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Conversion is a key element in your paid search strategy; after all, if you're not actually turning lookers into buyers at a high rate, what are you advertising for? We recently analyzed thousands of AdWords accounts with a combined $3 billion in annual spend and discovered that some advertisers are converting at rates two or three times the average. Through our analysis of this massive amount of data on landing pages and conversion rates, we were able to identify some common traits of the top converting landing pages. In this post, you'll learn a step-by-step, replicable process for boosting your conversion rates, all backed by data insights from the best (and worst) performing advertisers in the market.
Learning that the experts you've been listening to all along are wrong is a bit like learning for the first time as a kid that mascots aren't real. Let me show you what happens with those gains generated by these small tweaks on your page. When it comes to landing page optimization, you can stay really busy doing small things that have little impact. In this analysis, we started with all accounts we can analyze and went back a period of 3 months. Remember, this isn't for individual landing pages – these advertisers are accomplishing 11.45% conversion and higher across their entire account. You should be shooting for 10%, 20%, or even higher, putting your conversion rates 3x to 5x higher than the average conversion rate. There's a lot of flux there; e-commerce has a far lower average conversion rate, especially compared to finance. The flip side, of course, is that if you're in a high-performer industry like finance, 5% really isn't a fantastic conversion rate.
Even if the average conversion rates are lower in your industry, the top advertisers are outperforming you by 3-5x or more. What do these top 10% of landing page unicorns look like and how are they killing the competition the way they are? Across all of the high-performing landing pages, we saw massively creative and differentiated offers. What we came up with was our free AdWords Grader, which actually gives people an account evaluation report, with recommendations to help them improve their AdWords strategy. In the above example, you can see the first landing page version and just how much information people had to provide before they could download the software trial. Here you can see their new landing page iteration, which turned out to be an exponentially better performer. Here's another great example, where the advertiser realized their landing page offer didn't necessarily speak to the person who would be performing a search.
On average, 96% of the people who visit a website will leave without ever converting to a lead or sale. Sometimes you get lucky, but if you want to achieve these top 10% landing pages across your account, you need to replicate the above steps multiple times and perform testing on an ongoing basis. On average, you should be testing four unique landing pages – with varying offers, flow and messaging – to find that one awesome landing page.
Here, we've plotted out tens of thousands of accounts by conversion rate vs unique landing pages. I want you to focus on landing page optimizations like the above that move you in the direction of higher quality, more qualified lead generation, not just more conversions. Insanely focused and strategic landing page optimization brings 3-5x the conversions AND improves lead quality. Get creative with your offers and test multiple different offers to find the one that resonates best with your audience. Identify the obstacles keeping prospects from converting and get those roadblocks out of the way by changing the flow. Always, always keep your eye on the prize, which is making more sales or generating leads most likely to convert to sales.
If you missed our last webinar, make sure you check out The Secrets Behind Ads with 3x the Average CTR. Now go forth confidently, young marketer, to slay competitors and wow prospects with your newfound conversion optimization knowledge. And as always, if you have any questions about our data, strategy or the tips outlined above, fire away in the comments!
It's a refreshing reminder to do CRO and the possibilities it throws open in terms of increased conversions and leads validation. Thanks so much for the great article and for highlighting our CTA ad for our healthcare client - much appreciated!
This article offered some great insights to those conversion percentage myths.  Thank you! As far as my knowledge of conversion rate is concerned I would say is the act of converting site visitors into paying customers.
I started out the article very excited, but quickly resorted to skimming, then to just reading the headlines only.Like the detail, but it's a bit too much detail. Now if the text wasn't WAY TOO LIGHT not to cause eye strain, and if I could have buffered this page easily, that would've been truly fantastic! Nice article about Conversion Rate, i totally agree with your tactics, it will be really helpful to jumped on good conversion rate. I honestly think this article is being misleading on purpose because it is in the interest of wordstream to mislead on this.
All-in-all, WordStream you have a cool tool but this article is misguided at best, manipulative at worst.
Tweaking headline and body copy, adjusting line spacing, repositioning buttons, playing with fonts and colors – all of these conventional landing page optimization recommendations will bring only small, short-term results at best. We recently analyzed thousands of advertiser accounts to determine just what it is that sets the top converting landing pages apart from the average. The small-fry, basic optimizations mentioned above (line spacing, button placement, font colors, etc.) are simply table stakes for landing page design.
You might even see massive changes — double digit increases in your current conversion rate.
The top 10% of landing pages are converting at a rate 3 to 5 times higher than the average, but what about variation in different industries? However, the top 10% of landing pages in each industry perform 3-5 times better than the average, a trend we found held true across the board.
If you want to break into the top 25%, you need to test four unique landing pages, on average, with different offers, messaging and flow to find that one winner.
In many cases, focusing your time and attention on having just one truly spectacular offer is enough to propel yourself into the top 10% of landing pages.
A common trait across all top performing landing pages was this: they have incredibly unique offers that help them stand out in their respective industries. It’s easy to fall into the trap of offering the same thing everyone else is offering. The top converting landing pages feature creative offers that are more compelling, more interesting, and ultimately convert better. We asked landing page visitors what would really help them out, by adding just one more form field on our landing page.
This worked so well that they were actually overwhelmed by the response — but it created a different problem.
Another landing page tweak solved that issue, as they then asked users to register the software only after using it for a week. Your ultimate goal needs to be not only higher conversion, but better leads — and ultimately, more sales. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Larry Kim is founder and CTO of WordStream, provider of the AdWords Grader and 20 Minute PPC Work Week. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. I just spent 6 months trying to get a better understanding of how video impacts conversion rates.

The landing page’s sole purpose was to collect e-mails from people that were interested in what we were building. That’s not where this post ends though – there are a variety of things to consider when leveraging video. Styles of video include talking heads, fully animated explainers, live-action, animated infographics, kinetic typography or traditional screen-casts.
We decided to leverage an animated explainer on our landing page and the results were incredibly good.
Video gives customers a deeper understanding of a product that can really work to reduce hesitancy on purchase or sign-up.
Not only that but according to Forrester, video results are 50X more likely to appear on the front-page search results.
Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are currently leading the charge when it comes to social discovery. The video is fairly concise but tends to be a little on the long side, have you been collecting attention span data? I’m wondering what were your reasons for initiating the test between embedded video vs.
As you’ve probably noticed, the viewing experience for both types for embed (lighbox and direct) is very different.
Since the style and experience were so different, we thought it was important to test both styles. Learn to have online videos for your organisation: the two-part march « Why Spend Money on a Miami SEO Company?
Although your homepage is usually the most common landing page of your website, it is not the most important page you should focus your conversion rate optimization on. I’ve done a research, comparing a sample of over 300 000 visitors that made over 1 000 000 page views across several different online stores that sell very different products. I made a custom report using Google Analytics to be able to compare landing page data with certain ecommerce metrics (which was extremely hard, as there is no ecommerce conversion rate as a metric to select when creating a custom report so everything needed to be calculated manually).
Homepage appears to be visited much more by returning visitors then product pages (which is logical) and thus for you should actually optimize your homepage for your returning visitors. With single product pages, you should strive to optimize it as if the person landing on it is at your store for the first time.
I had similar results with one of my ecomm sites, I make more money from product lading pages, however, my front page only has links to other pages of my site. For one of my clients whose majority of products are in apparel, the better landing pages to focus efforts on are the Brand and Category landing pages.
Sign up for our newsletter to get your dose of useful eCommerce, Magento and Inchoo news and events. Conversion rate optimization enables you to maximize every cent of your PPC spend by finding that sweet spot that convinces the maximum percentage of your prospects to take action.
If you're already achieving 3%, 5% or even 10% conversion rates, is that as high as you're going to go? Do you want to be average, or do you want your account to perform exponentially better than others in your industry?
Primarily, if you're singing the same song as everyone else, you can really never be anything more than average. Once upon a time, a self-professed marketing guru told you it's really important that you optimize your site. Here's an example of a landing page split test; the gray line on the bottom is the first page version we were running. However, we found that in the majority of cases, small changes like line spacing, font colors, etc.
Often, it's because the total volume of conversions you're measuring against are low to start with. If you're currently getting 5% conversion rates, you're outperforming 75% of advertisers … but you still have a ton of room to grow! We segmented conversion rate data by industry to see whether these insights held true for all marketers. If you're comparing yourself to the average across all industries, you're really deluding yourself into thinking you're doing better than you are. We went through 1,000 landing pages and performed a qualitative analysis, in order to find the common traits among the best performing advertiser landing pages in the market. Companies often have a default offer, their go-to, which may be the same or very similar to what all of their competitors are doing.
In our case, we realized that offering prospects a free trial of WordStream software really wasn't very imaginative or compelling.
They ended up backing off slightly and using the registration to find more qualified leads, by asking for the information one week after the download, once their prospects had time to sit and get to know their software. This was incredibly effective not only for conversion, but also in segmentation for their remarketing and lead nurturing efforts. Find the flow that works best for your prospects and use it to boost conversion rate and qualify your leads. Remarketing helps you get in front of these people with targeted, relevant messaging as they take part in other activities around the web, like email, watching YouTube videos, using social networks or searching for information. If you want to find a unicorn landing page – that top 10% page that sees your conversions reaching 3-5x the average – you need to test at least ten landing pages.
We don't see a strong correlation between increased number of landing pages and increased conversion.
I hope you can get the following to stick and use these tips to guide a more holistic, effective conversion rate optimization strategy – the kind that will boost your conversions, but bring better lead quality, as well.
If you want to get really crazy (you know you do), find different offers that can help you qualify leads in the process.
Test different variations to find out exactly which path to conversion works best for your audience.
You need to test 10 unique landing page variations to find 1 top performer, but this goes far beyond changing a font color and calling it a landing page variation. Don't let high conversion rates take precedence over lead quality or you're going to spend more qualifying leads. Our goal is to help you get every aspect of your AdWords account working at peak performance. Give our free AdWords Grader a spin to see exactly where you're at with your current landing page strategy, then start making smarter changes that will rocket you past your competition. You need to understand the context and include other metrics to know if you're successful or not. Was this from personal testing experience or did these figures come from a study somewhere? We take our clients target audiences' behaviours and thought process seriously in everything we do.
We work in VPS hosting industry, do you guys think this is a good conversion rate of it's below the average? I came looking for updated data on average conversion rates per industry, and came away with a whole great lot more than that. If people are given the impression they can improve their conversion rate by a lot, then they will be more inclined to pay money to wordstream.
Worse, the optimizations promoted across industry blogs, courses and at conferences as game changers are really just best practices every marketer should have implemented already. These landing page conversion truths will change the way you optimize, enabling you outperform competitors by 3 to 5 times.
They may result in small, single-digit increases in conversion, but won’t get you to the top of the pile. However, we found that in most cases, these changes were only temporary and were usually the result of a too-small sample size or other factors. On average, each small business account has just three landing pages, with one taking 85% or more of their impressions and clicks. If you’re a dentist, for example, your offer might be a discount on an initial visit.
For example, we had to take a critical look at our own software free trial offer when we realized our conversion rates just weren’t where we wanted them to be.

That insight told us our prospects wanted more information they could use to help them improve their PPC strategy, so we offered a free AdWords Grader report card instead.
Get creative with your offers and test several completely different ones to find your winners. Instead of asking people to sign up for a free trial, they made the software download open and instead asked people to register the software after installing. During the development days of Vidyard (when we were under PG’s reign at Y Combinator) all we had was a landing page created using Unbounce. They would be the first testers, first customers and eventually the first passionate advocates of our platform – it was important to get this right.
Challenger “D” and “H” were leveraging video in a light-box and an embedded iframe respectively. The variables in effective content creation (Y) are A = Audience, V = Vertical and S = Style.
In that regard, it’s extremely important that your video can be posted directly in your facebook feed, can be linked to via Twitter and is automatically syndicated to your YouTube channel. We get a lot of customers asking about the impacts of video on their landing pages, so this will be a valuable resource to send people to.
Check out our animation and let me know what you think – would appreciate your feedback.
Lightboxes are by far the more engaging way of displaying content (less distractions from other written text).
Also, I couldn’t get the video to stream on either of my iOS devices, you’ll probably want to considering moving to an HTML5 compatible platform!
More of the content is absorbed and the attention span is generally higher for these types of embeds.
We’ve been in business for a year now, and seem to be getting amazing responses from clients. I came to a conclusion that the most important landing page for conversion rate optimization efforts is your product page. It appears that your homepage is the landing page that drives the most revenue in total, but then again, the homepage is the most often visited landing page. Offer him everything he needs to know right there, don’t expect him to go back to the homepage for info. Apparel changes so often, with products and SKUs coming and going every season, that building campaigns to specific products isn’t going to pay off.
Believe it or not, there isn't much standing between you and conversion rates double or triple what you're seeing today.
Everything you've learned about conversion rate optimization is a bit like that: shiny and pretty on the surface, but seriously lacking in substance.
When all of the gurus are all preaching the same optimizations, and all of your competitors are listening to them, how are you supposed to stand out? They shared one example where the author changed the button color, or the font spacing, or the image. If you're looking at 50, 100 or even 200 conversions across your entire test, small changes can seem more impactful than they really are.
We need to move past this mentality to the big tactics and optimizations that will dramatically change your performance and fortune.
They're 3 to 5 times higher than the average for each industry, so we can see that the rule holds across the board, regardless of industry.
We had to think outside the box (don't you love that phrase?) and come up with something different and unique; something more tangible and compelling than just sending them to a software trial to find their way around. It was daunting and discouraging – not the kind of user experience you want on your landing page.
Changing the flow helped them boost conversions, but also manage lead quality in a far more effective way.
When we dig deeper, we see that about 80% of traffic goes to just the top 10% of landing pages. However, if you're converting less qualified leads, you're actually throwing MORE money away, because those leads cost you money. Instead, you should really focus on how conversion rate optimization fits into the broader goals of the business and how it can impact financial metrics, rather than narrow web analytis metrics. We need to speak directly to the various audiences and make sure to hit on what they specifically are seeking out - nothing generic. It also does not say that conversion rates massively depend on what industry you are advertising. I personally resonated with the "stop moving your chairs around" comic as this often distracts people from what is most important in your design - that your message gets across clearly, effectively and quickly. In our research, we found that about a quarter of all accounts are converting at less than 1%. We want to believe our optimizations have paid off, so we discount the daily statistical flux that occurs across all of our campaigns. Digging deeper, you can see that about 80% of traffic goes to just the top 10% of landing pages.
Meaning: why even spend your time optimizing those two landing  pages that are soaking up only 15% of the clicks?
Y equals some crazy combination of A, V and S and the balance needs to be perfect to get this right. The presentation and organization goes a long way to generating comfort in the purchase decision. Now there are multiple Operating Systems, Web-browsers, File-formats and delivery mechanisms to consider. The paramount things to look for lie in simplicity, compatibility, availability of analytics and VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization).
You can probably imagine that this would transcend into a higher conversion rate with a well selected audience. But the way you’re going to get there is totally counter to typical conversion rate optimization wisdom. Yes, you should be doing these optimizations on an ongoing basis, and you're probably going to see small, single-digit increases in your conversion rate – but it's not likely to shoot you into the 10% or greater conversion bucket. If you want big, serious, long-lasting conversion gains, you need to move past these spikes that last only a couple of days or weeks. A couple of conversions might mean a 4% conversion increase if there are only 50 conversions total, because your sample size really isn't big enough to start with. Check out the far right red bar – the top 10% of AdWords advertisers have account conversion rates of 11.45%. We added one form field on our landing page form to ask people what they wanted our help with – and it wasn't a free software trial.
At this point, they've already spent 10 or 15 minutes with the software and are far more likely to invest the time in completing the information form.
How do you think CRO could be applied to product pages that are also used for comparison shopping engines?
Our conversion rate is almost always 25% to 75% because the industries we advertise are for services where the need is urgent. They do, however, put a good deal of effort into testing landing page variations to find the winners. There are a large number of providers in this space (we work very closely with BizMedia and Switch Video). Make sure you work with a company that is leveraging video engagement analytics to understand how these variables have actually impacted viewership across different spaces. When you search for something on Google, video search results show up with a thumbnail image. The most important thing to consider is how well you work with the team and the style of content you’d like to produce.

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