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The software that makes it easy to design mobile-responsive landing pages for WordPress, Facebook, Twitter & any website. We know there’s huge profit in Apps for larger companies, with App makers OMGpop and Instagram recently selling for $120m and $1bn respectively, but there are also huge opportunities for solo entrepreneurs in the App space. Apple alone have a staggering 400m credit cards linked to iTunes accounts, ready to purchase your app with 1 click.
You have a great idea for an app and you’re confident it could prove incredibly popular and lucrative.
That’s when I discovered the concept of micro-testing and applied it to the app development process. This micro-test will prove or disprove your intuition by sending potential buyers to a page about your app. You should create your landing page as if the app has already been built, with a main Call-to-Action (i.e.
The goal here is to mimic the experience future customers will have when they view your app in the app store and to test how willing they are to buy it.
By running a small ad campaign, even as low as $50, you can get a rough idea of how much it will cost you per download.
Let’s imagine that for every 10 people you send to your landing page, 4 try to download the app. Remember, at this stage you have no screenshots and no icon for your app, so if you find you can roughly break even now, you can be confident that the full app would make a good profit.
As you start to send visitors to your landing page you should begin to track their behavior. We’d recommend you run the experiment over a couple of days until you get at least 20 clicks on the download button, to give you an accurate picture.

If you’re anything like me (or any other entrepreneur I know) you’re probably coming up with great potential app ideas all the time. Now you won’t waste your time, money and energy before validating each idea in the app store – just pick the most successful one and get on with building your App business. YOU can create an iPhone or iPad app or game in 4 weeks and hit pay dirt with it in the app store with no programming skills.
After seeing how well it worked for us, we decided to develop it into a plugin our readers could use. This should be in mid September and you can try it for free before we launch later in the year.
I’d recommend making a very simple version of your app for as little and possible and test it in the store itself. April 3, 2015 by TemplateBulb VideoPages is a Fully Hosted Drag & Drop Builder that lets you build beautiful Video-Optimized Landing Pages from a choice of 16 Beautiful, Proven to Convert Templates and without having you to touch a line of code! May 30, 2013 by TemplateBulb If you are an Affiliate Marketer or Designer looking for ways to create Beautiful Landing Pages for any Marketing Campaigns but lack the Technical Knowledge, Time & Money, do check out this Membership Service that allows you to create them in 3 Easy Steps – AffLanders!
The opportunity is huge and, as always, planning and research is a vital first step to profiting from Apps.
I was committing $3,000 (a significant amount of money at the time), with only my gut intuition telling me that the idea was good.
It not only helped me discard some bad ideas (which I thought were great!), but really gave me the confidence to go all-in on my first big app. It will describe the main benefits of your app, the key selling points and the main problems it solves. You can do free promotion, such as sharing the link on Twitter, but we recommend a small ad campaign for one reason – the ROI calculation.

Today, it gets us more subscribers than our homepage opt-in, footer opt-in, sidebar opt-in and squeeze pages combined. All good points and certainly steps more entrepreneurs should take before committing too much time and money to any project.
You can even designate your target market and they will deliver respondents based on your requirements.
I understand the services you are offering and that it takes the hard work and time of running self surveys of the public opinion. If that number is good, you’ll be ready to commit fully to your app development with confidence. Make sure to position your questions correctly so you get accurate data and not just the answer you want to hear.
When it all started it was deemed a waste of time, but the guys persisted and have created some of the best leads in software enhancements well over big companies. Its powerful functionality allows you to edit a text, to change colors of elements, modify the parameters of elements, to embed your videos from YouTube and Vimeo, customize images and much much more. This will help you validate, or invalidate, your product market fit and get you ahead of the game.
Don’t dismiss time put in or persistence as a fail, the only failure is the inability to persevere a potential good idea that needs TLC. A wide variety of sections and their versatility will allow you to achieve the desired result within minutes.

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