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I have been following the development over the last few months and excited to see that the just released 1.3 version now includes editable layouts. Different to MSA Remote, TouchOSC is slightly more targeted towards music creation, not providing as much multitouch information as MSA Remote. Same here, There is a free app they added which converts the generated custom touch osc patches into pd files on windows but makes all of the output messages cc’s? Kadenze offers the opportunity to learn creative coding from world renowned instructors and artists.
Technarte is an event that offers people the opportunity to enjoy professional and inspiring networking between speakers and attendees. Music Tech Fest is the festival of music ideas and a giant creative laboratory that brings together artists and scientists, academia and industry. Artists, Makers and Creative Hybrids at 72U 72U is looking for curious makers, artists and creative hybrids who want to grow their talents within a professional setting and make cool things that matter in culture. Network Administrator at IDEO IDEO’s Global technology team is looking for a team member to help effectively co-design, install, configure, operate, and maintain IDEO’s local and wide area networks. Frontend Developer at DDB Spain DDB Spain in Barcelona are looking for a Frontend Developer to seek out innovative new forms of animation and interaction for their banner campaigns. Photography is an art to seize the beautiful moments of life & nature into photographs. Good effects add a glimmer to the photographs. A good photo editing software provides various effects that can be applied to a photograph.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a simple, customizable interface to send and receive OSC messages, TouchOSC should be a great start. But…im using Pure Data as an intermediary between Ableton Live and the Touch OSC interface.
I don’t get it, why have a custom editor with midi output options when you have to convert it to cc with another program to use it. It is a place where new projects, professional relationships and innovative ideas that revolutionize the artistic, technological and scientific scene arise. The festival showcases groundbreaking work from the music tech and sonic arts and is an experimental and collaborative space that crosses genre and discipline boundaries.
Operations like resizing and cropping a photograph can be performed professionally with these editors. There might be a lot of confusion in downloading or buying an efficient photo editing software as the internet and market is flooded with such softwares. This is made possible thanks to Touch OSC editor, available for Mac and Windows and downloadable standard layouts that come with the iPhone application.
Then it tells you that you need a new library in pure data, mrpink?, then your on an endless google search into the darkest areas of obscure music related programming environments. For #MTFBerlin, 27-30 May at the legendary Funkhaus Berlin, fellow CAN subscribers get a 20% discount by entering the code "CAN". Apart from that, one can also fix the contrast, white balance and brightness of the pictures by just a single tool which automatically adjusts these features.

Thereby, become a professional photo editor by just installing an amazing photo editor by Movavi.
The editor includes all the elements you see on the iPhone app and you can rearrange and scale them as you like. Access to all video content is free, and you can subscribe to a premium membership to experience everything Kadenze has to offer (submit assignments, receive grades, collaborate with peers, build a portfolio, earn verified certificates of accomplishment, and receive discounts on course materials). They provide easy to use photo editors than don’t need any professional editing skills to use.
Movavi has been a pioneer in the software industry and their photo editing tool-(photosuite) is extremely professional. Once they are done, all you need to do is sync the layouts with the iPhone and you are ready to go. Using photosuite, a photo editing software by movavi, an amateur can edit photographs that seem highly professional. It has all the features a good photo editing software must have and is compatible with a number of file formats. Photosuite is another great innovation among other highly regarded softwares provided by movavi.

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