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There’s still no way to jailbreak the iPhone 5, or other post-A5 devices running iOS 6, and that makes a lot of people sad, us included.
Step 3: On your iPhone open Settings > General > About and find the Carrier field, notating the Carrier Version Number for your device.
Step 6: Once the logo is compiled, CarrierEditor will save both the original and the custom logo to your desktop. It may seem like a long process, but that’s because I pretty much spelled out everything, even obvious stuff, verbatim.
Special thanks to developers Kevin Ko, and Daniel for putting together such an easy to use and easy to follow app. Even while in the midst of a significant jailbreak drought as we are now, this is a great way to customize your iPhone or iPad. However, the tool called CarrierEditor is currently made only for the Mac OS X and Windows version is not yet available.
Step 3: The next information you will be asked to enter is the type of device and the carrier of that device. Step 8: As soon as iTunes finishes packing the carrier update, reboot your iPhone 5 and have fun with the custom carrier logo without jailbreaking. Developer provide the app free of cost but also with no warranty, so, much like jailbreaking your iPhone: Use the CarrierEditor with care.
There are now a lot of tools by the help of which you can create apps very easily without spending money for the developer.
This is another useful tool as per the tools to create a native app for iPhone without the knowledge of programming is concern.
There are a lot of other tools and websites which can help you to build a native iPhone app without any kind of programming.
Therefore, now it is not at all a must requirement to have the knowledge of programming to create an app for iPhone. Download, install and run the program, connect your device with computer and your device will be automatically recognized by iOS Transfer.
Click "Photos" from the left column, in the drop-down list of "Photos", you can choose images from "Camera Roll", "Photo Library" or other albums.

Once on the summary page for your device, press and hold the option key on your keyboard, and click Restore iPhone (or Restore iPad).
I always had to reboot my device with the second carrier change, so you most likely will have to as well. However, it has just given inspiration to a developer to create a tool that does a thing that only is possible on a jailbroken iPhone. CarrierEditor is totally free to download and is the courtesy of the developers Pix3lDemon and uhelios.
You may use any Zeppelin icons, make an icon personally in Adobe Photoshop, additionally, you can use one of the icons that comes with with the .dmg file for CarrierEditor.
After the window shown below pops up, pick the .ipcc file that you created and again click on the Open button. Click Restore button on the toolbar, select Restore only modified file(s) and press OK button, wait a few minute. The Perfect365 is basically an app for fashion artist, beauty enhancer, and also facial make up editor. In no way does Newsinitiative claim ownership or responsibility for such items, and you should seek legal consent for any use of such materials from its owner. However, the only problem in this business is to hire a developer who know the programming and through that he will create the app.
Without having any knowledge of programming you can create apps easily with the help of these tools. If you put any kind of video, twitter stream or feed in this tool, this tool will automatically change it into an app. You can do it within a very small time by the helps of various tools and websites by spending reasonable money. In return you will get full credit for the post, an author page with a bio and your website will also be linked at the bottom of every post you make.
You will see your customized iPhone name on top of the interface if it's successfully detected. Click the blue "+" functioning "Add", then "Add file" or "Add folder", photos that you have synced to iTunes before will displayed as thumbnail in the main interface.

You can transfer not only photos but also SMS, contacts, podcast between iPhone and computer with only a few easy steps. You will need to drag and drop both logo types for your custom carrier logo into these respective boxes. The following guide will help you change the carrier logo on your iPhone 5 without jailbreaking.
Then you need to customize it and provide some graphic work and design and all the rest work will be taken care of this website. All of them are extremely helpful to create an app for iPhone without the necessity of the programming knowledge. In this guide, I'd like to show you how to transfer photos from Computer to iPhone in 2 ways, with and without iTunes.
Navigate to your desktop where the logo was saved, and select your custom .ipcc carrier file (not the one labeled original) and click open.
Simply, drag and drop the icons in their appropriate location, focusing on what one goes in the black status bar box and what one goes in the etched status bar box.
Open the ZeppelinLogos folder from the mounted image, and select the folder that contains the carrier logo you want to use. Create Your New LookThis app is considered as one of the best makeup and cleanup photo app. You can achieve the same perfection by tweaking your own photos, and you can do it with such an ease. Remove the blemish, make your teeth amazingly white, add some tan, and other stuffs that you won’t be able with the regular photo editing app.
And you no longer have to worry about any makeup or facial imperfection; after all, this app can fix it for you.

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