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Que seguramente hagan lo que hagan no va a decepcionar y que diga que el juego puede hacer que me compre una PS4 es serio. In Game Lore - Curse the Activision personnel that decided the Grimoire cards were an appropriate substitute for an in game storyline.
LFG - Looking For Group, is a system that would enable players to search for groups of players online, thus making matchmaking for Raids and such a lot easier. More Of Sparrow Racing - Sparrow Racing in Destiny was such a great idea and it's such a shame that great content like that was only available for a limited period of time.
The game was simply far too limited, as it forced players to repeat the same kind of missions a hundred times over on a very small amount of planets and locations. I know you have to show how Guardians get around the galaxy, but at the moment Destiny's ships are purely cosmetic. There are so many players that still feel no connection to Destiny, its characters or events.
It's something that Destiny has always lacked and we still can't figure out why it isn't a feature.

Destiny needs more mini-games and entertaining alternatives than simply walking in to a room and killing waves of enemies. Eventually, Activision made a statement in mid February which revealed that Destiny 2 was due to be released in 2016 (probably in September) but had been delayed till some time in 2017. Why do we spawn at the same place every time and simply roam the same area for a new underground location? Or at least take control of our ships during loading screens, thus alleviating the game's profound sense of boredom as we wait for it. Voldemort's PastOne of the great things of the novel is that we finally got to delve into the history of Voldemort and learn about his past. In its place, Activision will be releasing a new expansion for Bungie's hit online shooter. Unfortunately it basically locked out players who didn't purchase the update, but it was a worthwhile investment for those that actually enjoy this FPS. The Taken King was indicative of everything we originally wanted from Destiny, and we sincerely hope the rest of the expansions Bungie have planned share a similar level of quality.But what have fans actually requested from the future?

Harry and the Horcruxes In the book, Harry and Dumbledore knew what the Horcruxes were, and where they were.
What new updates, mechanics and features would avid players like to have in Destiny 2 or its expansion? But, somehow in the movie, Harry doesn't know how many Horcruxes are out there or even exactly what they are. Had Harry known what the Horcruxes were, the first part of Deathly Hallows would have been on the same par as the second.

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