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By Bethany AuckLately we’ve been thinking a lot about pushing presentation software past simple slides.
PowerPoint was the clear answer, but since PowerPoint takes a lot of flack for its linear format, how could we make a truly interactive infographic? To keep things easy to edit, we put the base infographic into a master slide – this way any edit to the infographic would immediately populate through the file, eliminating the need to edit the base image on every slide. Next we designed data detail overlays for the expanded information set to pop out from various data points. Our plan was to use inter-slide linking to create an interactive infographic piece. We wanted to link various data points to detail pop out slides so that the presenter could interact with his audience and pull up additional information. Our data points were all made up of a mix of design elements: icons, text boxes, lines, etc. Now our file is functional, but we were experiencing a lag between clicking a data point and the new slide coming up of several seconds.
To move from each detail slide back to the main interactive infographic, we included a “close” button on each detail pop out that linked to a slide containing the main infographic. A little playing revealed that any misclick, whether it be missing the “close” button or clicking a spot on the main infographic that was not covered by a link box, would end the file. In order to keep the other links clickable, the large link layer needed to be behind any other active links and in front of any text or images.
PowerPoint is often dismissed as a necessary office evil incapable of producing attractive and unique presentations.
Bethany Auck is the founder and creative director of SlideRabbit, a presentation design boutique specializing in custom presentation development and infographics. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Computer Labs Organizer at Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University "St.
WePresent connects to any display by HDMI or VGA and creates a wireless projection in full 1080p resolution. About MustekMustek is one of the largest assemblers and distributors of personal computers and complementary ICT products in South Africa.Mustek is the operational business division of the Mustek Limited Group (established in 1987) which also includes Rectron. Quickly and easily create great looking, 3D interactive presentations without the need for 3D design skills, and without paying thousands of dollars to third party designers. We are dedicated to enhance ease of use of 3d software to improve efficiency, so that every ordinary person can make a cool 3D animation and presentation.

You always can give me the best plan ,and it lets my customer feel great,i hope we can have another chance to cooperation. This solution enables the PPT showed on LONGWIN® Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) displays on all tablets connected in the LAN meeting simultaneously. This solution enables anyone of the participators could notes on the PPT showed on LONGWIN® IFP.
This function enables the participators to share documents, video file and even the real time picture from the camera to all the others in the LAN meeting. This application realizes the remote presentation via internet based on LONGWIN® Interactive Flat Panel . This function realizes the transfer of documents, video file and pictures to the other side.
China Good Quality Indoor Full Color LED Display, Outdoor Full Color LED Display and Rental LED Display International Trade Site. Keeping with the theme, we received an interesting challenge from one of our clients: an interactive infographic produced and executed in PowerPoint. The client needed to be able to edit text on the fly, so we pulled in our icons from Illustrator and built everything else natively in PowerPoint.
We gave the expanded information slides their own master style which included a fade effect. The intent is that the speaker will advance one slide to the next without deviating from the plan.
The hyperlinking tool can be used to make richer and more informative presentations by linking slide elements to web pages, associated documents or slides within the presentation. Without group linking, we’d have had to link each element, leaving un-linked space between elements and bogging down our file. A lag this severe could potentially cause the user to panic during a presentation, clicking twice and confusing the file. The base infographic contained so many shapes and images that PPT had to redraw for each slide.
We pulled all the text off the slide and saved out the resulting image as a hi res .png file. PowerPoint was reading that misclick as a slide advance and, because we were on the last slide, it thought the presentation had concluded. This one was the size and shape of the entire slide and linked right back to the main interactive infographic.

Here’s what the full slide link box looked like on the detail slides before we removed the fill.
But with a little creativity and know-how, PowerPoint can be an accessible and powerful platform to create engaging and advanced marketing pieces, including interactive infographics.
SlideRabbit builds persuasive narratives and poignant demonstratives into powerfully-branded custom presentation layouts.
When connected to a local area network, wePresent allows presentations from network computers and supports a pass through internet connection. By combining the best of local assembly capabilities of the Mecer brand with a multinational product portfolio via a broad range of top tier ICT brands, Mustek is focused on being the country’s ICT distributor of choice. For clients with a large sales team, introducing a new software across the board can be cost prohibitive.
We designed the popouts and data visualization in the main slide editor – one slide per pop out.
Instead, we needed a clean link that would allow the user to click anywhere over the group of elements and bring up the expanded data.
Even more importantly, it indicates that PowerPoint it working too hard and could quit unexpectedly.
A misclick now hit this link box, bringing up the same slide again and giving the user another chance to correctly hit his target. The company serves an international client base and specializes in litigation presentation development, sales and marketing presentations and corporate communication presentations.
Through the supply of configuration and customisation, tried and trusted best industry practices and competitive pricing, Mustek is positioned to service a wide range of technology needs. We needed a platform that the sales team was already comfortable with and which would allow the team to update numbers and figures on the fly. Now clicking over any grouping hit these invisible link boxes, which brought up additional information, creating an interactive infographic. To keep editing easy, all the text is in one group, so it can be easily brought to the front of all the clear link box layers and edited there.

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