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This is a wordpress plugin sound player standalone work only in modern browsers which support html5, easy embed in your wordpress theme with simple administration panel ans quick add page or post button.
This example causes all text lines to start on the x coordinate 0 and makes them move down by 36 pixels per line on the y-axis. One advantage of the SVG format over HTML is that SVG allows you to align a text on a path.
You decide at which position on the path the text should start using the „startOffset“ attribute.
In general, when dealing with SVG, you should keep the files as small as possible, especially with the mobile web in mind.

The placement of SVG elements is done with the attributes „x“ and „y“. However, these attributes cause an absolute placement of elements. This comes in handy when you need an SVG file that works without reference to external data. In contrast to semantic font labelling in HTML, there are some particular things you need to keep in mind. While the font and its size are specified with the known properties „font-family“ and „font-size“, there is the property „text-anchor“ for the orientation. As embedded fonts cause much larger files than web fonts, you should preferably embed them via Stylesheets.

It knows the values „start“ for left-aligned, „end“ for right-aligned and „middle“ for centered text.
When the value 0 is assigned to the „y“ trait, the text disappears from the upper image border.

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