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Diese Website verwendet Cookies von Google, um ihre Dienste bereitzustellen, Anzeigen zu personalisieren und Zugriffe zu analysieren. Unfortunately, not everyone’s browser will support the spiffy JavaScript menu behind that innocent-looking button. Which brings us to the Internet, sometimes called the World Wide Web, though there’s a critical difference.
In a nutshell, the web is a whole bunch of interconnected computers talking to one another.
There are a few things to know, and to do, before you get cranking on designing your first Web site. Farther down this page, you’ll see a section about using, or not using, a design program. TextEdit is, by default, a rich text editor, which in short means that it will add unwanted formatting to your HTML and CSS.
As the lessons mix HTML and CSS together, one way to know when each one is being used is by the icons that go with some of the sections.
This one tells us that we’re working in our CSS stylesheet, or learning a CSS technique. This one tells us that we’re working in our HTML code, or learning an HTML technique.
This one tells us when we’re discussing an obsolete or deprecated HTML or CSS convention. XHTML (sometimes written as (X)HTML) is widely used and taught by many, many experts, including the author of one of the primary sources of information for this site.
Web designer David Hammond gives more information on the topic than I care to reproduce, but in short, XHTML is not supported at all by Internet Explorer, including the new IE8. With typical server configurations, browsers will parse your XHTML as HTML "tag soup" instead.
This is a bit hairy for new Web designers, but since you asked (well, since I asked on your behalf), I want to make sure you get a fair answer.
Due to being forced by IE to do everything as HTML, with no XHTML support, XHTML for web browsers is now a dead end. HTML5 is receiving much more all-around support from web browsers, Internet Explorer included.
If you want more information, the SitePoint Reference gives an excellent summation of the differences between the two.

Most programs use the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) paradigm, which is basically clicking on options and letting the program make the choices and generate the code.
Hand coding in a text-editor … means you know your code much better and so can find problems and edit smaller things. When you get better at writing code, you can graduate to programs such as Notepad++ (for Windows) and TextWrangler (for Mac). The computers (on the web) are typically connected by phone lines, digital satellite signals, cables, and other types of data-transfer mechanisms.
One is learning how to view your code (and others’ code), a second is how to find the tools you need to create your first Web page, and a third is how to create a workable file structure to contain your pages. You’re not going to learn Web design from me by using a program that does it for you! All files created in TextEdit from here on out will be in plain text, which is exactly what we want.
Windows users have Internet Explorer installed on their computers, and Mac users usually have Safari on their machines. It also bears no real resemblance to its Windows counterpart, for those more comfortable using IE. It helps me keep everything straight, and makes it much easier for me to find errors in my coding (i.e. The vast majority of XHTML pages on the Web cannot be parsed as XML since they rely on HTML error handling. These give much-appreciated assistance to designers without taking over their process, or creating unwanted code for them. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden, dass sie Cookies verwendet. The Internet isn’t one enormous computer, or a building full of computers, somewhere in Silicon Valley or Kazakhstan. Instead, you’re going to learn it the proper, best practices method, by using a simple, plain text editor.
Those are fine to use for now, though I encourage Windows users to move to another browser, preferably Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome. Even most of the valid XHTML results in disfigured pages when parsed as XML, since they were only tested in HTML-parsing browsers.
The developers of Firefox, Opera, and Safari are ignoring XHTML2 in constructing their next iterations of their browsers.

Mac users with older machines might have a copy of Internet Explorer for Mac hanging around; I would strongly suggest not using this browser for anything and certainly not for viewing and judging your designs. But whether you follow my directions or go your own way, you need to create a folder structure to contain your work.
In Sites, create a new folder by going through File, choosing New, choosing Folder, and typing in the name mydesign. Visual editors also output very bloated code with lots of unnecessary font tags and paragraphs etc.
You should have a shortcut on your desktop, the main area of the computer where you put the spiffy wallpaper. Even while they were young, and viewing paintings or speeding around in a car, they only had the haziest notion of what they were looking at. In other words, the computer you’re using to present this page is part of the Internet.
It’s never something anyone who has used a WYSIWYG editor wants to do, as at first it looks like a much slower, laborious way to design pages. How can you layer so much paint onto a canvas and get that translucent, backlit appearance?
Another good resource is the introduction to my friend Alex Dawson’s book Getting StartED Building Websites.
But look a bit further, and you’ll see that much of the page is written in plain, relatively comprehensible English (or whatever language the site designer writes in).
Why does a few pounds of pressure from my foot onto a pedal make a half-ton car come squealing to a stop? Everybody tries at first, and some people actually try to fix it directly from the browser itself. Your mechanic didn’t know that as a kid, he was too busy with the rest of us eating library paste and taking part in belching contests.

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