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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Last decade the most common word and the one most heard, emphasized, talked about, discussed and promoted is change. The items is one of several pages on the website, Designed to test visitor’s knowledge of the basic concepts of business research. Learning and Development strategy focuses on achievement of business goals through promotion of human capital. Knowledge based organizations are the way forward, Knowledge is a vital resource created, developed and maintained by the people, once again this is an evident that people are the most valuable asset of an organization. Strategy in simple terms refers to the plans organization formulates to meet its end objectives, Strategies are devised to ensure market success and achieve competitive advantage. All too often, HR gets lost in the three flawed practices above and, perhaps worse, is trained to do so by many of the world’s business schools. How can we make our recruiting process more efficient and effective by using “competency-based” recruiting instead of sorting through resumes, one at a time? How do we quickly identify competency gaps so we can deliver training, e-learning, or development programs to fill these gaps?   How can we use these gaps to hire just the right people? How do we manage people in a consistent and measurable way so that everyone is aligned, held accountable, and paid fairly?
How do we identify high performers and successors to key positions throughout the organization to make sure we have a highly flexible, responsive organization? Even if you do find an integrated toolset which manages multiple talent processes, the biggest challenges in implementation are integrating you own business processes.  Our keynote new research report, High Impact Performance Management, details the state of this industry and provides detailed analysis of the top 20 performance and talent management systems providers. The role of talent management is so big and the people inside should capable enough to handle everything as fast as they can, since the evolution of HR process was getting faster.
A holistic view of your overall Business Strategy will help develop an HR Strategy which will support your organizational vision. Leaders have used it for votes, Business have used it for motivation, commitment and organisational growth. Similar to this different functions of the Organization have their own strategies to achieve their goals, but goals of the Departments must be in line with the Organizational Goals.

L&D strategy shall be business led, and shall be designed in a way that Human Capital adds to the attainment of Business Objectives through personal learning and development with organizational support. Organizations are unique creations, with unique qualities, one of which is that they can be breeding grounds for knowledge generation and learning. The HR business strategy must be in line with the strategies of the business organization, Understanding the business strategy, that highlights the ultimate business objective and the means to do it, HR strategies shall be formulated keeping in view the aforementioned business strategy. Fixing problems is NOT adding value if the root of the problems are a strategic or structural flaw. HR Planning, when recognized as a fundamental part of the Business Planning Process, can provide sustained competitive advantage to your business.
Strategic Human Resource Management is the utilization of Human Resource in a way that it serves as a stimulator and facilitator to attain organizational aims. However it is not an easy task to create an environment where knowledge is generated, developed and kept for individuals when they need it.
So we thought a post showing how HR strategy IS business strategy would help those confused at how to link the two!
Closing the gaps between the tops of the vertical pillars and the red lines is how HR adds value. It is taught complexity by business schools that include in the central planks of their syllabi theories that have been disproven by science! It seems to think all humans are the same in all territories, yet marketing treats people as different.
My first book was my eyewitness account of living through these changes while working for large brands such as Hewlett Packard, Yahoo!, and Intel. HR strategy can be considered an important tool to integrate internal competencies, attract outside talent, and match capabilities to key positions to enhance performances all around. This could be done through intellectual stimulation, whereby the leader sets challenging goals for the employees and motivates them to rethink old ways of doing business. As HR, you need first to make a situation analysis and then boil this down into numbers – or metrics.
It needs to make sure the initiatives it implements are at all times simple, specific and strategic. It practices complexity due to the advice of many consultants who get paid more when everything is more complex.

Wake up management  – which one is it – are people all the same or are they all different? In the book, I plead the case that all business, large and small, must evolve into a social business just for the sake of being a social business.
At Origin Consultants, we help you create best practices that will establish a close fit between external business strategy and all the elements that make up the internal HR strategy. If the metrics you have chosen are based on reality, you can then communicate them to your colleagues.
Top management needs to provide adequate resources and shall remove any obstacle that might come in the way. These metrics need to link people’s actions and behaviours to corporate goals and outcomes. Enterprise collaboration for the sake of enterprise collaboration might be a good idea, but how will it benefit content or better customer relationships?  And deploying internal communities using software platforms like IBM or Jive just because your competitors are doing so is a waste of time, money, and resources.
There is also a Need of showing the progress though achievement of short term victories that lead to long tem success. There has to be a strategic initiative as to why you want to change your business – one that makes smart business sense.
Even before my first book, I often talked about the need for companies to socialize their internal business models and communication strategies. But the question I often got was “Why?” Why is it important for my business to deploy internal communities, tear down silos, coordinate go-to-market plans, or get my rear-end out of my cubicle and have a conversation with my colleagues down the hall? Becoming a social business with no vision for where it’s going to take you is like investing thousands of dollars building your first home from the ground up and never moving in to live in it and enjoy it. August 6, 2012, 14 Comments on Is There A Place For Anonymous Posting Within Internal Communities?
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