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Sieben Tage, sieben Links aus Kalenderwoche 7: Viele Tweets, Posts auf Google+, Xing, LinkedIn und Facebook.
Google nimmt, vorerst nur in den USA Medizin-Informationen zu Krankheiten, Ansteckungswegen usw. Twitter bietet jetzt fur Medienorganisationen ein eigenes Tool fur die Kuratierung an: Curator. David Carr, auch international vielbeachteter Medien-Journalist der New York Times, ist nach einem Zusammenbruch im Newsroom zusammengebrochen und gestorben. IAB Social Media Buyer’s Guide, Innovation in Verlagen und Blue Ocean Strategie ist Beitrag Nr. Meiner Meinung nach, Twitter, LinkedIn und Pinterest sind die beste Social Networks fur eine erfolgreiche Strategie. We focused on exploring the most commonly used in-feed ad types found on the three dominant feed types: Content Feeds, Social Feeds, and Product Feeds. Focusing on feed types will be more productive in understanding which ad types are most appropriate to meet an advertiser’s goal. As both feed and ad formats continue to evolve, this deep dive helps provide a framework for evaluating the in-feed ad opportunities available today.
The below infographic summarizes the possible combinations of the three main feed types and the four main ad types.
IAB Native Advertising Task Force members continue to recommend that marketers and agencies evaluate native advertising options, in-feed or other types, on the IAB five-point criteria as outlined in the original IAB Native Advertising Playbook and included in the Deep Dive. It is our hope that publishers, marketers and agencies will find this deep dive into in-feed advertising options on different types of feeds to be helpful, particularly as more in-feed ads are served programmatically. Susan Borst is a Director of Industry Initiatives at the IAB focusing on Social Media, B2B, Games, Content Marketing and Native Advertising.

The bilingual site features advertising options from standard IAB formats to bundled ad packages with other TC Media properties, Marc Bouchard, editor-in-chief of AutoGo.ca, tells MiC. Bouchard says the average target age for the site is adults 25 to 45, but expands beyond that group because content can target people from first car buyers to luxury car owners.
AutoGo.ca soft launched in May and received more than 30,000 unique visits that month, says Bouchard.
Bell Media to launch food channel TorStar reports increased Q1 losses Are you using TV to its full potential? From connection plan innovation and new ad opportunities to research and ratings, Media in Canada™ covers the gamut of media biz news. Daruber zu jammern, dass man uberall Konkurrenten hat und sie mit rechtlichen und anderen primitiven Mitteln zu bekampfen, dient lediglich dazu, Nutzer, Autoren und Distributoren zu vergraulen, und das ist wirklich keine nachhaltige Strategie. Jetzt haben die Autoren eine aktualisierte und erweitere Auflage ihres Bestsellers (ubersetzt in 43 Sprachen, uber 3,5 Millionen verkaufte Exemplare) vorgelegt. Der Chefredakteur Vanity Fair erinnert mit lesenswerten Six David Carr Pieces to Remember Him By an ihn und seine besten Beitrage. We wanted to help marketers and agencies understand the variety of creative options available today. Focusing on feed types helps buyers and sellers to have a common framework to assess existing and future opportunities for current and emerging new in-feed ad types on both web and mobile based on their goals. Rather than dictating the exact ad experience, this document is meant to provide example implementations and guidelines on how to remain native within the feed context, ensuring the form and function of the ad align with the feed type to provide the best possible experience.
Advertiser should respect the consumer expectation on an individual publisher site and publishers should consider rejecting ad types that do no meet their consumer expectation. Again, this is not meant to be prescriptive, but rather a view of potential combinations of the most common feeds and ad types used today.

As outlined in the IAB Recommended Native Advertising Disclosure Principles, simply put: Regardless of context, a reasonable consumer should be able to distinguish between what is paid advertising vs. But even with these changes over time, it is important that one thing remain the same and that is the need to evaluate the in-feed ads from the consumer perspective to ensure that they remain native, meaning that they are so cohesive with the page content, assimilated into the design, and consistent with the platform behavior that the viewer simply feels that they belong.
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Verlage sollten jeden Kanal aktiv annehmen und Leute einstellen, die ihnen in Bezug auf die gezielte Kannibalisierung helfen konnen. Senior industry leaders in the native space were surprisingly consistent in their feedback and recommendations about what should or shouldn’t be included in the Deep Dive Document.
We felt this was important so that marketers and agencies know their creative options for in-feed advertising, particularly as more in-feed ads are served programmatically. Kannibalisierung ist unvermeidbar, also akzeptieren Sie sie – und lassen Sie sie zur Methode werden. The entire Native Advertising and Content Marketing Task Force groups, totaling over 200 companies, were invited to comment on the initial working group draft document.

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