasons early, but with the fact that our account is set up so that the value remains, even though funds have been withdrawn, is a definite bonus. You could put $10,000 into the stock market and in 30 years have less than you started with, after adjusting just for inflation and fees. Please note in particular Mark’s comment that, “I already KNOW how much I’ll have every month 20 years out! If you do access 100% of that cash value, the policy will lapse and you will cause a taxable event.
What is the percentage of people who start a BOY plan who are still funding it 5, and even 10 years later? The reason that the insurance company holds back a percentage of it is to ensure there’s enough of a buffer so that the policy does NOT lapse if you miss some premium payments.
I just wanted to see if I am presently affiliated with any of the insurance companies utilized in your program. This is NOT true of DIVIDEND-PAYING whole life insurance and I PROVE that with copies of my own policy statements. It is the responsibility of each individual to make certain that the copy is free of spelling and numerical errors.
Students and professionals can get a leg up on their competition, though, if they know how to think a bit more like an entrepreneur and market themselves, making the Web work in their favor.
There are opportunities out there but just like any new product or brand, job seekers need to be marketed.
At the time, my broker, it was explained to me, and I quickly expanded the use well beyond what my broker was even able to tell me. If it’s a taxable account, all bets are off, as most people believe that taxes are likely to go up over the long term. Instead, you always state the most positive rates of the WL policies and the lowest returns on stocks.
That means that a policy which is shown on an illustration to achieve a 5% ROR, by using the bank of yourself(infinite banking) methodology you may get an extra .5% because of the PUAs. Knowing how to sell yourself to potential employers is crucial.Your brandThink of yourself as a unique, branded product and know what characteristics set you apart from your competition.
So, if I have a policy that now has 100k in it, and it had a rate of return of even 3% in order to result in that amount, did I really get that return since I can’t get to all of my money? What are these things - are you a problem solver with the ability to resolve issues before they become complex? If you dont believe MY FACTs go to any insurance company which has a whole life policy and have them run an illustration for you. If so, share this at the interview stage - this will show a business that they will have fewer issues to fix. If you can demonstrate this with a solid example from a previous job or from your time at university, that’s even better.
There are plenty of organisations, such as the IET and Women in Technology that offer free networking events, and training courses which will help with your people skills, but that also put you in front of people who could assist you in your career. Plenty of businesses and recruitment consultancies are also advertising jobs and seeking potential candidates through channels like Facebook, and Twitter, so build them into your job search. Sign up to job feeds on Twitter - you will instantly be able to see when a position goes live.
Do some research on which organisations have Facebook fan pages and follow them to receive updates and vacancy information.Social media is also about engagement - it can be a great platform to showcase you as being knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Start talking to employers through Twitter or Facebook, and stand out from the crowd by commenting on issues they are discussing. Not only will this show you are up to speed on the industry, but it may also lead to conversations about career opportunities they have. Blogging is also a hot topic at the moment; plenty of candidates are now turning to blogs to discuss industry trends, or even their job search. By promoting a blog through social media you will begin to get an audience and be seen as a commentator in your field, and someone that is keen to find work.Got the job? It is important to remember that everyone you come into contact with is your marketing vehicle. Ensure you are open and honest about your workload and don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Prove you can work well with others but also help and suggest advice when others are struggling.Lastly, stay positive.

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