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Just over a year after buying the Instagram photo sharing service for $1 billion, Facebook has added video sharing features that are similar to Vine, the video-only sharing app acquired by Twitter, and Lightt, an independent video sharing service. The new Instagram 4.0, available today from the App Store, adds new video capture features to its existing app as a free upgrade. Instagram debuted on iOS in October 2010, and was awarded Apple's iPhone app of the year in 2011. Instagram does continue to let you share your existing still photos, whether captured by iOS' Camera app or saved to your Photos library from another source. Another feature edge over Vine is Instagram's support for a series of video filters (above right), which work just like Instagram's popular image filters to add character and stylize the captured footage. Twitter's popular Vine app (below), which launched in January after acquiring the Vine team last October, works much the same way but with fewer bells and whistles. Vine was initially included in Apple's App Store Featured content and made an Editor's Choice, but was later removed from the spotlight when the social video site was associated with delivering pornographic clips. The circus of attention didn't hurt, as Vine is currently the third most popular free App Store title in the U.S. Lightt lets users capture up to 60 seconds of video, and offers to apply one of fewer filters (7), but presents a more diverse and stylized selection. Instead of releasing a standalone video app, this update expands the usability of the Instagram app.
With your video recorded, filter applied, and cover frame selected, sharing the video is the same as sharing a photo. Right now it doesn't look like you can tag people in video like you can with photos, but this may be a possible update in the future.
This update puts both social networks head to head again, but Facebook was smarter by releasing identical updates for both Android and iOS simultaneously, instead of Vine releasing a very basic version for Android compared to iOS. I also created a popular tutorial on creating professional looking Instagram videos using Adobe Premiere. As an added bonus I am sharing some of my favorite iOS video and photo apps for use with Instagram.
In this fourth installment in our complete guide to Instagram, we shine the spotlight on video. Please note: This tutorial was made on an iPhone, but the steps differ only slightly from one platform to another. If you don't want to make your followers dizzy, it's important to stabilize your clip as best you can, a key factor for driving the popularity of the video. Remember that there are different accessories for Android and iPhone especially designed to reduce instability.
Most of the rules of composition that are explained in our article "Get that '10,000 likes' image" also apply to video format. To showcase your creativity, you can create surprising effects by alternating the main and front cameras. In Instagram, you can release the red button, then press it again to create a series of scenes. Once you've recorded the different sequences, you can delete any unwanted scenes by pressing the button marked with a cross to the left of the screen. If you leave your finger on the cross button, Instagram will offer to delete the entire clip.
It's also in the post-production part of Instagram Video that you can apply one of 13 available filters to your creation. Scroll through the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen to the left and select the filter you want by pressing it. The last step, for sharing your clip on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Foursquare, is identical to Photo mode. In an upcoming episode of our Complete Guide to Instagram, we'll explain how to import photos and videos on your PC to Instagram. Go to your Profile page on Instagram by tapping on the Icon at the far right of the bottom of the screen.
The Share Settings screen will show you which networks you have already linked to Instagram.
Once it has connected, you can click Yes or No on this page to allow your Likes to show on your Facebook feed. Now that your settings are sorted, you can share to your Facebook page each time you take a photo.

If you forget to tap the Facebook option before you share (like I usually do!), it is not too late. I prefer to share this way to my page because the photo appears nice and big in the news feed and therefore gets more attention.
Don't stress if your comment doesn't appear immediately - sometimes I have to moderate comments thanks to spam visitors, but the comments from real readers will always get published.
Speaking of editing, Instagram does at least allow users to delete the final clip in the series, but you still can’t delete the first or any middle clips. Bearing in mind that it is Instagram, the video portion has a multitude of filters to edit the look of your creation. After a video is created and shared, users are of course going to want to find those videos. Instagram, on the other hand, includes videos right within the Instagram feed, alongside pictures.
Instagram video should be your choice if you want slightly better editing power and fun filters.
Apple has also recently featured Lightt, an independent video sharing app that works similar to Vine, but adds some additional features adopted by Instagram. It also lets users share to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr in addition to Lightt's own service, and also defines channels for sharing videos, either publicly to a private online repository. While Twitter's Vine supports 6 seconds of video recording, Video on Instagram allows up to 15 seconds. Both iOS and Android are receiving the update at the same time today, but iOS is getting one exclusive feature: Cinema stabilization, which will stabilize video shaking. After you launch the app and your feed has refreshed, you will see the Instagram photo icon. Unlike the photo filters, the video filters are a little harder to differentiate from each other, but this will probably depend a lot on the recorded video. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. It’s a quick way to share photos and the built in photo filters can give even basic pictures a professional touch. I remember talking to my Uncle who has been in the video production business for over 40 years and he was telling me about how expensive it was to start.
Here are our top tips and tricks for saving, editing and publishing videos on the social network. In the absence of an automatic stabilizer, it's important to support your smartphone with both hands to reduce vibration. If the smartphone is well supported, the action is smooth, which in turn considerably limits blur. The composition grid is unfortunately missing, and its unclear why, but the editor isn't integrated with video mode. Before you start, remember that it won't be possible to change the order of scenes afterwards. Instagram has access to the phone's microphone and as a result, all Instagram videos have sound. They've got different names, although the proposed effects are essentially the same (black and white, sepia, tungsten, etc.) as in Photo mode. Note that you can select the Normal filter if you don't want to apply a special effect to your video. Instagram lets you choose the cover for your clip, which is basically the photo that your followers see before the video starts.
By linking your Facebook account to Instagram, you can post the video as a link on your Facebook wall. Brands are in on it too, as more than 40% of the 1,000 most shared videos on the network are the work of professionals. This will mean that each time you like a photo on Instagram, a little news item will appear on Facebook telling your friends. When you get to the screen in Instagram where you type your comment, tap on Facebook before you share.
Your Instagram photos also get saved to your phone camera roll by default so you can share them from there.
I always wanted to know how to link IG to my FB page and not my personal page so thank you for sharing that.

There are thirteen new filters specifically for video, many of them visually very different to the photo filters. At the moment the feature is only in the iOS version, but could come to Android later; many Android devices and operating systems are known to have very steady cameras out of the box.
Both Vine and Instagram can be viewed inside the apps or linked to on their corresponding websites.
Vine videos are viewed individually, with no way to officially view all of the clips you or others have created. It's also possible to embed a Vine within Twitter cards or a website, giving them much more exposure. Instagram allows sharing to more social networks, searchable geo-tags, and an easy way to browse on the web. Each has strengths and weaknesses, and we hope that the competition will motivate both companies to constantly improve their apps. While 9 more seconds doesn't seem like a big difference, creative users will appreciate the extra time. It's easy to tell that Cinema stabilization was implemented on iOS because of standardized devices. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.
More than the quality of your camera phone, it's the fluidity and lack of blur that are important on Instagram.
Take advantage of this screen to pay attention to the little details; it's here that you'll be able to listen to the video's audio track for the first time. Video lets you offer original content, which is undoubtedly one of the best ways to set you and other users apart.
Originally on Instagram you couldn’t post to your page – I was so glad when that changed! I’ll do some editing but in the meantime click the settings symbol in the top right corner of your profile screen. Vine and Instagram have a multitude of similar and different features, and we’ll dissect what each has to offer.
Around 10 seconds would have been the best balance, but Instagram does provide room for padding and editing space.
Stability will help older iOS devices produce clearer pictures although this could decrease image quality. However, Instagram expands on this by including Tumblr, Foursquare, Flickr, and sending through email. Instagram does win a few points for allowing users to search for users based on geo-tag locations, though. While you do need to use a third party service to quickly view all of your Vines, the extra features tip it slightly ahead of Instagram for sharing and utility. It’s likely each app will gain each other's features over time, and we look forward to what Twitter and Facebook announce in the future. Once you've finished recording, press the Next button at the top right of the screen (or a simple arrow using Android), to go to the next step. We advise you to choose the most representative image of the video to generate the most likes possible. You might find that Vine still offers the complete package, or that Instagram will quickly steal your heart. Still, with users used to and largely happy with such short content, it's not likely Vine will be dethroned in this category. Both Vine and Instagram on mobile make it easy to discover new videos, with followed content appearing in a feed.
After it's uploaded into your feed, all you have to do is tap on the cover frame for the video to play. Once you have connected to your personal profile, you can go back to this FB screen in Instagram and change the default share to your timeline to be sharing to your page instead. There are buttons to quickly like and comment on videos, and the ability to search using tags.

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