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Para las personas que no estan muy relacionadas con la tematica de la publicidad o del marketing en internet, se les puede anunciar que por ello es que la mitad de la redes nacionales e internacionales subsisten en un mundo  consumidor de informacion y de productos, por lo tanto saber manejar los diferentes enlaces y marketing que existe en la red es de vital importancia para los objetivos que se quiere lograr en las  diferentes plataformas  que se encuentran ligadas en la red, por lo tanto usted como administrador de su pagina debe de estar atento a todas las posibilidades que puede encontrar en el internet.
Por ello el landing page o paginas de destino, son una gran alternativa para los interesados en generar un mundo de posibilidades publicitarias en la red.
Para esto tenga claro que propositos puede o quiere alcanzar para asi aplicarlos de forma exitosa en todos los proyectos que emprendera con sus enlaces o sitio web el cual usted es fiel administrador y operador del mismo.
Los landing page son enlaces o ventanas, que contienen un sinfin de hechos publicitarios, que posibilitan al creador la pertinencia de saber que numero de visitas o que trafico es el que esta  entrando a observar sus contenidos  publicitarios, por lo tanto  a la hora de los click del usuario siempre los llevara a una pagina de destino cuyo contiene los anuncios publicitarios que nosotros queremos ofrecer o queremos promocionar, de esta manera se podra tener un control programado de las diferentes publicidades que se promocionan en el sitio web que se es administrador, y si se maneja  con experiencia el landing page, podra  anunciar en diferentes sitios web de su interes personal.
El landing page es muy util para las companias que desean obtener de manera personalizada resultados inmediatos en cuestion a publicidad y marketing para ello esta opcion de pagina de destino ofrece dos alternativas que son: las referenciales y las transaccionales, estos dos tipos se diferencian en la calidad y la cantidad del mensaje que se desea programar en los diferentes espacios de publicidad, el primero ofrece un tipo de mercadeo mas estatico y mas programado, referenciando los temas que son pertinentes de dicha promocion y con textos y pocas imagenes estaticas lo realiza de manera simple. La segunda opcion se especializa en un mercadeo mas de transicion con siendo mas multimedia tico, logra atrapar al usuario de manera permanente con una promocion interesante y con mas movimiento que el primero, por ello es recomendable utilizar los dos casos segun la conveniencia de los mensajes que se desean publicar en los enlaces y paginas web donde se da click y aparece  su anuncio promocionando las diferentes marcas de su mencion especifica.
He estado haciendo dinero en linea por mas de 5 anos y me encantaria ayudarlo a hacer lo mismo. Con multiples actualizaciones semanales de contenido de gran valor, llevando al usuario a traves de los multiples modelos de negocios que existen en internet para ganar dinero y su respectivo marketing y de como los demas estan haciendo dinero en linea. No es un camino tan facil como muchos lo creen, pero con la adecuada perseverancia y sacar un poco de su tiempo bastara, si esta finalmente listo para empezar a trabajar para ti mismo, no hay mejor lugar en Internet para hacerlo! Every time you disrespect your visitors with a page highlight (something that stands out visually to the scanning eye), that’s confusing or unclear, you increase the count.
Today, I’m basing my commentary of these landing pages around the Conversion Centered Design principle of Clarity, or lack thereof. Sidenote 2: Click the images for the full page (some were so long I cropped the thumbnails). Footnote: Apparently, if you look really closely, this had something to do with chiropractors. If your service solves an urgent problem, your call to action should use words like Now or Today. If you’re using company logos for landing page social proof, add a label that introduces them. If I have to read to figure out what your landing page images mean, you have a clarity problem.
Big squiggly cursive typography can destroy landing page readability and your conversion rates. In a post-apocalyptic world… There is too much faux drama in the copy (“chaos,” “order” and “in a world” to name a few). It’s okay to have navigation on your landing page – but *only* if it uses internal anchor links.
Fields not required: As you have two fields that aren’t required, you might want to test not including them. Weak testimonial: The quote is really generic and doesn’t speak directly to any quantitative benefit, which is essentially what people want to know. Mix quantitative data and qualitative benefit in your landing page testimonials for more impact. Kissing before sex: If you missed the “Personalize your auto experience” line at the top (positioned where you’d expect a logo), the main opening statement here is “Request your quote,” which is way too aggressive as an opener. If your landing page benefit statements could be applied to *any* product, they’re too generic.
Show the event: A good test would be to try the video at the top instead of the photo, as it shows the event rather than a generic destination shot.
Organic based landing page uses more SEO oriented approach and that has to start with the HEADLINE as a single most important element.
Question is: if you do own a website, why would you want to have even a single piece of content that does not directly correlate with what you do or sell? And when you are already in a making of – why the hell not having a brutally effective landing page after page? Why you can’t land a higher paying job even though you consider yourself as the top provider?
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Since Dominos already made the video private, I’m going to post screen shots of the tweet and the landing page for posterity, because they might not be long for this world. Por lo tanto es indispensable que entienda el termino de paginas de destino, ya que asi podra manejarlo segun sus intereses mercantiles en la red.
If one of these pages is yours, all of my commentary is delivered with love, no matter how harsh.

Remember that every landing page should have a single campaign goal, which is to get someone to click the orange button(s). The form is complicated so you want to make that region appear a little more user-friendly. Move the paragraph of terms from the form area to the footer so you’re not overwhelming people. Simplified pest control doesn’t really speak to the prospect’s pain, which is the bugs bothering them. A more urgent headline would probably work better – words like “now” and “today” speak more to the urgency I’m feeling.
Clearly a demo of this type of thing is important, but navigation aside, the only way to see it is to click on the laptop. The forum site actually scales nicely into a smaller browser window, so you could pop up a lightbox with the forum in an iFrame (or just embed it on the page).
Your headline is your first opportunity to communicate your unique campaign proposition and this page completely misses the boat here. The testimonials should speak directly to the experience of receiving one of your services, such as sedation dentistry.
The color contrast of the call to action is so poor that it’s completely hidden amongst the background.
The page is all about the meaningless photo rather than describing the offer and why you are unique. There is a testimonial right at the end of the page but it doesn’t look like a testimonial. The copy is really small which makes it hard to read, and the perceived friction of having to read so much is a big barrier to conversion. The hero shot looks like the type of cheesy stock photo you get for some type of network or I.T.
I see that you’re trying to say that you provide the whole thing, not just bits and pieces, but it’s unclear and confusing to read.
Instead of painting this type of picture, why not talk about a specific problem that brands have with social media marketing? You’ll probably get a bit of a conversion lift, but you will want to balance the benefit of more leads with the quality. Justin (that’s the name I have for the guy with his hands clenched) looks friendly enough, but is he the personalized aspect? The design is delightfully simple and the whitespace really helps with visual clarity, but the type is too small to be easily read.
The subhead makes me think I’m going to register to get certified online from this page but when I get to the form, I’m told I’m going to get a guide. In my experience, you don’t need much information to convince someone to register for a webinar.
The visual clarity could be improved dramatically by adding some spacing throughout the content. It is, in fact, a sales pitch through which you are trying to pitch your readers to buy something you are selling. While 8 out of 10 people will read the headline, only 1 or 2 will click through and read the rest. Not only do I not know what stickies are – aside from the universally branded post-it notes that everyone calls stickies – but you’re asking me to want them before I know what your version of them is.
But what you’ve chosen to do here is show what only looks like a web page talking about mechanical lubricant in a lame, editorial manner.
By adding site nav links and social follow icons, you’re diluting the focus and increasing the attention ratio.
If this page is being viewed on a mobile device this is probably okay (and would even be a better CTA than the primary one here). I’m guessing they’re media mentions, so you might want to add a heading that speaks to that, or better yet, use fewer logos and add in what was said about you.
Then at the bottom of the page you have a button-shaped green thing that isn’t clickable either!
If you spent some time squinting at the screenshot figuring out the typography, you wouldn’t be alone. If you are doing pay-per-click campaigns and are targeting particular services such as “sedation dentistry” then you should focus on that – the benefits of coming to you for that specific service.
This is in part because of the subject matter, but also because the location (and the fact that it’s offline) is completely buried in a big wall of text. Instead of linking to other site pages, it links internally within the page and scrolls down slowly enough that you understand the mechanics of how it works. As it stands, I have to read them to figure out that they are customers as opposed to information about your team.

If the quality of your leads drops with fewer fields, I’d try all five fields as required to add a bit of friction – as counterintuitive as that sounds.
It’s like saying, “In addition to some good stuff that I’ve not yet pointed out, you’ll get…”. Right now all I have to identify you by is “Patriot Software,” which could be a service provider. Right at the end it says “Ready to replace your bank?” Replace it with another bank or with a new concept entirely? For a page that’s about getting in touch for a consultation, I’d suggest getting a bit more conversational. Without more context, it’s a bit misleading and confusing at this stage of communications. Keep people on the page and don’t take up too much space for those who may not have questions.
When you are building a landing page for an organic visit, then you are playing with the keywords implementation. If someone leaves and goes to your website, they may still convert but you’d be clouding your analytics.
Or at least make the phone number a secondary consideration instead of one of the first things I read. I’d consider moving the trusted part into a subhead and making the main headline focus on your core benefit.
It’s confusing – most of the page is designed to get you to contact me, but your CTA suggests I can contact you. Right now, the headline copy reads more like a call to action rather than a statement of why I should care about your company and your offer.
If you want to show more features, throw them into a lightbox popup or have an expandable section on the page that opens to show the extra details.
If it’s about social media and storytelling, I’d want to show a much more humanistic visual.
If the goal of the page is to provide help with getting certified, talk more about the guide and its purpose. This works well as an identifier beside the logo, but I’d actually treat the subhead as the “real” page title and make it much more prominent – it does a good job of explaining what and why you should attend.
If you read the copy out loud, you’ll notice that you don’t actually communicate anything of real value or explain how your service is better than the competition. Because you are not entirely focused on your product or service, you may unintentionally cause a distraction and detach reader from your original message. It’s okay for the folks in my office to deal with my incomprehensible three-step jokes, but it’s not acceptable to put your visitors through the same. Your campaign will register as a failure and your website will gain a conversion – which can result in you making an incorrect deduction about your marketing. The first bullet point should always drive home the #1 benefit of using the software – which should be something that speaks to the simplification you’re promising.
For this reason, you could probably remove the top three and focus entirely on the headline and subhead. The problem design-wise is that the photo of Nashville is so dominant, you can easily gloss over the subhead and go straight to the CTA. Is it a free evaluation on the phone to see if I qualify for a free consultation in your office?
If your content does provide that particular visitor with new and useful information – chances to sell your stuff are rising. It’s delivering cleverness instead of clarity, which almost always loses the conversion battle. The purpose of the page is getting someone to download the guide, not believe in your company’s ability to service big companies (in what way I don’t have a clue).
There is so much small copy on your page that it can be hard to really find the answers to those WWWH questions that people have. Splitting the purpose makes the logos incongruent with the campaign goal, and thus confusing. Remember that your content marketing strategy is to get the email for the guide, and *then* start pushing people further down the funnel towards your actual business. There is only one way to make a killer landing page and that is for it to be built by the professional sales writer.

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