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Choosing the correct landing page size can be a difficult problem, even for a seasoned designer.
If your audience is tech-savvy or they primarily use tablets and smartphones, you’ll need a mobile responsive design. If you are strictly targeting a mobile audience you should generally use a fluid-width design. Our professional landing page designers always take these elements into consideration when designing unique, high-converting landing pages for our customers. Satisfaction GuaranteedIf you're not satisfied with your landing page before it's finalized, simply request a refund, no questions asked. 2014 dodge challenger review rating - motor trend, 2014 dodge challenger review ratings motor trend.
Dodge - overview - cargurus, Originally bicycle builders, dodge brothers designed car parts oldsmobile helped finance ford motor company. 2015 dodge dart - test drive review - cargurus, 2015 dodge dart: read our test drive review. New cars, car reviews, car prices auto shows – msn autos, Msn autos features new cars, car reviews, used cars, concept cars, auto shows, and car buying guides. Recent List of MRP Applications rejected by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nepal can be found here. Urgent Notice: The following MRP applications are rejected from Department of Passport Kathmandu due to various reasons. High profile testimonials: Big trust factors come from these testimonials and they help describe the benefits at the same time as showing off the exposure the service has received. Social sharing location: People are more inclined to share something right after they actually get it. Preview: People react well to the psychology of try-before-you-buy, so adding a preview of the eBook (first chapter or a few choice pages) would help people know what they are exchanging their personal data for. Confident benefit statements: All of the statements in the main content area are titled in a way that makes the company sound very confident in their ability = trust x10. Validation: They jump right into showing off the famous publications that have featured their company.
Removal of doubt: The subtext below the CTA lowers the perceived risk, which can improve the click-through-rate (CTR).
Use of Copy Highlighting: Highlighting the word inefficient is good, but it draws your attention away from the headline. Encapsulation: The form area is nicely highlighted by the box that draws your eye to it through the use of contrast and encapsulation. Benefit Statements: the page is kept simple in terms of copy, and the 3 points at the bottom of the page focus on benefits, which generally appeal to people more strongly than features.
Tugs at Your Heartstrings: The photo is emotive, especially with the dog staring you directly in the eye to make a connection and keep you on the page. Content chunking: The page is broken down vertically in a way that makes it easy to digest. Strong clarity in the value proposition: The headline is simple and inviting and the secondary block of content and CTA explain in simple terms that you can create a free site. Benefit based headline: Indicates that there are other options out there, but this is a better way to do it.
This is the modern apple-esque equivalent of the old-school long sales letter landing page. The price and call to action to buy the app are nicely positioned above the fold, leaving you to explore the page knowing how to interact when you are ready.
Proof of concept: The photo gallery at the end caps it off nicely by showing that you can take great photos with this app. The reviews beneath the phone are highlighted in red, making them the most important visual aspect of the first screen. Even with a clean and conversion oriented design, many pages still commit the cardinal sin of providing outbound links that aren’t part of the conversion funnel. The links at the bottom of the page still go to external microsites (click the image to see the full screenshot).

Considering the viral quality of the design, I’d like to see some type of “Share This” social media button (Facebook or Twitter). After clicking through to the destination page (a sign up form) – I noticed that the application can be used on an iPad. Ok, this one’s a touch controversial as it was created by one of the co-founder’s of Unbounce (Carter). Social Proof: the Facebook widget shows photos of anyone you know that’s “recommended” the page alongside a count of smooth music fans.
Provide a clearly stated secondary headline beneath Smooth Sailing, which describes what the event is.
Throw up a lightbox style popup with a Map to the location “The Biltmore” – to prevent people leaving the page to figure it out. Positive language – Rather than providing lots of copy to ready through, Shopify has created five bullet points.
Clear CTA – the CTA is clearly positioned and concise – there are only three fields to complete, lowering barrier to entry and making it more likely that the user will complete sign-up. Supporting information – their supporting information is comprehensive, but delineated from the main sign-up area, so as not to cause confusion or draw the user away from the sign-up process. I have been using a piece of javascript code that automatically re sizes the window upon load. If I didn’t read this post I will definitely never get any conversion for my PPV campaign. As Vice President and a Financial Advisor at Select Wealth Advisers, Michael is building life-long client relationships by continuously growing, preserving, and managing client’s wealth. This communication is strictly intended for individuals residing in the states of AZ, CA, FL, LA, MA, MI, UT, AR, NV, TN, TX, VA, WA, WI.
It’s an issue that all web designers face, but it is of particular importance when designing a landing page. Before you can choose the right landing page dimensions, you need to understand your audience! After taking into account the width of the browser and a bit of padding, you’re left with a standard width of 960px. There are many tools available for setting up a strictly-mobile landing page such as jQuery mobile. Having a professional design your landing page is the best option if you want to get the most out of your marketing campaigns so buy a custom landing page today!
We realize the importance of each landing page we make and we thrive on customer satisfaction. Knowing what you know about landing pages puts you head and shoulders above your contemporaries. By limiting this to 10 tips, they stand a good chance of increased conversions by providing an easy to consume resource.
I was worried when I saw the contact us button at the bottom (thinking they were mixing click-through with lead gen) but it just pushes the page back up to the form.
From a design perspective, the grey monotone prevents a mishmash of colour creating any visual distraction from the call to action (CTA). They’ve gone with B here, presumably in an attempt to catch your attention and increase curiosity (or to push a particular button).
Which is actually a good thing in this case, as the sub-header is where the meat of the headline is. The destinations are not comparable to the main CTA and shouldn’t give visitors the chance to wander.
The CTA’s load in a lightbox, where I would expect them to move you on to another page to sign up.
They aid getting you back to the top (as it’s a long page) with the classic ^top links at the end of each section. Here they repeat the CTA (the yellow button) in 3 of the sections to keep enticing you to sign up (this is smart as you don’t know which piece of content will trigger the sign-up response and having a CTA right there will aid conversions. This is a great way to develop confidence in your visitors, letting them know what’s in store for them.

I’d recommend making it subtext in the button to reinforce the lack of a signup barrier. Make it clear which fields are required, this will make the form appear shorter than it is.
You’ve probably seen the less trustworthy ones before, where the writer uses reams of ultra persuasive copy to convince you that, despite being an average Joe, they have managed to build an online internet business that prints money. The target customer already has an iPhone, so they are used to seeing beautiful design with apps placed in context with their intended use. Professional photographers that just want a cool app for their phone will find this convincing. While I would normally recommend the CTA get this level of attention, it really pushes you towards what is often the swing vote in a purchase – what other people say.
If you’re looking anywhere for design inspiration for lead capture forms, this is a good place to start.
To get around this they’ve placed a directional cue (arrow) at the top of the form to point the way to the action area below. This keeps visitors on the landing page instead of wandering off onto another page – and away from your conversion goal.
The call to action is very obvious, using conversion design principles (whitespace and contrast) and has text that explains a key benefit (that you can try it for free). It would be a great test to have a video on the landing page that plays inside an image of an iPad.
Similar products is currently the highest degree of product integration, the overall design of the structure is simple, quick and easy installation, small footprint.
Any units orindividual without the license holder manufacture, copy, use and sale the product will be patent lawsuit.
Yet the 6 feature links take you away from the page (more leaks) – when THEY should be the one using lightboxes to expand on the feature details without moving away from the page. Aside from that, I just think it’s awesome that the Cheezburger family is using Unbounce. Oprah consistently appears happy, using a strong personal connection (direct eye contact) to make you feel comfortable. Sorry Webtrends, as much as I love you, this is a rookie mistake that should never be repeated.
The compelling design kept me on the page for a long time and more importantly, made me want to share it with other people. Showing the tool in action could provide the extra information required to inspire a sign-up.
Phrases such as ‘Easy to use’, ‘Secure’ and ’20,000+ Store’ breed confidence in the user (as does the tick icon).
Because I have a one PC (and marketers do not recommend to USE TrafficVance and LeadImpact installed on the work machine). Kent and his wife, Chelsea, live in Henderson and enjoy serving the community and spending time outdoors. Kent exceeds client’s financial goals with his eagerness and dedication to building precise and customized financial plans.
Video marketing specialists Turn Here highlight good conversion improvement numbers and the side benefit that properly optimized video can be 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google search results. Kent earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Kent eagerly assist the community in both their professional careers and through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In particular, Michael enjoys learning new things and participating in sports, while Chelsea enjoys working with children and teaches in the Clark County School District.

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