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Although this application has been created by Apple for the iOS and Mac devices, but this guide will help you to download and install it on the PC without any hassles.
Every day the users are looking for new and improved software programs with comprehensive features and lots of functionalities. This completely free and easy to access video editing application has become quite popular among the users who want to edit the videos and create small video clips as an amateur. You can completely transform your videos by using the special effects offered by this application.
Doing cutaways, putting picture in a picture, or doing side by sides is much easier with this app as compared to the other such software programs from the other companies.
The designers of this application claim that the created video can be saved in any video format and can be played on all devices. VMware and parallel desktop programs will allow you to install and run this application on your PC.
While it is true that the internet is inundated with the alternatives to iMovie, these programs may not be as reliable and as effective. All in all, it is not possible to install iMovie on the PC and therefore you will need to settle for the next best alternative.
Talking about Magix Movie Edit Pro 18, this app is one of the finest tools to create a masterpiece video.
Premium version of this app comes with 99 tracks for sound and pictures, HD support and full stereo 3D. Final Cut Pro X is next in our best iMovie alternatives; this app is developed by Cupertino Company.
Once you create your masterpiece, you can upload it on YouTube, share it with family and friends for free of cost and who knows you may get your big click. Windows Live Movie Maker is one of the finest videos editing apps available here; this app is used widely by movie makers as it allows you to create and share your video at a time and that too with ease.
This is a delightful app for your PC as it allows you to create short films, slideshows, stop motion animations along with screen recordings of presentations and tutorials. In addition, this app helps you to record your narration by simply talking into the gadget.

Camtasia Studio allows you to create professional quality videos in no time and even share the results with loved ones. Some of the best features of Camtasia Studio are media asset library, animate content, multi-track timeline, and visual effects along with SmartFocus technology. In the end all I would like to say never compromise with quality for price, if you aspire to create best movies you should go for premium video editing tools. The video and movie enthusiasts are always looking for new and reliable video editing applications for the perfect edits. However, you can also use the USB port to transfer the videos from the camera to the computer. The refined version of this application has more pronounced features and also introduces the realistic effect called green screen. In addition, this app also features high-quality effects along with custom menu design and secondary color correction feature. Now you can turn your video memories and valuable photos into a memorable movie which you can cherish forever. This app comes with very friendly user interface and can b dealt with utmost ease by professionals as well as amateur.
This app allows you to merge all your photos, videos, music and stories into one great movie. You can see the preview of your HD movie and share it on social networking sites with ease.
You can share your comments about this article and also if you have your own choices you can mention it in your comments. There is no doubt about the fact that iMovie is a unique video editing applications and outstrips most of its competitors.
When you are using iMovie, you can easily sidestep the hassles of reading the lengthy manuals or the articles on the internet to use the video editing application. Not only does this software allow great editing and playback of the videos, you can also share the videos with your friends. If you are thinking about making slideshows with this application, you will truly love how easy it is to do that.

Version 18 of this app supports all standard camcorders, while the Plus and Premium versions of Magix Movie Edit Pro 18 comes with other additional exciting features. This app features such as a new magnetic timeline along with dynamic media organization, compound clips, clip connections, auditions feature, inline precision editor, direct access to content libraries and content auto analysis feature. You can share your art with your friends and family by uploading it on YouTube, Facebook and other social networking platforms.
Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 is a blend of interactive web video, creative editing, advanced effects and other features.
The software comes complete with a set of user-friendly tools that let you endow your movies with a smooth, polished look. The application is absolutely free and helps you split, merge, crop, and also enhance the video files.
For instance, one of the most widely used alternatives for iMovie is called Movavi Video Editor. Mit Multitouch-Gesten streckt und staucht man einzelne Sequenzen oder taucht eine Stufe tiefer in den Prazisionseditor ab.
So kann man etwa ein Video im Soundstil einer CNN-Reportage bauen oder ein Reisevideo basteln. Titelmusik, Hintergrunduntermalung sowie Ein- und Ausblenden kontrolliert man uber die iOS-Schalter. Movavi also allows the users to individually adjust the duration and offers good transitions.
Videos live erganzenGut gelungen ist die Integration von iPad-Features: So kann man per Fingertipp neuen Text uber das Mikrofon aufsprechen oder neue Videoschnipsel live in ein Projekt einfugen. In Version 2.0 kommt iMovie im komplett uberarbeiteten Design und dem neuen "iMovie Theater", mit dem Sie Ihre Videoclips teilen und uberall ansehen konnen.
Uber den Download-Button werden Sie direkt zu iTunes weitergeleitet, welches zur Installation Voraussetzung ist.

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