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Interact with your audience inside PowerPoint even in a webcast from anywhere in the world.
Use cool new animation effects like you've seen in Keynote to add impact to your next PowerPoint presentation and captivate your audience. Fully editable slide designs allow you to change or swap out almost any part of the design to make it your own. Turn heads with over 300 fully editable professional cartoon styled vector graphics for PowerPoint.
PowerDESIGNS 5-in-1 package includes over 30,000 templates, animations, graphics, icons and slides as well as 12 months of free updates to new content like this! High Quality Movie clips and inspiring quotes combine to create these 20 stunning animated motivational slides.
Add a multi-level menu bar (navigation bar) to your slides giving you the freedom and flexibility to jump to any slide in your presentation. Editable designs allow you to change or swap out almost any part of the design to make it your own. Office Timeline is the only software built that completely integrates with PowerPoint to quickly deliver stunning timelines and Gantt charts in your presentations.
PresentationPro offers professional enhancements and software through design packages and plugins and add-ons for Microsoft PowerPoint to help you design and share a better presentation.
PresentationPro was started in 1993 in Atlanta, GA building high end custom presentations for some of the world's largest and most successful companies.
January 21, 2013 by James CooperIn the first (proper) part of this series about Better Church Presentations, I’ll be taking a brief look at some of the many programs, apps and sites where you can make presentations.
PowerPoint comes with many built in templates, but to be honest, most of them are not great design wise! You can also go online with PowerPoint with the Microsoft Office Web AppsĀ and there’s a version of Microsoft Office as a mobile app for the Windows 7 Phone. I also use Keynote to do draft layouts for the websites I design as it’s so easy to lay things out. For presenting projects and ideas it could be a very clever and different way of doing things. Prezi comes with a range of funky templates, designed to help you start presenting your ideas.
James CooperI'm a God loving, web designing (since the days of Netscape and IE5), bass, ukulele and mandolin playing, geek! One giant hole in that list, and it frankly should be at the top, Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter!

However, I’m sure many of the tips in further posts in the series will be relevant to ProPresenter users as well ?? Are there any design topics you’d like to see covered?
Powerpoint was built for business presentations, by business men, then adopted by churches. I think that it would be fair to point to out where ProPresenters focus on worship can be less than ideal, but I think that a tool that can work in many contexts (worship, classes, speaking engagements, etc) is worth considering for the those churches whose budgets need to stretch a long way. At our Luis Palau festivals, ProPresenter is our front-line tool for all video and animation playback, as well as artist lyrics. ProPresenter is wonderful for live events, or for presentations that are more non-linear (like, when I’m teaching a class and need to hop around). In my work doing web development, I often use Keynote to mock up wireframes or comps for web or mobile app projects. It’s simple for volunteers to learn quickly, but also does some cutting-edge things like sharing presentations in the cloud and sending Bible verses and more out to the mobile devices of those in the congregation. I’d be interesting in hearing feedback on how easy it is to publish and share a presentation on-line, after you have created it. I could, of course, record the audio and embed it or export it as a video (Keynote does this, with limitations, as a rendered video with voice-over). To echo Curtis’ question, any other thoughts on the best way to share a presentation?
Also, as is the main point of this post, just simply making a presentation is not enough, it needs to be a GOOD presentation. With a Hi-Tech look and dynamic transitions, this POWERPOINT template is designed for any professional presentation. These colorful designs are easily editable in PowerPoint and compatible with PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 on PC and Mac.
Menus take only minutes to create with an easy to use designer and very customizable to fit your needs. The computer in my church uses PP 2007 and it still take me ages to make any changes, if I need to!!!
LibreOffice (which is also open source) is run by a not-for-profit organsation, the document foundation. Having said that, I make my presentations in something else, in fact the next program we’ll look at! Keynote can export presentations as ppt files (although some design things like shadows, fades and opacity can be lost).
However, there are now some good ways of making presentations on the web – now downloads needed!

It comes with a selection of basic themes (some nicer than other!) and can do basic animations and transitions. Next time I’ll be looking at the basics of good presentation design – what TO DO and what NOT TO DO! If you’re just getting started with presentation software, I recommend starting with Keynote. She just wants to walk up to whatever computer that’s there in the class and have it work. If anyone wants some personal training, I do that regularly in the Portland, Oregon area, and would be happy to do something online if anyone’s interested. We’re sending out presenters with just their iPads, even just iPhones sometimes, for full HD presentations that look great.
We’re about to release the ability to live survey your congregation and show the results right on screen.
The kinds I make for my clients tend to shoot for TED-level quality when it comes to visuals; if I was to put those exact same slides online, without context or audio, they become nearly meaningless.
FREE, not just to download, but to use, copy, give to your friends, etc) program that displays songs, Bible verses, etc. We offer the best templates, animated templates, background themes, diagrams, videos, presentations and software plugins so everyone can look like a PowerPoint master.
I’ve done more than enough training with the average church employee (who is not as computer literate as you would think), and the common thread is difficulty just finding the few simple features that they need to make a basic presentation.
I’m not aware of any presentation software for mobile devices that comes remotely close to the power and quality of Keynote there.
With OpenLP it is of course very easy to include that presentation in your service, right next to your songs and Bible verses, but that doesn’t have to be the case (indeed with any presentation software).
I’ll use it to create backgrounds, graphic elements with transparency, and combine them in ProPresenter. This is great for training presentations (example), but could also be used for stage-type presentations. All other trademarks and registered trademarks shown by PresentationPro are properties of their respective owners.

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