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I’m very glade to discover you and I watch your video that was great I even get much essential point that was needed on my business actaully I have registered an new marketing company sofrom your video and prosal letter I felt confident and get hope of success  in my comapny . Pls, i need to supply an organisation with liquid soap and liquid antiseptic and i need to write a proposal letter regarding this business. I am a consultant at a medical aid company,and i would like to recruit or bring more new company to join our medical aid,so mean time i am stuck on how to draft a proposal letter to approach the new business or new customer to attract them as agroup.
I need help writing this proposal im trying to through an event in 2014 and i need investors how should i format my propasal? Can you please help me ( a retailer) to write a proposal letter, inviting some of our suppliers to take up the store wide wall advertisement space.
I am a 36 year old woman from Poland trying to write a serious proposal letter to international partners from Europe. Please i am about to start up Air compressor leasing business and i am asked to come up with proposal, what do i do? Please help I want to write a proposal on sanitation to attract investors, but there are already existing companies.
Sir can you help or you can give me an example of a System proposal or a Link of your tips plss help me. GUD AM, I want to make a proposal for our newly open business name for shuttle services i request to you to pass an example of proposal letter. I am presenting to investors how much would it cost for assistance with a business proposal for investors? I love your letters please help me to make a professional letter to a compay like I’m a promotering and events compay I would like to propose the letter to promote their Items. I have the panel van car so i want to ask them to hire my car for the delivery of their news paper. I have one property and i want to give that such on rent to a mobile company as a service centre with free of rent. If you are looking for another proposal letter example feel free to message us immediately and we will provide another sample. NOTE: The proposal letter format will always differ based on your goals, intentions and motivations. Write brief introduction about your business and its current status in the initial paragraph of the proposal letter. Describe current challenges faced by the business and proposed recommendations for these challenges.
Come up with a PROFILE SOLUTION for your business and propose your goals clearly and concisely. A letter of business proposal is a letter that is sent to someone proposing a business idea.

Explain how you will market your business, such as print advertising, social media, or radio spots. Don’t make inflated claims or false promises, back up any projections with data or reasoned estimates based on observations. I am writing to you with a new business idea I have been developing over the past few years. As requested here is an overview of my business proposal for a Mexican themed restaurant along Rembrandt Blvd. This location has lots of heavy pedestrian foot traffic in the daytime from the neighboring shopping strip to the north, and at nighttime from the bar and nightclub strip to the south.
I believe that we can get the best of both worlds, while being the first to offer Mexican food in the area. Due to the high amount of foot traffic I believe the main factor in marketing the restaurant will be the  high quality service. Please find attached startup costs and monthly sales projections, based on 10% of average daily foot traffic measured over a 3 week period.
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How to Write a Good Proposal LetterYou should read the Charity’s funding guidelines to check that you are eligible for agrant. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Keep the  ’Winning Proposal Model’ in mind at all times and you’ll maintain this strong thread, this powerful selling dialogue, through all of your proposal correspondence. Recently I registered a cleaning company and now set for tenders.  Can i have a sample of such proposal from you? We want to collect a deposit of a certain amount and they would like to joint venture with us, we accept their terms and we want to collect the depositr when written offer is produce and signing . I want to encourage them to establish cooperation with my company- I offer them considerably cheap print of banners and other advertising materials .
Can you separately help me to write a letter for starting Airline GSA business letter to Head Office ?
I’m currently working on a project that involves young and aspiring musicians in my city and I have just gained access to the mayor. I want to take some part in percentage form, which such company billed to authorized person which look after the center. On each Featured Mobiles and Android Mobiles (which comes to repair in the center), I want to take 200 INR and 500 INR respectively.
I loved the details , Does someone know if my company could obtain a sample WA DSHS 14-078 document to use ? However, please keep in mind that this template is purely fictional and NOT based on any confidential information from any of our clients.

The reader should get a good understanding of what you are proposing from the first few lines. The reader should clearly understand what you are saying without having to guess or even think.
For example, if you had a good business idea, you may consider writing a letter of business proposal and sending it to potential investors to raise money. If you’re asking somebody to invest their money, they will want to know that you have thoroughly researched the market and can present them with facts and figures.
What makes your business stand out, why would it be particularly successful in your chosen location? This number is negotiable, but I think that amount would allow us to get started on the right foot.
I therefore propose two distinct target demographics – daytime shoppers who want lunch or larger meals towards the evening, and late night pedestrians going to and from the bars and clubs.
The low quality takeouts tend not to do well in the day against the up market restaurants, though those same restaurants close in the evening giving their business to the takeouts. Many people will be willing to try us on such a busy street, but for them to return we need exceptional food. Your proposal does not have to be long, glossy or professionally produced; twosides of A4 is usually the right length.If you have not received funding from the Charity before the best place to start is abrief introduction to your organisation – what you do, why you do it and whobenefits? Ihe print in my country is much cheaper than in theirs ( maintaining the same quality- so i dont offer any poor quality with cheap prices:)) but i would like to write a professional proposal.
But the main problem is that m not having words by which he impress from me & allow me to tell him what I m having in my mind for his company.
This is the first time for me never had experienced before how to make a success cover letter and proposal. I am experienced (15 Years) in Sales & Marketing of elevator and was involved with most of the prestigious projects in Bangladesh by supplying elevator and escalator. On top of this, print advertising and flyers will be distributed locally on a monthly budget, with customers prompted to use our social medial profiles for special offers. If you have applied to the Charity before you might like to provide a briefsynopsis of developments and changes in your organisation since your last grantapplication.The Charity cannot respond to general charitable appeals so your proposal should bespecific, be it for a particular project, capital for equipment or running costs. I would like to write a professional proposal to a manufacturer to promote their brand in Bangladesh market. John Lyon’s Charity operates within a very specific area and all beneficiaries should live in one of the nine London boroughs listed on our website.
We do not have anupper grants limit for funding but the amount you apply for should be realistic andrelate directly to your budget.

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