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Forward THINKING, articulated core values, identified academic priorities and committed to improved essential services. By working with the schools and each other, the alliances are expected to move the University from the current level of activity to one that more fully engages faculty, students and staff at the local, national and international levels.
Five core strategies were developed to align with the four primary goals of the university strategic plan, Forward Thinking. This strategic plan establishes our technology direction for the next three years from 2012 to 2015. A major underlying principle of this strategic plan is to highlight objectives that represent either entirely new activities for the Kelvin Smith Library (KSL), or ones in which a substantial redirection of effort is required. Although continuing activities do not appear in the objectives, there are some broad commitments that are bedrock principles upon which we base all KSL services.
Case Western Reserve University recognizes that throughout their lives our students will live in a world that is increasingly multicultural, interdisciplinary, globally-connected, and globally-aware.
The university's strategic plan, Forward Thinking, reflects that history, as well as its ongoing commitment to grow and enhance its international outreach, activities and presence. In order to begin implementation of the international focus of its strategic plan, in May 2009 the university established the Office of International Affairs (OIA).

The mission of the Faculty Development Council is to provide a comprehensive framework for all faculty development initiatives across the University and develop campus-wide priorities for strengthened faculty recruitment, advancement, retention, and performance.
The 2015-2020 Strategic Plan ensures that ITS is aligned with Western’s overall strategy and helps us address some key internal resource planning, workload balancing, and prioritization challenges in our complex campus environment.
Require reliability and accessibility from campus information resources systems and services.
Promote new and improved ways to solve technology problems without sacrificing other guiding principles. Implement new information services that represent value to our customers as compared of other peer institutions. Incorporate metrics to measure performance and verify effectiveness of information resources. The mission of the Information Technology team at Angelo State University is to create an environment that integrates technology into the fabric of the institution to create value and operational efficiencies for departments and empower students, faculty, and staff, with the information, tools, and services they need, when and where they need them, to accomplish the goals of the university.
Case Western Reserve University made significant promises, and the challenge now is to develop them into programs that translate to concrete progress.
From its roots in 1826, the university has a long and distinguished history of international teaching, research and service.

The OIA works in partnership with faculty, students and administration to provide university-level vision and leadership for international activities across the campus.
Ultimately, we expect to be able to use our strategic roadmap to help us concentrate our efforts on achieving excellence in the delivery of the most needed information technology services for Western. Utilize customer feedback to develop strategic direction based in part upon desired new services and feedback on improving existing services. These values rely upon each other; you cannot jeopardize reliability for accessibility and vice versa. Incorporate the feedback into the Angelo State University Institutional Effectiveness process. The university must invest time, energy and resources in those areas most likely to distinguish it in the coming years.
To that end, our community agreed to build on existing strengths and emphasize interdisciplinary collaborations.

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