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Using a range of both offline and online marketing methods can result in increased sales and profit as you target a far wider audience than online alone can provide.
Effective integrated marketing benefits greatly from an accurate, up to date database that holds detailed information about the buying habits and demographics of your customers. These are some of the reasons why offline mail activity can help to deliver increased overall sales. Direct mail and catalogues provide you with the ability to describe products, features and benefits in greater detail than is possible online.
Direct mail and catalogues have a permanency that allows for them to be kept and re-read at any time and any place the recipient wants to. Marketing material arriving in the mail acts as a reminder that your company and its products are there and will act as sales stimulus.
Direct mail and catalogues are a proactive sales tool driving sales, whereas online is a more reactive process.
It is a very immediate method and is excellent for creating urgency to respond by time limited offers.
E-mail can be used as a teaser or follow up to a mail campaign to increase overall mail response. It also beneficial being used to cross-sell and up-sell from products bought and for follow up to basket abandonment.
Phone follow up to people who have clicked through on an e-mail campaign but haven’t converted can result in increased sales.
Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in and the other social media sites can all be used to good effect in an overall integrated marketing effort. On one of my many trips to China, I noticed that almost every Expat and big businessman that I came in contact with owned a Buick. For the first entry in this Global Marketing Strategy Blog, it seems suitable to simply address the topic of “Global Marketing Strategies” in a broad sense.
A global marketing strategy that completely globalizes all marketing activities is not always desirable – and is definitely not always achievable. Integrated Global Marketing Strategy: Companies, such as Coca Cola, utilize this strategy, where most of elements of the marketing strategy, such as the communications strategy, pricing and distribution, segmentation, and positioning have been globalized. Global Product Strategy: Companies that utilize a global product strategy have essentially globalized their product offering. Composite Global Marketing Strategy: In this strategy, companies implement several generic global strategies and run them in parallel. To this day, multinational companies are still trying to determine whether a marketing strategy is best globalized, regionalized, or localized.
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In the today dynamics and international growing markets it is necessary for international companies to get Effective Process Model Of International Marketing Strategy  (EPMIMS) on place in order to perform and growth in new international markets in effective ways.
What are the three dimensions along which marketing is performing in international markets?
What are the strategies companies should pursue in international market, in order to improve growth? Companies internationalize to overcome competition and to exploit their competitive advantages in new markets. In order to succeed companies must adopt multidimensional competitive strategies more suited to the complexities of the international marketing environment. Innovative companies, having penetrated the domestic market, are keen to exploit their leads in foreign markets.

Initially, this way be done through exporting but as demand grows in foreign markets the firm may increase its commitment progressively by moving through the spectrum of foreign sales subsidiaries, joint ventures or direct investments.
When developing new products for a market it is necessary to emphasize that marketing is performed along three dimensions: technology, customer segment and customer function. Most international companies operate with customized international marketing strategies – the key issue for companies is the gaining and retention of competitive advantage in the markets in which operates. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This article intrigued me because it doesn’t simply state that successful global marketing strategies include analyzing foreign markets, competition, cultural differences, and the other major elements that most articles discuss. The article states that global marketing leaders admit that they initially underestimated the importance of addressing their organization structure and processes . By focusing on the internal structure of a marketing organization, a company can eliminate roadblocks, confusion, and duplication, and they can find new ways of working to enable the brand vision to be translated into reality. This is the first time I have heard about developing a global strategy and tailoring the structure of your department to meet the needs of that strategy. I don’t think anyone is surprised that Coca-Cola, IBM, and Microsoft have held strong in the top 3 spots each year. IBM, also thinking local, acting local, built a strategy and training that gave sales personnel knowledge as to how they will speak with their customers in their specific country in a way that is relevant to the customers of that country. One can only assume that Toyota’s downfall had to do with the large PR problems the company faced in 2010 from recalls, safety problems, hearings, and investigations. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. It is much more convenient and quicker to sit down and browse through a catalogue or read a direct mail piece than browsing a website. Similar to direct mail list are available that allow you to target your audience specifically so you don’t waste time and money contacting those that have no interest in your product or service. It also provides valuable information on why the experience didn’t result in a conversion. The biggest benefit is providing a greater level of exposure of your business in the market place. Countries have too many differences in cultural tastes and preferences, there are varying degrees of government regulation when it comes to marketing and advertising, and product uses are not necessarily the same from one country to the next. Though it discusses many different types of Global Marketing Strategies, I only want to discuss a few that I find to be useful, and logical, strategies to implement on a global level.
This means that key aspects – such as product use conditions, expected features, and required product functions – are mostly identical so that few variations or changes are needed. This means that a company might follow a global branding strategy while simultaneously running local brands in certain areas. Localized and regionalized strategies can create brand identity issues, while globalized strategies limit creativity and can cause complacency.
Our findings consistently show that organization, roles and responsibility, and global behaviors are without doubt one of the knottiest global marketing leadership challenges out there. Rather, this article discusses the importance of analyzing the internal structure of a company – the roles and responsibilities of employees, and the importance of approach and communication efficiencies. From there, he shifted focus to reconnect personnel to the role of the marketing department, and made sure that role was fully understood.
According to the press release, Gap typically enters the new market with brand-building “flagship” stores, followed by outlets and other smaller stores in outlying areas.
Is Gap being too cautious by slowly entering these markets at first or are they pacing themselves appropriately given the risk? After reviewing this year’s list, I wanted to review the past few years and see how the global arena has changed, if at all.

But the next year, it was able to jump to 7, and then to 4 – where it has held strong for the past 2 years. In 2008 and 2009, Nokia held strong at number 5, but in 2010 dropped to 8, and fell out of the Top 10 in 2011.
The benefit also comes from being able to develop a customer contact strategy based on return on investment. Lists are available that can be refined to quite a detailed level of targeting for consumers and businesses.
But it can also help to improve and develop relationships with customers driving the growth of greater loyalty and trust.
Therefore, I concluded that complete standardization of a marketing strategy is not achievable. He then made sure that the marketing department reconnected with the company as a whole, as well as with its stakeholders.
Gap reaffirmed its goal of growing total sales outside of North America and online to about 30% by the end of its fiscal 2013. Once these stores pick up, the Company may decide to apply a franchise model to increase expansion in the regions. Coca-Cola wants to provide consumers with beverages to fit their different life styles and life stages.
Also, Toyota, a once very strong global brand, fell drastically going from 6th in 2008, to 8th in 2009, to out of the Top 10 by 2010.
Or could it just not compete with the surge of other successful mobile phone manufacturers, android technology, and Apple? If you are purely using online methods you are dependent on people inputting the optimum keywords for your site.
Through researching this topic, though, I found that companies do something that makes a little more sense . A multinational company MUST have a global strategy, but it cannot be completely standardized. Once the department was reconnected, he knew that he had to prepare it for the growth of the new more global marketing organization. If you have a global marketing strategy with extreme potential, maybe the best way to be successful is to tailor yourself to meet that strategy? Moreover, the Company plans to bring the first store of its Old Navy brand outside of North America to Japan within the next 1-2 years, and plans to “nearly triple” the number of Gap stores in China from 15 to about 45 by the end of 2012.
As so eloquently stated by CEO Douglas Daft,  “In the past Coke succeeded as it appealed to global commonalties. Your customer service can benefit too from listening to your customers and providing a quick response to negative talk. By opening just a few flagship stores early on, you sort of test the waters of the market without having a huge investment. Or simply because it made the right business choices, focused on user experiences, made good choices regarding mergers and acquisitions, etc.?
If the flagship stores fail, the Company can reassess its decision to fully commit to entering that particular international market.

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