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Importance of Strategic Planning in Business by Audra Bianca Planning requires input from all operational areas of a small business. Managers must consult the plan and allocate resources throughout the business cycle, ensuring that the most resources are aligned with the top priorities of the business.
A small-business owner can make adjustments to a strategic plan based on sudden changes in the business environment.
According to the Mindtools website, the three stages are "analyzing the context in which you're operating, identifying strategic options [and] evaluating and selecting the best options." This process involves some research to study present conditions, project future conditions and find possible options to consider for your business strategy.
This process helps to ensure that the small-business work force is helping the company achieve a common vision.

If an organization uses a planning process every five to 10 years, it will be forced to evaluate its overall direction. For small businesses with employee stock ownership, there is an added need to ensure that employees are part of determining the company's vision for the future. Some of the ideas that seem wackiest could be important for setting a new strategic direction for the business.
If the owner is worried about how the most outlandish ideas will be implemented, she might suppress the creativity of people participating in brainstorming sessions. Determining how to turn good ideas into reality is something that managers and employees tackle after the strategic plan is complete.

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