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One of the most important things for any modern-day business is to have an online presence aka a website.
People look for all kinds of businesses online now – from your grandma style bakeries to painting contractors. Also, just getting your business registered in an online local directory may not be enough because customers may want more information than just your business name, address, and telephone number. When you order your website, you can automatically become an affiliate with commissions as high as 50% from new orders. Atlas Business Concepts (ABC) is a 14 year telecommunications company instrumental in contributing to the popularity of Psychic, Adult, Sports and Dateline 900 numbers. ABC also has a library of dynamic web page designs, templates and images that we have accumulated over the years.
Why should you pay other companies a HUGE set up fee for a website and a monthly fee to boot???
There is no logical reason to pay any website set-up fees as long as Free Website Center is in existence.
In any month that the gross profits from your website exceed $2500, your monthly hosting fee will be waived for that month. How to start an online business: get a free turnkey internet business website and 900 numbers - there has not been another offer like this before! Websites designed and developed for viewing on any device, whether it is a desktop computer, iPAD, tablet, or Smart Phone.
Website Design, Branding and On Line VisibilityGallop Web Services, LLC is an award winning technology company located in Loudoun County, Virginia.
The information that is discussed in my course is based on my years of experience as an entrepreneur actually starting and operating successful Web site businesses.
You can learn exactly how to start, operate and maintain a successful Web site business simply by clicking the link below and ordering this course.
Do You Need A Professional New Logo, A Responsive Website Plus A Lovely Set of Business Stationery For Your New Business?
All of the start-up packages include the design of your logo with unlimited revisions, a responsive website that is tested on a range of web browsers and mobile devices including iPhones & iPads, plus 1 years free website hosting. The process begins with the gathering of information about your company or service to better understand what needs to be communicated through your new logo and to also get a clear understanding of what you require from your new website. This information is then used to create a visual featuring 4 different logo design concepts. Once the logo is completed a visual for your website and stationery set is sent to you for your approval before the actual coding and construction of your website begins. Includes: Logo, Stationery Design Plus A Website With A Personalised Login Area To Add & Edit The Pages On Your Website. Includes: Logo, Stationery Design & An e-Commerce Website With A Login Area That Will Allow You To Manage & Update The Content On Your Website Plus The Ability To Accept online Payments.
If you like the look of this website and the examples of my work shown, then there is a very good chance you will like what I can do for your business too. I work with clients from the initial branding ideas through to the development of website concepts and the actual coding of a site, to ensure I can maintain the same high standard of design for each client that I work with. One of the biggest (and most fun) ways I add value to my coaching practice actually happens after our call or in-person jam sesh is over.
It can feel so overwhelming that some of us don’t even get around to doing our taxes (eep!).

I did a mini-interview with Mike Hourigan of Shoeboxed to find out how their platform can help us passionate workers and full-life-livers not feel so… taxed (yup, went there) around this time of year.
I want to share with you one of the biggest ways I add more independence, creative freedom, empowerment and fulfillment to my life.
Today, I want to show exactly (complete with screenshots!) how to get it—by starting a website that honors your authenticity in 7 minutes.
If you put the energy, heart and soul into a website that reflects who you are and what you can offer in the world, the life you want is within reach. Whatever way you sling it, your intention channeled through action will show the universe exactly what you want. If you are willing to be vulnerable, to be of service to others, and to stay passionate (and figure out what can bring you back to that place when you forget)—you’ll receive it. On January 1, I started a secret niche site (Pat Flynn style!) and have been working on it pretty consistently.
It’s also an interesting case study in how someone completely unknown in the land of the Internet can start and grow an audience, engagement and a passive income stream without any prior contacts or connections. Taking a cue from Investigative Designer David Seah, I’ve decided to do a challenge of bringing one new creation into the world for 30 days.
Often I share photos of my creations (likely on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter tagged with #30daysofmaking).
Being that I travel only slightly less often than a pilot, I’ve needed to find ways to be productive when I have little-to-no daily routine to count on. What I found I wanted most was to trust myself: to not give over my power to one system, but to learn how to trust my internal compass to direct me to how I was meant to move, shift and create in the world each day. In an effort to create space for this, I’ve been crafting my own personal day design system all year. My method involves a yin, feminine approach to productivity, giving the user a new way to look at a single day—as an expansive opportunity and palate for creation.
I’ve been reading some fabulous World Domination Summit 2014-afterglow blog posts (such as this by Jedd Chang, this from Erin Harding, and this by Derek Murphy). For the solopreneur, the inspired creative, and oh right everyone who’s coming to WDS—you might, like me, be wondering what to bring. Sign up to feeling more embodied, empowered and alive—plus get 3 FREE holistic productivity sheets! There are so many things to take care of – getting a business plan ready, sorting finances, finding a location, planning entry, hiring staff, etc. By ordering your website through Free Website Center you will easily save $495 to $1000 on set-up fees. You are receiving your very own online website business, domain name choice, content for the website, custom web designed pages and graphics , marketing tips and tools, and a payouts of up to 60% of all revenue generated from your website. Regardless of the size of your business and brand, we can meet your internet marketing goals and objectives. I started this Web site in 2006 and today it is the hottest magic trick Web site in the world! 2 of the start-up packages also include the design of your business stationery set featuring a letterhead, continuation sheet, compliment slip & business card. You will then have unlimited logo revisions so that the logo can be refined to your satisfaction.
More than 1,000,000 businesses use Shoeboxed to scan and organize receipts and business cards, create expense reports, track mileage and more—all digitally!

You need the woo-woo and the work—you can’t have one or the other and expect the full-blown, inspiring results you have your heart set on. It has grown only through organic traffic, white hat SEO, good honest content and new Twitter friends (it has its own Twitter account, but that’s all when it comes to social media).
Answering these is helping me to start making shifts in my business and life—maybe they’ll be of help to you, too.
What object lying on your bedroom floor will haunt you on the airplane, personifying itself in your head and chastising you for your forgetfulness? Just imagine the eyeballs you can grab by providing a link to your website on a local business directory. Our main focus is providing a solid internet business, website design, hosting and customer service to you. Now, take this money you'll save and put it where it will do the most good FOR YOU and your business.
The website business that is making you money every month and that was Free to set up is now not costing you anything further other than marketing. As an added BONUS, your monthly fee will be reduced for each person that you refer to Free Website Center that orders a website from us or complimentary marketing will be applied to your website.
GWS website packages are designed with the search engines in mind providing your business website with the necessary foundation for generating more traffic to the site. But the sooner you get over your feelings of overwhelm and get something out there, the faster you’ll start to see results and start living the life you really want. As a web based business, we have no fancy color brochures or catalogs to mail, no huge advertising budgets, no salesman commissions to be paid and lean, extremely low overhead expenses. We then merge your website with a program or product from a vendor that we have developed a relationship with over the years. Since we do not charge you to create your website business, we are paid for hosting and maintaining your website, providing the content for the website and updates, doing the accounting, making the statistics available to you and providing customer support. Once you understand the secret formula to creating successful Web sites and have the resources to help you accomplish this task you can easily earn six figures or more each year!
We are pioneers and innovators in our industry and are now passing along our knowledge to help people just like you to get started with their own business with No Set-Up Fees. They specialize in your content choice and operate these programs and services full time as their main business.
Other companies offering similar programs cannot match our Free Offer because they must pass on all their operating expenses and overhead to you. This way you can focus on your website promotion and save time not having to learn and run the back end of the business. We want you to use the money that you will save, by using ABC, on the advertising for your new internet business. We will then register your domain name choice and submit your website to the search engines (one time submission).
When you order your website, you have the option to become our affiliate and earn additional income in 10 different ways. The more websites we create and have in our portfolio, the more paying business we attract.

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