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More Nova Scotians will find affordable housing that meets their needs as part of the province's first long-term housing strategy. Our homes, and the communities they are part of, shape nearly every aspect of our lives -- health, education, success in the workplace, even the security of our retirement and dignity in old age.
Our strategy will build vibrant communities, revitalize existing neighbourhoods, and offer affordable new housing choices to Nova Scotia families. Few things are as important as having a good, affordable home that meets a person's unique needs. Shelter Nova Scotia is pleased to see a collaborative strategy that espouses a housing first model. The strategy represents a fundamental shift in the province's approach to affordable housing.
Over the next 10 years, the development of affordable housing and affordable home ownership will substantially increase and will focus on diverse communities with different housing and tenure types, income levels and family composition. The strategy was built on themes that emerged from provincewide public consultations held in 2012 with more than 500 Nova Scotians, including non-profit and community organizations engaged in housing issues, housing developers, governments, and interested Nova Scotians. The strategy will restructure the Nova Scotia Housing Development Corporation and all housing staff in Community Services as Housing Nova Scotia. Paul Pettipas, president of the Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association, speaks to participants.
Premier Darrell Dexter says the strategy will create affordable ownership opportunities, with unique programs. Community Services Minister Denise Peterson-Rafuse says the Nova Scotia Housing Development Corporation and housing staff in Community Services will be restructured as Housing Nova Scotia. Don Spicer, executive director of Shelter Nova Scotia says home is a place like no other, and more people should get to feel that way because of todaya€™s announcement.
Paul Pettipas, president of the Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association says they look at ways to adapt and change to build houses people can afford. Karen Cole, a single mother who purchased her home through Habitat for Humanity says the programs can be the crucial first step in changing the lives of many families. A new city housing plan, the first such effort in 15 years, lays out the tricky, far-ranging problem. Where Denver plans to add $3 million in next year's budget to a new revolving-loan fund for housing projects, cities such as Seattle have dreamed bigger. In that northwest city,A voters in 2009 approved a property tax increaseA raising $145 million over seven years a€” that's more than $20 million a year a€” to help subsidize affordable housing for low-income Seattleites.
Denver city officials aren't ready to propose something so ambitious, but Hancock, some City Council members and the new report say creating a sustainable cash stream for affordable housing is a top priority.

Washington is the city's executive director of economic development, and his office oversaw the drafting of the new Housing Denver plan after discussions by the mayor's Housing Advisory Committee. Washington and the mayor were quick to point out in a joint interview that Denver has made some recent strides. Last year, Hancock announced a drive to build, rehab or preserve at least 3,000 units in five years.
All of this comes as city demographers predict Denver will grow by 100,000 residents beyond its present population of nearly 650,000 in the next decade. The council recentlyA revamped the Inclusionary Housing OrdinanceA in hopes of spurring more developers to include lower-priced condos for income-qualified buyers. Washington said his office is working out ways to measure progress on all of those fronts, with an accounting planned each year in its annual report. Banff Access CardThe Banff Access Card provides qualified applicants with discounts to community classes, children’s summer camps, Roam transit passes and more.
Housing is a council priority and council has committed to building 100 units by 2018 to address the need for affordable housing in the community.
On March 16, 2016, Deer Street Project Specifics, including mix of units, unit size, amenities, parking, environment, and estimated budget were presented at the Connect Open House at The Fenlands. On March 9, 2016, an invitation for expressions of interest for a design-build development of an affordable, rental, multi-family apartment housing project was issued.
On January 27, 2016 a neighbourhood conversation was held at the Inns of Banff with residents who live near the lots in the lane off Marmot St.
On January 11, 2016 council passed first reading of a borrowing bylaw to finance the purchase of lands and conduct preliminary civil engineering work. On December 17, 2015 council approved the purchase of 14 lots (12 parcels) of land released by Parks Canada. The Banff Housing Corporation (BHC) is an arm’s length, non-profit organization of the Town of Banff.
There are several Banff-based real estate agents who can help you find listings on the open market. Some real estate agents in Banff also manage rental properties, and it’s worth it to check with each if they have anything available, or if they maintain a waiting list. Many businesses in town have housing available for staff, and this is generally the best way to find a place to live when you’re new to town. Premier Darrell Dexter and Community Services Minister Denise Peterson-Rafuse unveiled the strategy today, May 6, during a visit to the North Woodside Community Centre in Dartmouth. Yet many working families cannot afford rent, let alone a mortgage, and many seniors and people with disabilities lack good housing options.

Through collaboration, we have developed a strategy that sets out a new direction for housing -- one that stresses affordability, partnership and community-building. BesidesA skyrocketing housing costs, it says the city has too little supportive housing for the homeless, a paucity of Section 8-eligible apartments, and too few condos that are large enough for families with children.
Washington said the city is on track, with 700 units constructed and 600 more in planning stages. Supplying a mix of affordable housing options to ensure those working in Banff live in Banff is part of The Banff Community Plan. Information was on display showing where the lots are located, what "affordable" means, pertinent Land Use Bylaw regulations and more. Town of Banff staff from the engineering, finance, planning and community services departments were on hand to answer questions and gather feedback about the development. Its mission is to help the town maintain a healthy and balanced community by offering both price restricted and equity share home ownership. The list awards points to potential buyers and those with the most points are contacted first when a property becomes available. You'll be asked to show proof of employment in Banff to ensure you meet the need-to-reside, and many require references from past landlords before showing properties. They’re often less expensive than renting on your own and most staff accommodations are already furnished. It is because of the work that community and private organizations do that I was able to own my own home while my children were young enough to live there. Routes are available throughout Banff and there's a regional service to get you to Canmore.
Some landlords won’t advertise their rentals, preferring instead to rent to someone they know, or someone recommended to them. To ensure a smooth process, have contact information from past landlords available when you're looking for an apartment. Programs that give more Nova Scotians a chance at affordable home ownership or rent is good news. Check our online map to find out where buses are and when they’ll be arriving at your stop. Then check the Community Resource Directory for a comprehensive list of organizations and services available in Banff and the Bow Valley.

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