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Social media marketing (SMM) is the latest form of Internet marketing that makes use of various social media networks. John Colascione is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Searchen Networks A® Inc., an Internet Marketing and Search Engine Consultancy Firm in New York. Qualifications: Ten (10+) years of website marketing and promotion experience in the Internet industries involving website development, website management, online advertising, online marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, consulting, server administration, brand development, content relevant advertising, and database administration. Education: Studies at Hendricks Institute of Technology, a trade school which prepares students for the information technology world.

John uses his advanced understanding of search engine algorithms, site optimization, social media marketing and the Internet to plan and develop online based services which provide a genuine consumer purpose while maintaining a foundation for generating revenue, experiencing growth and building brand value. John plays a crucial role in several online endeavors and believes the keys to any businesses success are found within hard work, persistence, determination and the ability to balance vision with practicality. My book "Mastering Your Website" also educates readers on the benefit of owning multiple domain names and how they can help grow your business. We will start by creating your presence on Facebook and Twitter in order to set the foundation to communicate your brand. He is also the founder, lead developer and Past President of Long Island Exchange, a privately owned media company providing Long Islanders with a wealth of information, news and local business data. Hendricks Institute has been recognized as a leading provider of: Graphic Communications, website and E-commerce development and 3D Animation technology training.

After the initial setup, we will create branded posts for you regarding your products or services on a regular basis. This five time award winning website serves well over one million Long Islanders as well as several hundred thousand non locals per year.

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