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Using Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) create a 100% by 15px selection and fill it with the pattern we made using Paint Bucket Tool (G). Now that we have a base layer we will create a shadow on both corners so that it will pop up and have some depth.
Now that we have our previous & next button, let’s create the identifier “circles” or what ever they call it. Make a selection of the circle by pressing Ctrl + Click to the vector mask thumbnail of the shape in the layers panel. Make another selection 40px below the text and repeat the step as we did in making our dashed lines. For this section we will just make a title header and a sample description about what you can offer.
Now, select Text Tool(T) and add a title header and a sample description, refer to the screenshot below for the format.
This section will contain thumbnail images of client work, testimonials, name, and a website url. Duplicate it twice and transform it by pressing Ctrl + T and rotate it a bit to the left and right.
Using Rectangle Tool(U) color #1a272e create a 100% by 70px at the very bottom of the canvas. We were more motivated this game after already having lost to MC because we realized that we needed to have a more aggressive mindset and work better together as a team.

We put forth 100% effort but I guess soccer is kinda unlucky like that some time because if you make the shots a little too wide, or the last game isna€™t perfect, it can be the difference between winning and losing. The landing page will contain a header section, slider, an eye-catching about you text, what you do, a section for your current project, a footer that will contain about you, latest news, and latest tweets. This is very useful when you are measuring using the ruler as the information will be shown in the information panel. Create a new layer above the background layer and fill it, and lastly set the blend mode to Soft Light.
Now, using Rectangle Tool (U) with the same fill with our pattern, create a 100% by 20px shape at the very top of the canvas.
Select Text Tool (T), Museo 700, size 16pt, color #fff & #67b256 and add this navigation links home, portfolio, blog, contact.
For the images we will first make a base layer to hold the images, the size will be300px by 150px. For the image thumbnail create a base 90px by 90px #fff base shape using Rectangle Tool(U). First we will need to create our base layer, this is just a repeated steps as we did in our header section.
The dummy text for about me the text format is Droid Sans 13pt #a4afb4 and apply the same drop shadow. The first goal was scored by junior Lauren Foehr with an assist by sophomore Hannah Halford.

This brought the score to 2-2, forcing the game into overtime and giving the team one chance for victory. However, the season is not yet over for the girls, as they are continuing to train for NCS.
It was really competitive but also really fun because we were competing for something that we all really wanted. Repeat the step of create a guide but now change the value to 1180px, this will make a total of960px to the center of our canvas. This section will be divided into 3 columns the width for each column will be300px and the distance from each columns will be 30px I’ll leave you to create a guide for that. Next, you will convert it to smart filters by going toFilter – Convert for smart filters, again go to Filter – Noise – Add noise 0.5%. Place this copyright text on the left side, on the other side duplicate a copy of the logo and place it at the bottom right side of our footer.

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