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Dedicated to providing marketers and media professionals insights and analyses into the streaming video and advertising spaces. At Hulu, we always strive to make watching TV an even more delightful and convenient experience for our users.
Fall is approaching, and along with the changing leaves comes TV’s hottest shows, all on Hulu.
Sponsorship opportunities are available to align your brand with Hulu’s growing collection of premium original series, including the highly-anticipated season 4 premiere of The Mindy Project, now a Hulu Original.
Earlier this month, locally based used car retailer CarMax started advertising with TV shows that stream online. This brings up an interesting media-related business conundrum, one the news business has struggled with for longer than the honchos at the movie and TV studios.

The last thing Comcast and all the lower-tier stations want is for people to be able to watch shows a la carte. Please use your real, full name (first and last) and a valid email address to foster a more civil discussion. We encourage active participation in our online community, but we reserve the right to remove any off topic or inappropriate comments. With a brand new slate of Hulu Originals premiering plus new and returning series this season, there’s never been a better time to advertise on Hulu.
Whether through launch opportunities or targeted media, feature your brand front and center with today’s hottest TV shows — only on Hulu. CarMax’s core target audience is 50 percent more likely to watch online video,” said Marcy Brye, CarMax’s manager of media planning, in an email.

But while it’s great for TV viewers who hate watching commercials, it seems like the networks are killing their own product.
Instead of showing a handful of 30-second ads during each commercial break, Hulu currently only shows one 9-second ad during breaks and interrupts the show less often than on TV. But people need only have high-speed internet at home to watch the programming, meaning they could do away with their TV bill altogether and just get high-speed internet. That would also mean they wouldn’t need to buy all the channels they don’t watch, which would then harm the overall cable industry.

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