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What do you think about a world where every interaction you have with objects, people, and animals gets tracked, and data gets transferred without any human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction? Social media listening is essential in developing and measuring your social media strategy and making data based decisions.
LA based startups will again be flocking to the beach for this year’s Silicon Beach Fest June 24 to June 27. Do you know what’s being said about your brand and products outside your own social media channels?
Approximately 75% of consumer packaged goods and retail products fail to earn even $7.5 million during their first year, according to a leading market research firm. The fabrication of fanciful imagination from science fiction movies is becoming more tangible than ever imagined.

Weeks before I got here I was surfing craigslist to find a decent ride for my stay in SoCal.
The Miller Group, an award-winning integrated marketing firm specializing in emerging healthcare technology was recently recognized by the Los Angeles Business Journal (LABJ) as one of the 100 largest women-owned businesses in Los Angeles County. With increased pressure to reduce carbon emissions, save money on gas, and strive for better health more people are turning to biking as opposed to driving to work. If the print world only operated in Times New Roman 12 point type, millions of emotions and ideas would be lost upon audiences and viewers. But embarking on a social media listening approach, however, requires one or more good tools. Bettman is a feature film producer and Senior Vice President and Producer at The Miller Group.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging in the business environment with new and innovative concepts ready to change the world. When sending an email or uploading a photo to Instagram, we don’t think about how much energy is used.

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