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In the very competitive digital age where businesses are moving away from advertising their products and services in the traditional media, the success of a business depends largely on successful internet marketing that provide targeted and measurable means to retain customers and to gain new ones. At WikiSEO, the leading search engine optimization and internet marketing company in South Africa, our years of valuable experience have taught us the most effective ways to increase website traffic. A successful digital marketing strategy depends on statistics, the analysing of business trends and those of your competitors, the behaviour of consumers, and tracking.
According to Google 97% of people search online before they do business locally, meaning that 97% of the market is online. At WikiSEO we understand that visitors to your website must be converted into sales or goals (enquiry about a sale, a direct sale, email or phone call) and that it's high level of measurability is a great benefit of Internet marketing to any business that is advertising online. WikiSEO is an accredited internet marketing firm with Google Partners working relentlessly to improve the online presence and conversion rates of your business, increasing its profitability and providing an excellent return on investment. Posted by Charley Mendoza in Social Media on October 20, 2015 Leave a CommentLinkedIn marketing is important for attorneys, but it’s not worth it if you get disbarred or fined in the process. I am the CEO of McDougall Interactive Marketing, publisher of the Legal Marketing Review and an authority on internet marketing for law firms. The bottom line is that you need to think like your potential client when designing your website.
This entry was posted in SEO and tagged Google, HubSpot, Law Firm, Search engine optimization, Social Media, twitter, Web search engine, website. Good post, Samantha, because you stress the need for law firms or lawyers to spend serious time building a quality site, and a quality presence in Social Media. Stay current on law firm social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Content Marketing. Lawyer Legion is an online attorney directory where your credentials and qualifications matter.
Internet LAVA, LLC is a professional web development and internet marketing company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Our team is comprised of talented and knowledgeable web and legal specialists who use their complimentary expertise to help law firms surpass their internet marketing goals.
Jason founded Internet LAVA with one goal in mind: to provide a superior product exclusively for legal professionals. Prior to joining Internet LAVA, Shaun worked as an attorney manager for large-scale e-discovery projects and worked with some of the nation’s most well-known law firms and Fortune 100 corporations. Cary's intuitive grasp of the underlying concepts and techniques of web development and programming allows him to easily create effective, engaging websites.
Before becoming a member of the State Bar of Texas, Tatiauna Holland earned her Juris Doctorate from the Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. For the past 10 years Teresa heavily concentrated on Web Design, Graphic Design and Complex Programming. Derek Strum is a web copywriter who received his Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College Chicago in 2006 with a major in journalism and a minor in fiction writing.
Jamal works on optimizing local maps listings, organic legal content, link building, analyzing traffic, performance metrics and compiling reports.

Kali works to improve the online reputation and overall professional image of our clients and services, focusing on customer service, social media, and content.
As a journalist, David has written for newspapers, magazines and websites, including a decade as a news reporter at the St. Internet LAVA was formed with a specific goal in mind: to help attorneys grow their practice by connecting them with their ideal local clients. Our marketing efforts are focused on a driving a large volume of traffic to your professionally designed website that will convert visitors into clients in a cost-effective manner. Our comprehensive package includes everything necessary to establish a dominating internet presence and high-ranking search engine visibility. Our package differs from other web companies because we continue our efforts well beyond the website itself.
By understanding how to use every resource available to lawyers, we can give you an edge over your competition will greatly increase the overall results.
The Internet LAVA formula is designed to constantly connect you with local clients whose legal cases are most profitable to your law firm. By choosing Internet LAVA, you will receive a complete internet product that you ultimately own and manage. Throughout your agreement with us, you will have full access and control to edit and add to the content that we publish for you.
If you are a legal professional who is interested in learning more about cost-effective internet marketing, contact us today. The Internet is undoubtedly the channel that is most frequently associated with digital marketing (others include mobile instant messaging, wireless text messaging, mobile apps, podcasts, etc.) as it enables people to have access to information about the online marketing of your products and services any time, at any place. Our internet marketing specialists will develop the best possible strategy to market your business online.
We are experts in developing online marketing strategies that  identify and track user sources and movements with precision and the necessary detail in order to update your marketing campaign and grow your business. Perhaps you hired someone to create your website many moons ago when styles were different, or you hired someone to do your SEO ten years ago and practices have changed. If building a practice is serious business, which it is, then attorneys need to approach marketing and business development with the same attitude.
We focus exclusively on providing internet marketing solutions to attorneys across the country, whether they are starting a new practice or expanding an existing practice. Bauer College of Business with a BBA in Business Marketing and Corporate Entrepreneurship. In order to stay a step ahead of the competition, it is important to properly utilize every internet resource available for attorneys. A large number of online materials are published elsewhere on the internet and link back to your website. We encourage the active participation of clients, offer one-on-one tutorials, and provide a high level of transparency at every stage in the campaign. We provide you with a website that is built on the framework of a Content Management System (CMS) so you can easily log in and add or edit content anytime, from anywhere.

Call 1-800-292-LAVA (5282) and set up a free marketing consultation to discuss how our services can meet the unique short-term and long-term needs of your law firm. With so many visitors on the internet daily, no business can afford not to have a good online marketing strategy in place.
Unfortunately, according to HubSpot in an recent article titled Does Google Think Your Website is Spammy, Google hates spam and this can have a drastic effect on how your website is displayed in search engine results.
But, it’s absolutely necessary your website contains original content that is interesting and useful. It’s great to know about what keywords people are using to find your site on Google or other search engines.
By focusing exclusively on the needs of attorneys, we can provide the best services at the best value to our clients. Our goal is to provide each of our clients with a dominating internet presence and high-ranking search visibility in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Our package is designed with a visually appealing, content-rich website at the heart of your online campaign. Our full-service package also includes consistent updates and enhancements to the campaign based on analytics data. We also provide our clients with login access, content review options, and full control over each online profile and blog that we create.
This means that you have the ability to transferring ownership of the domain name to any company that you choose without any interruption to your website.
Once you establish  your desired keywords, don’t overuse them on your website or in your blog posts. We will constantly monitor traffic, check search rankings, track improvement, and communicate with you regularly to ensure that you are satisfied. We will furnish you with all source files that were used to build your site, and full ownership of all copyrights associated with the website.
Write about rule changes, industry news, events you attended, common client complaints, etc. In addition, you will continue to maintain all blogs, social media profiles, local map listings, and other online materials that were created. Because people are sharing their recommendations more and more online, these word of mouth referrals are being incorporated into search.
Track how often your content is shared online and incorporate sharing widgets on your content.
I moved up in search results because I wrote a lot of original content that included those keywords.

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