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But you can also follow other people’s magazines that they have put together, with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of articles. There have been lists for startup owners, tech enthusiasts, reports, and those in the business world. Originally created by Mark Traphagen who actually has several magazines under his username you might want to check out. Back in 2011, a great example of a marketer being a complete idiot and throwing professionalism out the window appeared on the Penny Arcade Blog.
This magazine is interesting, in that is targets “classic” articles on several areas of traditional marketing gone digital. Ron Sela, the user who created this magazine, has a ton of awesome magazines in that niche.
Even if there is less content, it seems to be higher quality than some of the hit and miss that you find with all large content collections.
Speaking of smaller, more curated magazines, this one only has 43 articles in the whole thing. I am unabashedly obsessed with this content curation tool, and I have been spending way too much time playing around with it.
So why aren’t there hundreds of options for the many people who have to market themselves or their business online? One of them could go on this list by topic, but I didn’t feel it had quite reached the point where it deserved a top 7 spot. Reading through the interaction between himself, a customer, and then a well established industry stalwart shows why online civility is an asset.

It is a fairly new technology, which addressed an often low cost service, which can be based on multiple platforms at once, and is expected to grow and adapt in the long term to service fans that stick with it for years. More than that, it is one of the larger examples of user generated magazines available on Flipboard, which makes it a bit of an authority. From travel blogging, to social media on behalf of services like hotels, travel apps, or airlines, this magazine is full of information. They tend to narrow their focus to a specific industry, which is great, and I was tempted to put several of his magazines on a list. For those who have not yet fallen in love, this is an advanced RSS feed that creates “magazines” of your chosen content. With questions like bullying and social media threats now in the news daily, it has become an even bigger issue. You have to be ready to address its promotion from that angle, and to is isn’t like promoting content, or even a more tangible product. What makes it better is that it attacks things from the content and social angles together, so it feels more natural for helping to create a cohesive strategy.
So if you want a quick primer, or something more manageable, you could get through this in a couple of hours without even trying.
So you can completely customize what you see, and read it with flipped pages in your browser, through a smartphone, or using a tablet. Sadly, on the professional side there aren’t always so many industry related ones to check out.
In the meantime, Online Marketing Daily is much broader, and much larger with 397 articles, at the time of this writing.

This is a thorough magazine on the topic, which will help you avoid minefields when interacting as a marketer online. But every one I have gone through so far has been a real gem, and definitely helpful to the average marketer out there looking to refresh their knowledge, or gain some new skills.
Since travel is a very specific industry with its own struggles (primarily, gaining the full trust of the consumer before they ever take part in travel), the targeted content for the niche is appreciated.
You will come out of it much more informed, with well written, recent articles on the topic of content marketing. This is a great magazine for picking up tips, tricks, and gaining a deeper understanding of the process. Some of which will be old skills that you can consider new again, now that we are moving into a new online business age.
Plus, it is interesting for travel bloggers that just want more insight into other travelers, or the industry itself as it might relate to the consumer.
Because while the other magazines are more extensive, this one focuses more on its topic, and cherry picks the best articles.

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