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The end of the year is fast approaching and while it’s important to take some time to unwind, it’s also worthwhile to reflect on what’s most important as a marketer or PR pro— especially since the media landscape continues to rapidly evolve. Be a better writer—in 140 characters or less: In an age of tweeting, brevity is key and helps in making your content viral and easily shareable.
Think outside the confines of “traditional” PR: Instead of relying on a press release, ask if a topic is better suited to a social media post or an infographic. Read more industry-related content: To be successful, you have to keep up with changes in the industry.
Be a storyteller: Stories allow businesses to effectively share a message in an engaging way.
Be SEO friendly: Think of keywords that Google and other search engines will recognize and take into account when deciding where your brand will appear on their site. Work smarter, not harder: The more efficiently you run through your day-to-day tasks, the more time you will have for new opportunities. Le SMS Marketing offre de nombreux avantages par rapport aux autres leviers emarketing, plus simple que l’emailing, plus rapide que le telephone, plus efficace que le courrier papier… Il combine par exemple instantaneite et lisibilite que ne permettent pas les autres leviers.
Pour developper une image de marque : grace aux campagnes SMS, une entreprise montre qu’elle innove mais aussi qu’elle est accessible et proche de ses clients. Pour acquerir de nouveaux clients : l’envoi de promotions par SMS permet de generer du trafic en magasin et de seduire une clientele nouvelle. Pour generer des ventes via des promotions, des coupons de reduction et des nouvelles offres. Pour fideliser grace a un programme specifique par SMS (recompense pour la fidelite ou anniversaire du client par exemple).
Pour gerer une communication de crise : en cas d’evenements imprevus, le SMS permet de communiquer rapidement et dans l’urgence. 40% des personnes equipees de mobiles sont interessees par la reception de SMS purement commerciaux.
Je vous en parlais en introduction, il existe une solution professionnelle pour envoyer des SMS… Sarbacane Software, editeur de la celebre solution d’emailing Sarbacane, a cree une nouvelle start-up, Primotexto, qui propose  une solution SMS innovante a destination des TPE et PME. Alternatively, what is your region known for that you can export to a place that will pay highly for it?
Even if it doesn’t have to do with availability, some products are cheaper to bring in from out of the country than to produce it. For instance, you will often come across products that are “made in China”, because they can generally be imported for less than it would be to produce locally.
Developing a system to sell and promote products to businesses is a simple process if you have the right tools and skills. Every day we help different businesses compete for good rankings on search egines but web marketing is so much ore than just SEO.
Many businesses already have a range of products which can be used in the marketing process and by putting QR Codes on products and sending them to a mobile site you can increase their profile. When we first look at a businesses online presence the first port of call is their website. It is a form of advertising and as such needs to be continually updated and improved however we find most businesses had a website built and have never added any new material since it was launched.

Google has said recently that websites today are graded on their content and how new and relevant it is to their topic.
On of the main places we start when doing Web Marketing is doing an audit on a website to see how it is performing. Web Marketing For Profit specialises in upgrading or creating  new web sites and then adding a constant stream of new content which will elevate your site quickly in the search engines and help the retention of your current visitors. I would like to say about my experience with Trevor and Quentin from Web Marketing for Profit.
Since coming in contact with the team I have had a fast ride to an elevated standing within cyberspace.  Within 3 months and our business web site is mostly on the top line or 1 below top on google, I have no doubt that their methods are very precise and there is not much pain with the whole thing (financially). Its not rocket science and our consultants are trained on how to maximize Web Marketing for businesses. If you need to find a good consultant to help you with making your business stand out on the web then have a look at our Web Marketing For Profit consultants profiles.
I had a chance to catch up with fellow author, Simon Sinek to discuss his book called – Start With Why at the World Business Forum held in New York at Radio City Music Hall on October 7-8. For those that follow this blog but are not yet familiar with your book Start with Why, give us little background. A few years ago, I discovered that every single organization on the planet, even our own careers always function on the same three levels: what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. Would love to interview you after the book comes out – perhaps we can raise the awareness of some b2b marketers with your ideas as well!
We like to use the HemingWay App – you should definitely look into it, it helps you edit your writing in a very easy and concise manner. You wouldn’t want to inundate your dear journalist friends with floods of press releases, so use your Social Media properties, your website or blog posts when better suited. Once you’ve developed your keywords, make sure to use them in your blog, release and media outreach to help drive website traffic and Google outputs.
Avec le developpement de ce produit, nous offrons des solutions multicanales aux entreprises qui souhaitent communiquer simplement et efficacement. It could be a type of fruit that grows easily in a certain climate, or the proximity to fish-bearing lakes. There are generally two factors that make a product cheaper to produce in one region than in another: resources and technology. You will need to follow through and stay up-to-date with all the minute details, from truck finance in South Africa to the socio-politics of the region or country you are importing to or exporting from. If your trying to get visitors to your site and are not adding a constant flow of  text describing your business, products and services then you are probably not getting in the search engines so people can find you. Just create a good system of updated content that is targeted around your business and you will always outperform your competitors. My goal was to go a bit more in-depth on how to get started for B2B marketers, hope you enjoy the interview. The why talks directly to the limbic brain, which is the part of the brain that makes decisions. I have a lot of start-ups and VCs in my network, and my experience validates all-around the why.

Some of our favorite influencers in the industry include Jay Baer, Seth Godin and Ann Handley. In fact, studies show that grammatical errors within Brands’ content diminishes credibility among engaged consumers. You need to understand your local market, as well as the market of the location you are importing to or exporting from. Find something that your region has plenty of and export it somewhere where there is a demand.
If approaching people to pitch your wares does not sound like something you would want to do on a regular basis, think twice about going into this line of work.
So if you’re the type of person who likes to let go and let things run their course themselves, or if you’re more interested in the big ideas than in the details of their realisation, again, think twice about going in this direction.
If it wasn’t a specific problem, then that founder has their own why, and the company is formed in their own cause.   Virgin is Richard Branson. Otherwise they would only buy the cheapest product and they would never be loyal to anything.
L’analyse des statistiques peut etre tres poussee, puisqu’il est possible de mesurer l’impact d’une campagne SMS sur le trafic de son site internet, grace a une passerelle entre Primotexto et Google Analytics.
Or find something that your region would like to have, and import it from somewhere where it is cheaply available.
It does mean that the situation is hopeless, for instance you could find a partner or employ a salesperson. Those that are started from market opportunity, I read this article in a magazine and I realize that those tend to be very weak and they tend to not do well. When the why is clearly communicated, it viscerally appeals to people, and they feel connected. It’s whatever you call it, your differentiating value proposition, your USP, the things that you think make you different or stand out from the crowd. But when a human being personally suffered or people close to them personally suffered something and they found a solution to whatever that problem was and that was the birth of the company, that’s a clear purpose.
And being a part of an organization with a clear sense of why becomes part of our self-identity. But very few people and very few organizations can clearly articulate why they do what they do.
As you imply here, the problem is that companies are focused on themselves, their products, which are of *secondary* interest to customers, who only use products to get outcomes that are important with rational AND limbic brains. We wear it with pride and don’t want it to get dirty because it’s part of our self-identity. I mean what’s your purpose, what’s your cause, what’s your belief, why does your company exist. And those that understand the why can clearly communicate it have an unbalanced amount of influence and success and loyalty in the marketplace with greater ability to innovate on all the rest of it.

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