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Ia€™ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2013 and what Ia€™m going to write here is based on my personal experience and all this info is based on real facts, not just my speculations on what Wealthy Affiliate is or not.
Ita€™s because most money making programs are complete scams and their main purpose is to take your money and then live you without any further explanation and support. Thata€™s why many people after having been scammed many times cana€™t really believe that there are still some programs that provide full free access to their program because their main concern is to help you succeed online and help you make an informed decision before you pay them. Before taking your money they want you to fully understand what you are going to get into, what online business is all about, what it does require from you in order to succeed etc. What is the point of taking your money without prior explanation how money making process works if after payment you will ask for refund? Thata€™s why Wealthy Affiliate is one of those MMO products that mainly focuses on explaining YOU how you are going to make money online. This is really amazing compared to most other money making programs available on the internet. To learn more about those complaints you can read my article, Wealthy Affiliate complaints.
As I said above, Wealthy Affiliatea€™s approach is different from what you have probably seen so far on the internet. If you still unsure if Wealthy Affiliate free or not, as a member of Wealthy Affiliate Ia€™m saying Yes, ita€™s free to JOIN. After watching these first lessons you will understand how to make money online and then if you decide that you want to continue you will need to upgrade your account.
I think this opportunity is really amazing because you will learn exactly what you are going to get into before you decide to upgrade your account. Wealthy Affiliatea€™s policy is very transparent in this sense and thata€™s why all members of this online business community love it and respect Kyle and Carson (the owners of WA) for being honest and transparent. Ia€™ve personally been a member of this program since 2013 and have no plans to EVER leave this program because Ia€™m getting enough value and making enough money to cover my yearly membership fee. Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership will get you access to an advanced level of Wealthy Affiliate training and this training is really powerful.
Ia€™m personally making money thanks to this training and I know many other members who are making money too.
I dona€™t want to give any false promises, but I can promise that if you follow Wealthy Affiliate training and apply what you will learn you will be making money. As a free member you will get access to a website builder that will allow you to build two beautiful websites within seconds. Wealthy Affiliate free trial will allow you to take advantage of the live chat support which is awesome because this way you can ask any question and get help within seconds. An overwhelming majority of Wealthy Affiliate members are very helpful and polite although I cana€™t guarantee that you wona€™t come across some rude people.

I just want you to know this because I dona€™t want you to have a bad impression of Wealthy Affiliate because of a wrong person you may come across.
As a free member You can also post your question on Wealthy Affiliate private forum and get support from thousands of other members many of whom are successful online business owners. As a free member you will get access to Wealthy Affiliate keyword research tool and make up to 30 keyword searches. As a free member of Wealthy Affiliate you will get access to over 600 training modules, both text step-by-step tutorials and videos. All these tutorials are very helpful and as a free member you can learn a lot of good stuff when it comes to making money online. Of course they are not as good as the advanced training for premium members, but still ita€™s a good addition to the main Wealthy Affiliate training. I think Wealthy Affiliate free trial is exactly what you have been looking for because it protects you from falling for scams.
If you decide to cancel your membership, no one is going to call you trying to convince you to join the program. You will be able ask as many questions as you want until you come to a decision to join Wealthy Affiliate or stay as a free member. Thousands of people are being scammed every day and they simply dona€™t believe when someone tells them that there is a free program they can try for free.
Ia€™m here to say again that Wealthy Affiliate is totally free program for the first 7 days. But you will lose your access to live chat, private forum, private message, support, keyword research, weekly live webinars. I believe Wealthy Affiliate is a very transparent program that can make you rich over time if you are serious about building an online presence.
Wealthy Affiliate provides enough value for free and believe me or not, but you can really learn a lot even as a free member of this awesome program. We all have got addicted to YouTube so much that it has become a part of our everyday life. Millions of people turn to the internet every year, looking forA real waysA to make money online without having any idea of what internet marketing is, or how to start an online business on the right foot. Before I move on to the subject raised above, I would like to give a brief explanation of what blogger means. Earnings DisclaimerIn an effort to be completely transparent, I want to let you know that I have an affiliate relationship with some of the companies whose products or services I recommend. This means that, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission or credit if you decide to buy any of their products or services. I urge you to not spend any money on any of these products or services unless you really need or can afford them.

There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using any of the ideas presented in my materials.
Paula Zahn Hairstyle March 2013Paula Zahn Hairstyle March 2013 Windows 7 themes, win 7 themes, win7 themes, vista. Most programs simply hide this information because they dona€™t want to disappoint you by giving you real info.
Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely different, they entire approach is absolutely different and thata€™s why they have less than 1% refund rate. Just as an example, Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and over the course of 10 years of their activity they had very few complaints.
If you decide to join it you will be able to take advantage of many benefits it does offer you.
I dona€™t know how much because it depends on how passionate youa€™re about making money and how much effort you want to put in your business. As a free member you can build two websites and then after trial period expires you still can keep your websites. You can share some of your personal thoughts or your success by creating your own blog posts within Wealthy Affiliate. You have an excellent opportunity to try the program absolutely for free without submitting any personal information, such as your phone number or credit card details.
You will have a great opportunity to try the program and see with your own eyes how it works.
If after 7 days you will decide to leave it for any reason you still can keep your 2 free websites and have access to over 600 free training modules. Be on the alert for big scams and stay informed of great opportunities to build your online business!
Of course, most people still when need any information, Google it and find abundance of material to read within a few seconds. Top SEO Experts You MUST Follow for Successful SEOEdward Barry on Does SEO Still Work in 2016?
My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products.
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