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When using multiple file upload if you are facing problem of  Some of client computers shows Drag and Drop feature and some of are not ,you like this article. If you somehow remove or currupt this dll you could not be use Multiple File Upload feature anymore. Using Distribution Groups in SharePoint for securing SharePoint securables is not possible. There isn’t any way to use this option on office 2007 installed computers except installing or upgrading office 2010 according to Microsoft Licence agreements . Shown here by an example that joins two lists, a Customer List and an Orders List, based on a relationship between certain columns.

It will automatically pin the first post on the top and order the rest of the posts in descending order.Figure 1On the other hand, SharePoint 2007 will yield the result similar to figure 2. It will place the most recent post on the top and the initial post at the bottom of the list. I saw a post suggesting creating a new column, in the view, sort by the new column and then the created date.
I think that is a brilliant idea but the problem with that approach is that the new column will appear in the form.
Add a Content Editor Web Part onto the page and place the script in listing 1 using the source editor.

The JavaScript will access the element by class name to get the number of rows in the list and then move the last two rows on top of the list. You can download the jquery-latest.js JavaScript file and upload to a library or list in your SharePoint Site. These actions are used to start a SharePoint 2010 workflow within a SharePoint 2013 workflow.

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