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MTV News has exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the superhero sequel, complete with action-packed shots from the film's new faces. Creating a solid superhero sequel is hard to do, especially when the first movie had an unrelentingly unique point of view. The behind-the-scenes peek includes a few sneak peeks at the film’s new characters, as well as a hint of what Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl have been up to.
It takes a bodybuilder like Olga Kurkulina to bring a character as intimidating as Mother Russia to life. Kick-Ass will actually be able to really kick ass now, thanks to his extensive training with Hit-Girl.

Chloe Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse attend a photo call for their new film Kick-Ass 2 on Monday (August 5) at the Claridges Hotel in London, England. Judging by this picture of her carrying Hit-Girl over her head, she’s doing just fine.
The English major took up the mantle Doctor Gravity to patrol alongside his hero, with both of them eventually hooking up with Justice Forever.
Both characters worked for a huge crime family before becoming born-again Christians and vigilantes. Judging by this behind-the-scenes look and the film’s trailers, those mundane struggles will be brought to the big screen in an epic way.

She most notably tangles with Hit-Girl during the comic’s finale, which seems to be the case in the film as well.

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