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I started playing around with my Crochet Rain Boots pattern and adapted it into these cute little cuffed booties! Hi I want to make these but I want to know the gauge because I always have to go up a few hook sizes when I crochet.
I'm new, and I get confused row 8, what I understand its sc12, then 1sc decrease, 1sc in next 2, but what does the 4 times mean? It means you will decrease then sc in 2 stitches 4 times total then finish the round with sc 12. No, you make a HDC in the first stitch, two HDC in the second stitch, and one HDC in the next 6 stitches. You had it right the first time: rows 17-19 are all single crochet and then switch from HDC to SC on rows 20-24.

From my understanding and looking it up, all you do it insert the needle a little farther past the loop you would usually stitch into.
Enjoy the the pattern and be sure to follow my instructions on where to start, end and join your rounds since it is different than the rain boots pattern! I am only allowed to upload 15 minute videos at a time so this all I have so far…  but I think it will help a lot of you out! Keep in touch on my Repeat Crafter Me Facebook Page for new pattern sneak peeks and when they will be available on my blog!
I've been trying, and I always have like 8 or 9 stitches away from me to join… Please help! Are rows 17-19 all SC and then switch from HDC to SC on rows 20-24 or is it just row 17 that's SC and then you switch between the two on rows 18-22?

For these spider web nails I used OPI Ink and Pure Ice White and a thin striper nail art brush. Do you authorize me to translate into French in my blog (With a link towards your blog) When I would have realized these baby attractive booties. My blog friends search new modele for gift (and me too)excuse me i don't speak very well english.

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