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Perform live with studio-quality voice and acoustic guitar processing, impressive real-time vocal harmonies, looping, and more.
Grab your guitar or bass and microphone, plug into the new eBand from BOSS, and amaze your friends, family, and fans!
John Petrucci of Dream Theater demonstrates the eBand JS-10 Audio Player with Guitar Effects. Powerful 2.1 SoundThe eBand JS-10 is compact and travel friendly, but its performance is huge.
Two switches in one, BOSSa€™s FS-6 combines latch- and momentary-type switching into one unit. Compact, multifunctional dual footswitch for remote control of effect pedals or amp channel switching.
Durable expression pedal for use with keyboards or other Expression-compatible instruments to control a range of functions and effects parameters.
This provides additional library data (metronome sound) to the preset library of eBand JS-10. If you have questions about operating your BOSS product, please check our Knowledge Base for answers to the most common questions.

In addition, we have a library of Ownera€™s Manuals and Support Documents that you can download and reference. BOSS, part of Roland, unveils the eBand JS-8, a portable all-in-one audio player with guitar effects, for guitarists who play and practice at home. First you need to load the latest version of jQuery JavaScript library in the html document. The eBand JS-10 is self contained and small, but fills the room with full-range sound from its 2.1 sound system and pro BOSS effects. Since many of these songs have parts with several different tones, wea€™ve chosen the tone we felt was most identifiable with the song.
The device combines playback of full songs, backing tracks, or rhythm loops with high quality BOSS guitar effects and a built-in stereo speaker system. You can plug in your guitar and jam along using the onboard COSM preamp technology and BOSS guitar effects. Jam with a large selection of onboard song tracks and audio loops, and add your own library of favorite songs to play along with via USB or SD media.
You can easily change the tempo and key signature of the songs with high-quality results, and record your performances, too.

The selection is wider with new variations of instrument combinations, including a€?minus-onea€? audio for bass, two guitars, and guitar and bass. Your favorite MP3s and WAV files can be played back directly from a USB key, or imported into the JS-10 from a computer via USB. In addition, you can record your live performance with effects along with the songs into the JS-10.Great Practice ToolWith the eBand JS-10, you can jam along with your favorite songs, and freely change the tempo and key with high-quality results.
You can also loop and repeat sections of a song, and slow down the fast parts to analyze, learn, and play along. The Gracenote logo and logotype, and the "Powered by Gracenote" logo are trademarks of Gracenote.
For example, a guitar teacher and student can connect their instruments to one eBand; the teacher demonstrates or quickly records a riff or solo using a built-in backing track, and then the student repeats the performance for the teacher using the same track.

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