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Karl got drunk, the frocks got more risque, Warnie raged & the host offended everyone - don't go changin' Logie Awards.
B&T's insistence all interns have had modelling experience & be of Scandinavian background looks child's play to this. Virgin America veers dangerously close to the WTF marketing in this rather daring Mother's Day stunt. WPP tells Maccas in the US to stick its review claiming the burger purveyor is one big pain in the beef pattie.
We often order pizza from the Menulog app (albeit from the boss' phone when he's on one of his extended toilet breaks). Publisher snares QantasLink’s 'Spirit' magazine, which, we're told, is about travelly stuff & not gin & tippley things. Fans of Hagar the Horrible reportedly fuming with news Fairfax could cease printing its weekday editions.
B&T's strict moratorium on tiresome Kardashian stories appears to have ended after a rather half-arsed three hours. BBDO Russia takes an innovative approach to the increasing awareness of the issue of domestic violence. Commercial Radio Australia has launched a multi-million dollar marketing campaign for its newly minted LG Stylus DAB+ mobile. Noni Hazlehurst railed against the injustices at last night's Logies and this columnist agrees her rage was vindicated. The smiling face of Colonel Harland D Sanders will not be bringing healthy eating to mind and the idea that KFC, the fast food chain he founded in the 1950s, may be a force for good in society can mean too much for many people to swallow. The most innovative element in KFC’s changes, for example, is the first promise by a major fast food chain to show the calorie content of every item along with the prices on the menu boards above counters.

Here are 11 food ads, logos and packages that contain hidden, subliminal or secret messages -- sometimes intentionally, sometimes not.
I put together the graphic above using the original Starbucks logo -- to show its real origins. Because only Jesus would be able to figure out a way to sell two tacos for 99 cents and still make a profit.
Anyway, my friend Matt had a bunch of the cans at his house, so I told him about this rumor and we spent an entire afternoon trying to configure the cans to spell "sex." We finally did arrive at the arrangement you can see on the right side of the graphic above and agreed that was "probably" it.
The point: You know you went too subtle with your subliminal advertising when two boys on the verge of adolescence can't really find your hidden sex message. This pro-bear agenda is the reason I have $5 deducted out of my paychecks to pay a bear tax. The above graphic is based on one I found on a website that dissects the Freemasons' anti-Islamic agenda.
Anyway, the people at the website believe the iconic Coca-Cola logo was designed to contain a hidden anti-Islamic message -- ya know, if you look at its reflection, read Arabic and are willing to meet them WAY more than halfway. This is from a KFC commercial where, if you pause it at the right time, the lettuce in their sandwich turns to cash. I'm more of a fan of a Barry sex-plosion -- which, of course, is when a woman is turned on by silky deep voice of the late Barry White. The chicken chain says it hopes to use assvertising to "tempt fellow students" into trying the fried-meat monstrosity that only a frat boy or freshman could love. Thanks to Nick, who is a master of disguise and managed to score over 40 free sandwiches before being recognized.
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The device has a digital radio DAB+ chip already installed and allows listeners to tune into all radio stations without eating up their phone data. It also promised to launch its first grilled product and will use rapeseed oils to reduce saturated fats. It must be said that this supplier of popcorn chicken and zinger burgers is not alone in trying to change with the times. Before we purchase media, we evaluate rate structures and contract options to secure the best rates for our clients. Not only did it make me think that Zack Morris is a blonde Tom Cruise, but it also made me want to write this list. I'd just finished fifth grade and I was at a summer camp at a really amazing place in Cleveland called Cain Park, and one of the "bad" kids told me that there were new Pepsi cans out that spelled out "S-E-X." Of course, when you're 10, "sex" is such a taboo word that only the bad kids would talk about it.
Back in 1995, a small advertising firm in Sydney produced this ad to reintroduce the Australian market to the curvy Coke bottle. Anyone drawn in by this was no doubt wholly disappointed when they got to KFC, ordered a Snacker and found out that a dollar bill as approximately three times longer than the sandwich itself. The promotion kicked off this week in Louisville, Ky., and will soon hit three more campuses.
If we wanted to see breasts we had to either steal a copy of someone's dad's "Penthouse" or hope that we'd see a woman breastfeeding at the public pool. I'm just glad they didn't follow this same advertising strategy the next time they introduced a new fish sandwich.

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