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Instagram Infinite Scroll is a single page Infinite Scroll app built using jQuery, and CSS. Waypoints is a small jQuery plugin that makes it easy to execute a function whenever you scroll to an element.
Autobrowse plugin adds automatic ajax loading of page content when the user scrolls the page, with built-in browser cache. Infinite Ajax Scroll is a plugin that turns you existing pagination into an infinite scrolling one, with ease. Endless scroll is a jQuery plugin that can be used instead of the traditional paging system (page 1 of 10, next, previous etc) for large data sets. DropKick is a fast jQuery plugin that turns a standard html select box into a clean and skinnable drop down list that supports native keyboard navigation and dynamic selects.
Code Snippet #28: The code shows us how to show hide div based on a dropdown selection with jQuery using switch statement.

Drop down selections are a common way to take predefined data from the user using a form submission. So when you are at the end or the beginning, you can scroll again and you will are done a complete tour. Waypoints makes a solid base for modern UI patterns that depend on a user’s scroll position on the page.
As we scroll down, with this plugin we can add additional data to display at the bottom of the page. This will generate a select dropdown list into a wrapper named 'u2s-wrapper' so you can easily customize the select in your CSS.
Set a number of seconds you would like to count down to and customize the countdown timer in the javascript. A better way to show and hide divs in your JSP page using jQuery’s hide() and show() APIs.

The new content can be loaded automatically each time you scroll to the end of the existing content, or it can be triggered to load by clicking a navigation link at the end of the existing content. The plugin also allows to automatically transform an html list into a select list based on CSS3 media queries (requires Mediaquery breakpoint event library), which means you can create a mobile-friendly site navigation for your cross-platform website.
The plugin is powered by jQuery and Html5 canvas element so it can work on most modern browsers without writing any CSS. In this tutorial, the first block of div is shown to the user as the first drop down field is already shown.

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