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While it used to be possible to host HTML5 games on Dropbox for free (or, rather, it still is possible, but only if you have enabled the public folder before the late 2013, else it'll cost you some), you can still host HTML5 games freely on Google Drive. Location and name of new folder don't really matter, but you should generally try to sort your folders based on some criteria instead of dumping them in "root" folder.
Here I've created a folder for what's going to be a web demo of a slider from my "adding thousand separators" blog post.
Update (September 2014): Now a slightly different sharing window is shown (example), where you need to click "Advanced" first.
By default, folder access is set to "private", meaning that only you can access the contents. Once "Save" is clicked, you are taken back to "Sharing settings" window, which will now display updated information.
While it may seem that all is done, the "link to share" is not the one you need though - that just displays the file list from folder, which is no help to running the game.

I did that and it opens the game normally when i use the link but it stucks when its loading the game… Anyone having the same problem? Speed hosting Bootstrap free html5 template is a flat modern HTML5 Bootstrap template suits web hosting business and also fits to all types of business, consultancy, portfolio, agency and many more.
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You can just drag them from your computer to the folder (viva la HTML5 File API), or use a upload button. This template is built using latest Bootstrap, html5 and css3 which is very easy to customise the theme as per your requirements. This template designed with height quality standards to meet the latest requirement and it is a responsive template fits in all devices with multi browser support. Whether your users use tablets, mobiles or desktops to access your site, they’ll all have the same consistent user experience.

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