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Basic marketing concepts tell us that we will sell more of a product if we aim to meet the needs of our target market.
The arguments for standardisation state that the process of adapting the product to local markets does little more than add to the overall cost of producing the product and weakens the brand on the global scale.
As you can see both strategies; using a standard product and an customised product can work just as well. As with international product decisions an organisation can either adapt or standardise their promotional strategy and message. Before designing promotional activity for a foreign market it would be expedient to complete a PEST analysis so that you have a complete understanding of the factors operating in the foreign market you would like to enter. The internet has created further challenges as customers can view global prices and purchase items from around the world. The Place element of the marketing mix is about distributing a product or service to the customer, at the right place and at the right time. Prior to designing an international marketing mix a business should carry out a PEST analysis for every country they would like to operate in. Creating a substantial social media presence is not simply about making a Facebook page and hoping customers will drop by. Sophisticated companies publicize their expertise in various ways online, such as via websites, podcasts, blogs, and social media, all emphasizing buyers’ needs.
Marketers need to devise marketing communications only after acquiring substantive knowledge of the characteristics of intended buyers. Many firms today use Facebook and other sites to disseminate continuous news releases that provide value to consumers. This entry was posted in International Business and tagged audience, communications, digital, facebook, global, integrated communications, international marketing, internet, marketing, Marketing and Strategy, media, segment, social, trust, twitter, virtual by Michael Czinkota. The 2015 Summit Creative Awards recently announced its winners out of more than 5,000 entries from 23 countries, recognizing creative excellence in work by the world’s small design studios and agencies. Robert Adeland, President of Marketing Strategies & Solutions, credited the Zubick family for their support of creative endeavours in the city. According to Adeland, the calendar series is highly prized by Zubick customers and associates as well. A recent B2B marketing study by B2B International paints an interesting picture of the current marketing challenges US businesses are encountering, the strategies they are employing, and what they could be doing more of in the future. Nearly three-quarters (72%) of US companies selected innovation as one of their top 5 current business challenges, followed by building market share (57%), countering the competition (45%), and increasing brand awareness (43%), according to the research, which assessed businesses with a mean revenue of $6 billion.
As for challenges specific to marketing, 56% of businesses expressed difficulties building their brand and developing effective communication strategies, and 31% said they are concerned about business growth, such as attracting new customers and penetrating new market segments. Only 27% of US companies are carrying out competitor analysis or benchmarking, despite "countering the competition" having been cited as a top business concern.
The top 3 types of research US businesses consider most useful for this year and next are branding research, market assessment, and competitor research.
Branding is top of mind to a significant proportion of those surveyed, and so it is not surprising that 58% of US firms have a B2B brand program in place for measuring the strength of their brands—a higher proportion than their counterparts in Europe.
The survey respondents in the US rated the strength of their brand's USP a weak score of only 5.8 out of 10 on average. Though innovation is the top business challenge for the year ahead, the focus for US marketers is on branding, value marketing, and segmentation.For companies embracing all of these initiatives, segmentation should be first on the agenda, followed by the development of customer value propositions for each segment that are underpinned by a unique selling point.
About the research: The study was based on an online survey conducted by B2B International in the US and Europe with 226 B2B decision-makers and influencers. Join over 600,000 marketing professionals, and gain access to thousands of marketing resources! Julia Cupman is vice-president at global business-to-business market research agency B2B International, which serves a wide range of sectors, from traditional heavy industry to financial and business services. Brian Solis shares why great products, creative marketing, and delightful customer service are no longer enough to win customers. Presented by: Paul ChaneyIn just 10 minutes, we'll share six practical tips that will help you tap into your online community to grow your business and benefit your customers.
In this 22-page guide, you'll learn how to identify the key hires to get your team started, what traits and skills to look for in your key hires, how to manage freelancers, and much more! Through eight simple to follow, well-defined steps, SmartTools: Email Campaign Planner will help you establish an effective email marketing program to gather and convert leads. Presented by: Mark Lerner In just 10 minutes, you'll learn three simple steps to source quality influencer video and use it to impact your bottom line in a meaningful and measurable way. MarketingProfs uses singlesign-on with Facebook, Twitter, Google and others to make subscribing and signing in easier for you.
In the past few years the importance of social media in global digital strategies has increased exponentially.
For a global brand this brings great opportunities, since these three International social media platforms are already familiar and localization can expand their reach to new audiences.
The adoption rate of each social media platform and the way people use social media varies greatly in different countries and regions. Therefore it is very important to do a proper market research across regions to find the right platform to invest in.
Once you have found your audience, listen what the general discussion is about and what the users are saying about your brand and competitors. Developing a cohesive, global strategy is important, but it needs to be customized based on your knowledge of the local behaviour and customs. Understandably a brand might be tempted to have a general Facebook, Youtube or Twitter page to save in costs, or have different pages per region with the same, translated content. But if you opt-in for plain translations, your reaction speed is slower, your message might not be understood and lack of local relevancy might make the amount of the “fans” or “followers” drop. For a global company with a network of market units across the globe, it is very important to involve local markets from the early stages of the process. By getting local markets aboard and supporting them with their local social media pages, the results will be much better than doing it alone or focusing on one global page.

Instead, offer basic social media training and allow markets to pull content from your global channel. Having worked in a global company, I know that the main issues while developing a global social media strategy are the cost and the novelty of the channel. However, an investment in these basic global channels and training for the local markets can really pay off.
I am Pauliina Jamsa, a 32-year-old multi-lingual Finnish Digital & Mobile marketing expert with International business background - I have lived in many countries and speak 7 languages. Subscribers to Bublish’s Authorpreneur Dashboard can engage readers in social conversations about the creation process by sending out rough cut book bubbles.
A vibrant blue fox, whimsical friends, exhilarating adventures and discovery await all those who explore the stop-motion world of Tumble Leaf. Starting today, Prime members have unlimited streaming access to the first six episodes of Tumble Leaf, at no additional cost to their membership.
Last year Amazon Studios launched its first two prime time series Alpha House and Betas, and will debut its first three children’s shows this summer. This article talks you through each element of the marketing mix and the arguments for and against adapting it suit each foreign market. In international markets this will involve taking into consideration a number of different factors including consumer's cultural backgrounds, religion, buying habits and levels of personal disposable income.
In today’s global world, where consumers travel more, watch satellite television, communicate and shop internationally over the internet, the world is a smaller than it used to be.
The right approach for each organisation will depend on their product, strength of the brand and the foreign market that the marketing is aimed at. Advertising messages in countries may have to be adapted because of language, political climate, cultural attitudes and religious practices.
This has increased the level of competition and with it pricing pressures, as global competitors may have lower operating costs. Distribution in national markets such as the United Kingdom will probably involve goods being moved in a chain from the manufacturer to wholesalers and onto retailers for consumers to buy from. This will help them determine what elements of the marketing mix can be standardised and which elements will need adjustments to suit local needs. In business, successful communities are developed through the use of skillful marketing research, planning, and strategy making. In a world of 24-hour news cycles via practically unlimited news and information outlets, firms can fall victim to gossip and the rants of disgruntled consumers, activists, and others. Fundamentally, more than caring about products themselves, consumers seek solutions to their specific problems. By knowing who is using which social sites, marketers can promote their products to their targeted audience at the appropriate sites. Buyers respond favorably to information that appeals to their needs and concerns about products and brands they enjoy.
The 2015 John Zubick Limited calendar entry was awarded the Silver prize in Summit’s “Calendar” Category. Reflecting the Zubick family’s commitment to the London community, the calendar also highlights local events and inspirational quotes throughout the year. That is in stark contrast to their peers in Germany, where over 60% segment their customers on the likes of behaviors and needs. Only then should companies turn to building the brand, at which point any increases in brand value are equivalent to money on the bottom line. Around 70% of Facebook’s 750 million active users are not from the U.S and the platform has been translated in more than 70 languages. However, as with any type of marketing, the brand having social media success in their own country does not mean that same approach and tactics work abroad. Even if Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are used across the globe, these platforms may not have reached yet the same level of popularity than the local networks. See how your target is engaging with companies, how they use the platform and what the best practises in the particular country are. Identify what are the global goals and objectives and what are the goals and objectives per region. They have the best knowledge of the local customs, user behaviour and trends as well as their local competitors’ activity.
Market units will then translate and localize the content themselves according to their country’s requirements.
If the local markets are motivated and have freedom to act, they will be investing their time and effort to update the pages and engage with the audience.
Based in London, I am currently working as Digital Marketing Manager for Microsoft Dynamics. Never before have authors had the ability to actively promote their books, gather fans and generate pre-sales right from the pages of their manuscript.
This builds an emotional connection between reader and writer right from the start of the book project.
Amazon’s first original kids series is available today, exclusively on Amazon Prime Instant Video at no additional cost for Prime members. To ensure series are created to engage children while supporting educational goals, Tumble Leaf and all other Amazon kids preschool programs are developed with the support of an expert board of advisors led by Dr. Anyone can upload a script and Amazon Studios will read and review all submissions and those who choose to make their projects public will also receive feedback from the Amazon Studios community. The company is guided by three principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, and long-term thinking. The ranking was determined by compiling sales data of all book, magazine and newspaper sales in both print and Kindle format from April 2013 to April 2014, on a per capita basis in cities with more than 100,000 residents. In an overseas market there will be more parties involved because the goods need to be moved around a foreign market where business practices will be different to national markets. It may well be that a business is able to use a standard marketing mix in the majority of cases and only need to adjust it on the rare occasion.

Social media–based marketing succeeds best when the firm offers products and services relevant to the customer, incorporating substantial value, and provided by an organization deemed trustworthy and reliable. Thus, marketers need to invest efforts every day scanning the Internet to monitor news about the firm and its brands. For example, the social network site aSmallWorld targets affluent members and others who are part of the international social jet set.
News releases online link to the corporate website, where explanations are offered regarding emergent trends and events that interest buyers. The sculptures have been the result of a project sponsored by the Zubicks for Fine Arts students at Fanshawe.
Youtube is localized in 23 countries in 24 different languages, and 70% of the Youtube traffic comes outside the U.S. This is why it is important to take in account the following best practices and tips, before launching an international social media strategy. While Facebook is not very popular in Asia and Russia, Twitter has encountered big success in Japan, because of its anonymity and mobile friendliness. By understanding the cultural variations you will more easily be able to avoid pitfalls and identify the trends before entering the market. Your brand might be highly popular in one country, which means one of your goal might be increasing brand loyalty, however in another country people do not recognize your brand and you might need to focus more on augmentation of brand awareness. I wrote an example of Red Bull a year ago: The brand sent in Facebook a link straight to a Japanese Google translated page without checking what the translation was. By respecting cultural references and taking in account local trends, events and holidays, you can give users more personalized experience and help your brand to connect the audience on a deeper level.
Social Media is highly reactive and by putting barriers for local markets, the strategy is likely to fail.
Keeping the social media page alive does not cost much money, but it can reach a larger audience than the old media or banner campaigns. Readers can even provide feedback on character development, plot direction, cover design and so much more.
Created for preschool-aged children, each episode of Tumble Leaf follows Fig, a delightfully curious blue fox, and his best friend Stick, a quirky caterpillar, as they embark on a fun and nature-filled adventure, learning science through their natural play.
Each episode consists of two 11-minute stories and the remaining seven episodes will become available later this summer. Alice Wilder, one of the world’s foremost experts in educational and child psychology.
Customer reviews, 1-Click shopping, personalized recommendations, Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon, AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Fire, and Fire TV are some of the products and services pioneered by Amazon.
Brands such as MTV, Nike, Levis are all successful global brands where they have a standardised approach to their marketing mix, all these products are targeted at similar groups globally. Every aspect of promotional detail will require research and planning one example is the use of colour; red is lucky in China and worm by brides in India, whilst white is worn by mourners in india and China and brides in the United Kingdom. For example in Japan there are approximately five different types of wholesaler involved in the distribution chain.
Below are important strategies firms should follow to maximize the effectiveness of social media in international marketing. Care2 is a social network site that appeals to environmentalists and other interest in green living from around the world. The most successful social media sites incorporate numerous useful links to other sites and provide easy means for customers to contact company representatives.
In China, Twitter-like Weibo and social network Qzone with 150 million active users are the platforms of choice while in Russia V-kontakte is the local version of Facebook.
Once you know what you want to achieve, you are able to set up tactics to best achieve those goals. If you strictly control what gets published, by the time translation agency has sent you translations, the “news” is already old. Publish links to local channels in your global page to promote local pages and direct fans to more relevant content. It is a way to really engage with your audience as well as to encourage WOM and consumer generated media. The series will also be available in Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, a service built just for kids that gives them the freedom to explore all their favorite books, games, educational apps, movies and TV shows, while providing parents with the tools they need to manage their kids’ screen time. In India where a cow is a sacred animal their burgers contain chicken or fish instead of beef.
Many organisation adapt promotion strategies to suit local markets as cultural backgrounds and practices affect what appeals to consumers. Businesses will need to investigate distribution chains for each country they would like to operate in.
For example, Chinese computer giant Lenovo launched a site called “Voices of the Olympic Games” to collect posts from the athletes competing at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
What all continents have in common is the high usage rate of Youtube – used via mobile, tablets, PC or netbooks.
Amazon Original Series are available exclusively to Prime members through Prime Instant Video. They will also need to investigate who they would like to sell their products and services to businesses, retailers, wholesaler or directly to consumers.
The distribution strategy for each country a business operates in could be different due to profit margins and transportation costs.

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