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In 1973 Disney released Robin Hood, a kid-friendly re-telling of the English outlaw legend with anthropomorphic animal characters.
The ad doesn't really have much at all to do with mobile phones or open source operating systems, but it should draw millions of aaaaawwwwws out of TV audiences as it airs over the next few weeks. Am I the only one that hears this phrase and think less "popular entertainment" and more "infectious disease"? I feel like that term is getting applied incorrectly if you're referring to an actual advertisement that is intending to be seen as an advertisement. Nah, the Budweiser ad featured a Proclaimers cover, and nothing beats bespectacled Scottish singing identical twins. The singer sounds like Roger Miller famous for the song trailers for sale or rent rooms rent for 50 cents. I'm pretty sure its a Rock Hyrax-- they had one at the San Diego Zoo and I thought it was so cute. Other bits have featured taglines like "all kinds of phones for all kinds of people," which illustrates the point a little better - basically everyone can "be together" by using Android, but they don't have to "be the same" or use the same device as every other Android user. As much as I like these commercials, they don't really educate consumers much about Android. I'm ok with this ad, I'm just saying Google should do more ads that advertise Android and what it offers.
Yes, that is the idea, but how does that alone explain what Android is to people who don't know much about it? If you grew up in the 70s, you'll recognize immediately that Littlejohn is really Balloo the Bear from The Jungle Book! OMG, this is another dam liberal media conditioning Ad to trick our Kids into non-biblical heathens that different colors of things and different species can be friends, mix and mate. I don't know what ya'all think, but Satan has horns like a goat, feet like a cow, and a tail like a Lizard..
Seems like "inter-species mating" is whats going on to get man to the point of bein a beast. Before this post I haven't seen even a picture of Disney's Robin Hood in ages, but I watched the video linked here. Don't forget that Roger Miller's "Whistle Stop" from the same movie was sped up to become the background music to that early meme "The Hampster Dance". The clip of the bear and tiger was used without permission of Noaj's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove GA. How can they use a video from Noah's Ark Sanctuary in Locust Grove GA without their permission? In the past the significance of microplate mixing has mainly been ignored as a serious problem, although potentially it could undermine a generation of meaningful data. This entry was posted in Applications, Common and tagged BioShake, High-speed mixing, Mixing, mixing efficiency, Orbital Shaker.
Despite the great interrelation of a fast and complete mixing of assay components to the results, these procedures received only a very limited interest in laboratory routine.
This entry was posted in Applications, Common and tagged High-speed mixing, microplates, mixing efficiency, Orbital Shaker, Thermoshaker.
Biological shakers are instruments used to agitate a collection of biological samples simultaneously.
Lab Manager Magazine’s online surveys help improve the purchasing process and provide you with greater confidence in your final purchasing decision. This entry was posted in Applications, Common and tagged Orbital Shaker, Thermomixer, Thermoshaker. Despite general awareness of the significance of microplate mixing, it is still a relatively low priority in most laboratories.
This article reviews some of the findings of that study, such as how big a problem microplate mixing is perceived to be today and where the greatest need for improved mixing exists. We have taken the BioShake lab automation units to a whole new level with features that go further. With their perfectly controlled 2-dimension mixing drives, small footprints and ultra-flat profiles, Q.Instruments scientific BioShake microplate shakers are the perfect choice for integration with automated laboratory systems. Unique magnetic and ceramic guide technologies ensure year-after-year of reproducible, maintenance-free operation.
BioShake shakers and thermoshakers define a new standard in terms of compactness, mixing speed, quietness, and precision to help you get reliable results on every time.
The BioShake modules are only slightly larger than a standard microplate, and with its patented vibration-free shaking, you’ll be amazed that the BioShake can blend samples in a wide variety of microplates up to 1536 well format.
It is completely equipped for hands-free operation with an extensive remote command set for easy software integration. German designed and manufactured, BioShake plate mixer offer an ultra-efficient, 2-dimensional shaking axis so that samples mix completely in a fraction of the time of competing systems. Many robotic applications require precise dimensional spacing of pipet tips and robotic grippers relative to a microplate.

The sealed housing to protect mechanical and electronic components increases the lifespan of 10 years on average of well maintained equipment.
All units are designed for continuous 24 hour unattended operation when utilizing sound scientific methods. To prevent laboratory fires, all units feature an over temperature circuit which switches off if an over temperature situation occurs.
Thermal damage to any unit is minimized or prevented, as all models come with a fire resistant aluminum housing. All BioShake devices as new version 2012 have internal algorithms and sensors for monitoring operating parameters and error detection.
To improve the functional testing during installation and visualizing the operating status all BioShake automation devices are equipped with integrated LED indication lights. In case of failure, the error list should read out via RS232 command, to help detect the error more precisely.
Subscribe now to get your copy of 10 Essential Tips Every Improvisor Needs to Know absolutely FREE! When we practice jazz improvisation, we zoom in on one area of study so much that we often lose sight of the whole.
In other words, how can we shift our perspective from a one-pointed zoomed in view to a wide angle lens where we’re capable of drawing from many concepts, lines and techniques? The more you learn to mix everything you practice, the more it will be available in live performance as it will be natural for you to move from one idea to another, or to sprinkle in some new concept you’ve been working on at just the right moment. The first way to practice mixing is to choose one of the combinations above and pick two distinct areas of a tune to implement them over. You could instead choose to only use predetermined material throughout the entire chorus, or you could use three pieces of language. The second exercise is more dynamic as you’re thinking about the same part of a tune in different ways each time you encounter it.
Start with the first exercise as it will introduce you to the notion of mixing, then proceed to the second exercise. Live performance is all about listening to your inner voice and letting go, while at the same time, perhaps, having some sort of a road-map, or a general idea of where you want to take the solo.
Where ever you may lie on this spectrum is completely up to you, but no matter how you want to approach things, practicing mixing techniques allows you to get there because mixing takes everything you’re working on and helps bridge the gap between practice and live performance. During live performance you want to be able to access anything you’ve ever worked on. Take the exercises presented in this article and mix your language with other language, your concepts with other concepts, and your language with your concepts. Well, some genius over in Mountain View thought that Miller's opening song for the movie would be perfect for Android's current "be together, not the same" ad campaign.
Here's the original song and the sequence from the movie, just in case you've never seen it (or forgotten).
Definitely not as good as 2013's "Brotherhood" ad which rips every once of water from your eyesockets. Everyone already knows Coke and Budweiser pretty well, but they don't really understand much about Android. Running an ad for an operating system is something I've really only ever seen done by Microsoft, and even then there's a strong focus on services. For example, they could explain that the Galaxy runs of Android and that you can get Android in many phones. I mean, the animal commercial is fine, just saying other commercials should also be made that highlight Android's strengths.
They could showcase a few main phones that run Android, and they could be like " look for Android in your next smartphone" etc. Now I just switched to my Start screen on Win 8.1, and I have a live tile for a TV program app, showing a picture of Disney's Robin Hood, because it is the 'tip of the day' of this TV app.
Plrase Android do the right thing and contact Noah's Ark and make this right starting with a donation everytime you air this. They could sure make good use of a nice donation for the animals they take excellent care of. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. We analyzed orbital microplate mixing technologies to get a better understanding of the current requirements for mixing technologies that can be applied to compounds or bioassays in microplates. Due to the trend of ever increasing miniaturization in biotechnology the usual sample volumes decreases rapidly. Shakers consist of a motor attached to a flat surface, with fasteners for securing labware whose contents require mixing. Microplate mixing has largely been ignored as a serious problem, although potentially it could undermine the generation of meaningful data.
It also discusses the microplate formats and applications where there is greatest concern about achieving improved mixing.

Highly improved accuracy, internal algorithms and sensors enable smooth operating with long lifetime. A compact design makes integration with even complex laboratory platforms straight forward. Fully adjustable between 200 rpm and 5,000 rpm, well beyond the speeds of most other brands, guarantees fast, splatter-free, mixing for all microplates. Through the integrated microelectronics no other external components and control devices are necessary. The Edge Locking Mechanism (elm) is the complete answer for repeatable and accurate positioning of microplates on a robotic deck.
How do we practice in this truly focused way, while simultaneously train ourselves to perform in a way that expresses all of what we know?
You practice mixing multiple techniques during a chorus or several choruses of improvisation.
Well, when you think about it, in general, anything you play is either a piece of language, or a concept. By interspersing your predetermined parts with improvised parts, you learn to integrate the language or concepts naturally into your playing. This is slightly more difficult, but will help you learn to intuitively mix up your habits, ultimately leading to a more fresh overall concept. Well how do you do this if you haven’t practiced mixing everything you’ve worked on in the practice room? In doing so, you’ll transition all your musical ideas to the band stand, which is where they belong. We only recommend the products that we truly believe will help you rapidly improve, that’s why the list is so small. You'll immediately get a free copy of our eBook 10 Essential Tips Every Improvisor Needs to Know just for signing up!
What was odd about the movie was the tonal shift to American folk music, with Texas-born singer Roger Miller providing the songs and narration, and even appearing as Robin Hood's musical merry man Alan-a-Dale (an animated rooster in this version). And just to make sure you were paying attention, they put it over footage of different animals frolicking, napping, and generally getting along. The whole movie is on Netflix in the US, for which I'm grateful - Little John's line "I am Sir Reginald, Duke of Chutney" is worth the view alone. Running ads for something you can't go directly purchase can be confusing at best, whereas an ad for a phone makes much more sense. They should make a donation to the sanctuary to help care form he animals that they are making money off of!
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). All points on the surface move in the same fashion within the x-y plane, either back and forth (reciprocal shakers) or in a circular motion (orbital shakers). The drivers for the adoption of mixing technology are presented, together with a review of those mixing technologies (magnetic mixing, orbital shaking, sonication and acoustics) that are available or have recently emerged to address microplate mixing. The orbital shaking is precisely controlled, in fact, that you need never spin down your plates after mixing.
It consists of 2×2 stainless steel pins and a 2-point electromechanical mechanism to lock down microplates safely in the center of the module. By doing this, you learn how to widen your gaze and not get hung up on playing the same thing every time around. Really, even a piece of jazz language is an example of concepts in action, so essentially everything is a concept, but for sake of clarity, I prefer to think of language and concepts as two complimentary entities. I’d then take language piece #1 and find a place in a blues where I could play it, and then take language piece #2 and find different place where I could put it during the same chorus. It introduces you to the idea of utilizing two techniques in a very prescribed manner, which will help ingrain the concepts and lines in your ear, fingers, and mind, while teaching you how to use them in real-world context. We are sharing anything that continues to inspire us as musicians and creative individuals alike.
You can't go buy "Android." Even if you could, it would likely be a different UI than the one Google would run in a commercial which would only further add to the confusion. It is without a doubt, the most ADORABLE & most AWESOME commercial that I've ever seen! A self-setting zero position of the shaker plate after turning off makes the timeconsuming electrical tracking unnecessary.

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