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Microsoft's latest OS Windows 8 comes with a new Start Screen which shows live tiles of installed programs, system tools, etc to provide quick and easy access to your favorite programs.
If you have started using Windows 8 RTM or planning to install it, here are some interesting tips and tricks for you to enjoy this new Start Screen in Windows 8. If you accidentally removed a tile and want to pin it back to Start Screen or if you want to add a new tile to Start Screen, move your mouse cursor to the extreme top-right corner. Alternatively, you can press "Ctrl+Tab" keys together to access Apps screen or right-click on Start Screen and click on "All apps" option in bottom bar. I cannot believe they removed the start menu the tiles have made navigating through programs I want to use much slower. I love the new lay out but im having a issue with the apps area, I cant seem to customize it like i did with the start menu.
They really must try harder to make this usable, the only decent thing about the windows 8 pro version is that I can set up a virtual machine and reload XP.
Hi, unfortunately I uninstalled mail option from start pin, is it possible to get back the option.
I get the IDEA of the new tile system, but Microsoft always seems to forget that not everyone needs or wants everything hidden and phone like. 2.A lot of simple operations like 'Copy' and 'Paste' in yor previous versions have been made complicated (Two Playlists are the examples),creating a lot difficulties to your costumers. 3.I am not a new comer, and have been operating all of your 'Windows' Since 'Windows 95' and never experienced difficulties in operation of in any of your Windows advancements,but since then I have purchased 'Windows 8',I am wasting a lot of my time in understanding and even in various operations after understandig,due to which I find it as a 'Complete failure'.
Whether or not Microsoft has the BALLS to issue a USER customizable OS instead of FORCEFEEDING this "tile" crap to us has yet to be seen.
I must say im so disappointed in microsoft, this is their worst ever i really hate windows 8, its just not user convenient total bulls**t!!!!
When my notebook automatically turns itself on, as it does with no help from me, when I flip it open, there's a very nice picture of rocks, ocean, islands etc.
In the Internet Explore app on the Windows 8 Start screen you can open different tabs that each contain a different a web page.
To start using tabs, open Internet Explorer on the Start Screen by clicking on the Internet Explorer icon as shown in the image below. To see a list of open tabs, right-click anywhere on the web page and you should see the address bar appear on the bottom and the different open tabs on the top.
When the tab list opens, as shown by the red arrow in the image above, you will see a thumbnail of each tab that you currently have open in Internet Explorer 10. If you wanted to switch to another tab, simply click on the thumbnail for the web site you would like to switch to. Enter a web address in the address field or select a Favorite or Frequent site that you wish to open in the new tab. If you have any questions regarding these steps, please feel free to ask us in the Windows 8 Forum.
If your C: drive starts to run out of space, one of the most frustrating experiences can be figuring out what can be deleted or moved to another drive in order to free up storage.
Ever since Windows 95, the Windows operating system has been using a centralized hierarchical database to store system settings, hardware configurations, and user preferences. If you are a system administrator, IT professional, or a power user it is common to find yourself using the command prompt to perform administrative tasks in Windows. If you often need to check different web applications for web browser compatibility, then Internet Explorer Collection will come in real handy for such testing. It supports all IE versions from 1 to 8, simply download and run its installer, during the installation process, it will let you select the versions that you wish to install. Well nobody uses IE 5 or browsers before that but since IE 6 is not dying yet, you can use this tool to test any design on IE6 and IE7.
AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems.
Today, savvy technology Entrepreneurs and their teams have sky rocketed start-ups to global success. Online Accountant Services: traditional accounting and bookkeeping can cost a startup a lot of money when including tax preparation. DIY Marketing Materials: business cards, letterhead, envelopes and brochures are essential to communicating professionalism. VoIP: entrepreneurs have multiple choices when deciding on a phone system, and competition is lowering line fees and long distance. DIY Website Design: new businesses have expanded choices in terms of website design and hosting, with do-it-yourself website design reducing costs substantially—and most estimates include hosting, email, do-it-yourself site builder, ecommerce, SEO, social media, Google AdSense and more.
Do It at Home: broadband High-Speed Internet has made the home office a savings opportunity for startups. Video files, CAD files, high-definition photo files and database files—these are all very large, and it’s likely your startup will include designers, marketers, architects and engineers that need to transport these files from computer-to-computer. Lack of good bandwidth may not prevent home-based and small firm activities, but don’t expect your business to grow, because small business internet provides the platform and the foundation for constant growth. BandwidthPlace is the online destination for all things broadband – starting with a Speed Test to measure and manage your bandwidth performance.
On top of that, I’m constantly searching for new and better ways to grow my business. So find those same strengths and passions in yourself and seek out ways to build a business around them.
Below is a link to a video series that explains more about the tremendous profit power of membership sites.
If you register to watch these videos, I’ve set up a special link where you can download a FREE process map that reveals every step you need to take to put together a winning membership site. So head to that link right now, register to view the videos, and download your free process map.
Invest in Our Business Growth System Right Now then Receive $30,000 of Powerful Coaching Products Absolutely FREE.
I agree that anything with a recurring revenue model is one of the best strategies for most small business owners.
There are so many different types of membership sites that can be started and so many different niches, that this will always be a great revenue model.

Launching, slowly, in two niches, one of which was previously only a passionate hobby, and working on monetizing. You will always fall back to passions whether it be in a month, a year, or five years, once you establish yourself an authority in what you love.. It really comes down to making yourself take action once you have identified a true passion. I would be particularly interested your thoughts regarding the hypnosis market and your experience in that industry.. Yep – Your best chance at succeeding as an entrepreneur is to center a business around something you have a passion for. I have sucessfully gotten the IBM and the Final Chapter, but can’t seem to get the Missing Chapter, no matter what access point I have tried to use to retrieve it. A little help or better explaination as to why there is a page that says get all three plus some additional information, but the rest never shows up? Memberships sites certainly are a good idea in theory, and I don’t refute that many are successful. I had a memebership site or still do that I have put on the back burner as it is a personal development site that has hundreds of hours of great content from many of the masters but I was not adding to it monthly and found that many members came in downloaded and left! So now looking to make it a larger one off fee and small yearly or alternatively get to adding more content on a monthly basis. The issue doesn’t seem to be what type of business but rather the actual product, service or membership topic.
There is more, but if you do the above 3, you will be ahead of 95% of the people trying, but failing, to start a profitable online business. Over 95% of the people that attend do not have a profitable business and they don’t have any idea where to start.
Start with choosing a good problem to solve, solve an old problem in a new way, or market an old solution in a new way. Yes, for the past ten years I would see your first group of 25 and wondered how do these guys do it. The bottom line is with all the pyschology, emotion and fear used in writing powerful conversion web pages as sales pitches and letters, what really is the end result?
I think there are alot of people who have spent years and lots of cash to trade online and all they ever wanted was DELIVERY and HONESTY for their investment!!!! If you own a business or plan to start one, we can set you up with a detailed plan for having the business you want to own. You’ve gotten started on building your business and maybe you’re even making profit at this point, but you want to get your business to give you complete financial freedom. Or you can move mouse cursor to top-middle area of screen and the cursor will change into a hand shape.
I know I can hit win-c, but everything else takes extra keystrokes, I'm hoping one damn thing will work well in this crazy UI. There are applications (not apps, which MS seems to insist now covers everything) which I use once and a while, and I could just go to the all programs and find them. Maybe there is a way to figure this out, but I would like a tiny calculator so that I can do little calculations while still being able to work in and see other programs, but all I get is a full-screen calculator with no x button to get rid of it. How the BLEEP can I make my desktop my main opening screen and minimize this stupid start menu like it was in Windows 7. This occurs whenever I use my keyboard; however, I am able to move icons when I use the touch screen. This allows you to have multiple sites open at the same time that you can switch between as necessary.
This will open a blank screen with the address bar and list of favorites at the bottom of the screen. This is especially true with modern computers that are commonly configured with small SSD drives as their C: drive, which can easily run out of space due to their smaller storage capacity. These tiles also have the ability to display notifications containing new information from that particular tiles application. Whether it be copying files, accessing the Registry, searching for files, or modifying disk partitions, command-line tools can be faster and more powerful than their graphical alternatives. Choose the versions as per your requirement and then click Next to resume with the installation. Also have a look at IE Tester, which is a simple app with multiple versions of Internet Explorer.
We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
Connecting to email and voice communications, powerful cloud-based applications, or a remote workforce enables Start-up businesses to compete in the same arena with larger, more established companies.
With High-Speed Internet, innovative software can potentially save you 87.3% in annual savings. Traditional printing prices do not include design and logo work, while online services have do-it-yourself designs that are included in the pricing, 43.2% in potential savings. VoIP is a clear alternative now for startups, offering significant savings with sometimes free set-up and headsets. Save time, reduce costs, increase revenue and productivity, work more effectively and better serve your customer base.
The business logo designs from online forms can save you incredible money, about 91.6% in potential savings. Office space, from small to exclusive, runs high rental costs when compared to the home office—which rents for zero.
It can literally make or break you when applied to your startup costs, profitability, functionality and social reach. Speed can sometimes refer only to “download speed” and that’s usually a measure of consumption, not production.  So don’t ignore upload speeds! Focus on the things that you love most and feel passionate about and find a way to monetize them. I get to do what I love and still have the freedom and autonomy to spend more time with my family and friends. This model has HUGE potential because you build something once, then get paid over and over again with minimal maintenance.

In fact, my former student, Mike Filsaime, recently added another six-figures to his monthly income with a unique approach that pulled in over 11,000 new subscribers.
If you find the videos and process map helpful, make sure and let us know in the comments below.
If you’ve never read my Missing Chapter, it is completely focused on discovering your strengths. I am going to launch my own membership site very soon and I got some additional ideas by watching the videos and reading the transcript.
Whether you charge a fee or you run it free and monetize it other ways – membership sites are a goldmine!
My point is for anyone starting out, follow your passion, don’t just look for some product you think you can cash in on! If you try to start a business around something that doesn’t really interest you, you’re doomed from the start! While that is an interesting marketing solution for some other products, it does not retrieve the possibly desired Missing Chapter. You will make much more money doing a poor job solving the right problem, than doing a great job solving the wrong problem. For the first time in years, I read less copyright sales pitch and more strategic analysis! I agree, passion is the number one ingredient in business for it brings meaning, fulfilment and peace within. If this is a lie, how did Stephen Pierce come to fame, he was coached or decided to use the strategy of revealing the honest or unexposed truth about online marketing. We’ll also show you how to design a solid business foundation that will get your business on the right path to financial freedom.
Now you are ready to up the ante: get more traffic, increase your profits and secure total financial freedom. Now click and hold the cursor and drag-n-drop it to the bottom and it'll immediately close the app.
I've been sitting here for two hours trying to find out how to turn this s**t off and I'm about ready to chuck the computer out the window and buy a Mac.
I don't want to see all that crap when I logon, I just want to get to my target files automatically not jump through hoops to access my own damn property and files. Said I needed restart laptop so I did now start screen had no tiles and pressed on all apps to put dem back but only got blue screen.
This tutorial will explain how to create new tabs, remove existing tabs, and switch between tabs in Internet Explorer on the Start Screen. The desktop mode is the normal full-featured desktop app and is opened on the Windows 8 desktop. For example, the Weather app will show updated weather information, the Stocks app will show recent stock quotes, and the News app will show the latest news stories. Equally impressive are the innovators creating sites like Etsy, or solar and renewable energy solutions, better healthcare through “telemedicine” and locally-based restaurants or start-ups adding value to the community. The challenge is dedicating time to reviewing the large-volume of options, sourcing the best ISP, highest Internet speed, and critical business services like voice and security – all within the Start-up budget.  At Bandwidthplace, we’ve compiled a few steps to help you get starting to get the Internet service you need at a price you can afford.
Take an Internet speed test and track the price and upload speeds offered to your business. It is also much easier to take steady and continued action if you follow your bliss, no matter what discouraging obstacles stand in your way… this is true both online and onlife. The link in the reports section to a page where one can sign up to the list and get all three of the reports only retrieves the IBM. Some of us will need to try our hands on several things before we will settled down to devote our attention to the one that we are most passionate about.
They use pyschology, emotion and fear purchased from professionals and call themselves an expert. Also, when in IE or Chrome from Start screen, now my web searches occur in the desktop area instead of in Start.
Right now I've got a window the size of the rose window in Notre Dame, but at least that one looks nice. I've been using your products since Windows 98 and this is the ugliest, slowest, most useless piece of s**t you've ever produced.
Yes, I could spend time to learn yet another way of doing things, but better would be to make things actually intuitive, not what MS THINKS looks cool or modern or Mac like or phone like. I especially am insulted by the screen-filling calculator, much preferring the user-friendly one we've had for years.
Over the years I have not spent too much, but I could see the information “game” and what most people were buying are the ever changing RULES OF THE INTERNET GAME! I suppose if you are in love with your smart phone you will love windows 8 so far I find it very unfriendly to use compared to having one start screen now you have to navigate through at least two to get going if you have it password protected.
I tried dragging them to the bottom of the screen with the touch pad like the instructions an the tutorials say, but this magic bar everyone keeps mentioning simply won't appear. I have to go to Task Manager to turn it off, even when I don't really want it OFF, but just to be able to move it around so I can see other windows on the screen.
This may feel intuitive on a touch screen phone or tablet phone but it certainly doesn't on a laptop. Have spent half the morning trying to work out how to get rid of these apps which I do not want. See the "SONY box thing" on YouTube, and just substitute Windows, and you will get the idea of what I mean.
The so-called Charms bar that floats in and out obscuring the work I am doing is also annoying. Are there any internet millionairs able to see beyond money to see a more urgent need than money?

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