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This might not be the end-all be-all list of link building strategies but it compiles a lot of the tactics we’ve mentioned before into one location. Remember to choose the sites you guest blog on wisely.  Check out their backlink profiles, PR, Domain Authority, indexed pages, curation, etc. Reddit is a very active community with all sorts of different topics (including legal related ones).
Lawyers should actively share links to their website in social media.  While many of these will be no-follow anyway, it is still a good way to get exposure for your attorney brand, get traffic to your site, and perhaps get a few do-follow links in the process. Try and get your most shareable content out on these channels to increase the chances that others will share it.  Make sure it’s highly relevant to the audience and very useful content.
Everyone likes a good infographic and if you can create one and encourage people to share it on their own sites, that’s lots of free links for you.  A solid tactic (which is by no means original to me) is to create an infographic (either yourself, with a designer, or on one of the many infographic generation websites) and then place some embed code at the bottom of the inforgraphic encouraging people to embed it on their own websites.
Sign up for a free HARO account5: There are paid plans but the free one is good to start out with. Look for opportunities: The way it works is you get emailed PR opportunities to your inbox and you can choose to follow up with them or not. The big benefit here is that one news piece can get picked up and spread across multiple websites. These are pages that have lists of links to partner websites or additional resources for site users.
Add additional keywords for your attorney practice area and you can get contextually relevant results. We’ve talked about the attorney accident map before which is a similar strategy to infographics.  You can provide useful information to users about traffic accident data in a specific geographic location.
These are also low-hanging fruit but local directories are important sources of local links.  Since attorneys often target local markets, these are good links to have. A good way to get really powerful, well-placed links is by collaborating with other attorneys or business owners.  This could be in the form of guest posting, joint marketing efforts, or even just an honorable mention on each other’s websites that you are in collaboration in some way. Try and land an interview with some other website owner or blogger.  You might collaborate with another business owner who’s audience would find your expertise valuable. Lawyers can leverage crowd sourcing websites to get links in a couple of innovative ways16.
How do you build links to your website?  Is there something in this list that we’re missing?  Join in the conversation by commenting below. Get in TouchAttorney Rankings is a unique, full-service Internet marketing agency for lawyers. In the last post, we covered the main link building strategies to avoid to help you identify any black hat tactics that may have been used by one of your previous in-house SEOs or digital marketing agencies. The following are some legitimate link building activities that have been tried and tested.
The trick is to make sure that you know who you’re writing for, create content that they will like, and make sure they hear about it. While it can be tempting to rehash a topic that’s been written before, you’re much more likely to succeed if you come up with something original, or at least add a new spin on it to make it unique. I’d like to add that a blog isn’t always suitable, whether the reason is a lack of resources to keep it maintained, or an industry that doesn’t lend itself well to inspiring content. Link reclamation is the process of reclaiming links that were once passing value to your website. While link reclamation isn’t technically building new links, it can provide a quick win and is totally legitimate, provided that the original links are not of low quality.
A sample of up to 1,000 404 errors can be exported from your Google Search Console account (or 1,000 per geo-target subfolder if several properties have been created at this level). In January 2014, Matt Cutts (former head of Google’s Webspam team) published a blog post about guest posting and why it should not be used to build links. When you have your own blog it can be easier to approach owners of other popular blogs within your niche, in order to gain guest blogging opportunities. As I mentioned in my last post, building links from blog comments is another technique that was a fairly genuine practice in the not so distant past, but one that was hit hard by spammers in recent years. When considering whether to add a link in a comment, first think about whether you would accept the comment on your own blog.
These days, most blogs add the “nofollow” attribute to links within the comments, so this prevents PageRank from being passed.
Spam comments are very frustrating for the person maintaining a blog, and while some filters can be added to prevent the bulk of them, there’s always going to be some that slip through the net.
You usually get the chance to add your website URL when registering to make a comment, which is normally linked from your name. Some people also try to get away with adding exact match anchor text links to the comment itself. Make sure your comment is relevant to the blog post; be thoughtful and avoid being too generic. If you have a relevant resource that you want to link to, link directly to the content with the full URL, rather than to the homepage.
Depending on the type of website you have, this may or may not be something that you can work into your strategy. The idea behind image link building is simple – when websites use images from other sites, they often provide a link back to give credit to the original source. If you optimize your images well (descriptive filenames and alt attributes, etc.) you can help them to appear in Google image search, which will improve the chances of them being used by other sites. You can also search for websites that already use images from other sources and credit them with a link. If you find that your images have already been used without your permission, you’re completely within your rights to contact the website hosting your image to ask them to provide the credit that’s due. Sharing your content on document sharing sites can help to boost the number of people that see your content, while also sending value from the links that sit within them.
Optimize all elements of the document, for example, a relevant filename, title and description containing your target keyword topics, and on some sites you can even write transcripts of your document. Featuring your articles in Google News can be a great way to give your content some exposure.
Submitting press releases to press release websites was a common link building practice, but again like many link building methods, it was over-used by spammers who would add low quality content just for the links. Some responded quickly by cleaning up the low quality content and tightening their approval processes.
Although small businesses may not have lots of time and money to spend on designing infographics, there are services offering free infographic templates.
A great way to build infographics that have a good chance of being a hit with your audience is to look at the content you already have.
It’s essential for businesses of all sizes to have some kind of a presence on social media. Different social media profiles can also help you to fill up the first page of the search results (for branded queries) with pages that you have control over, rather than websites with similar names that may confuse your customers, review websites, or worse still your competitors.
Social media is great for building a personality behind your brand, allowing you to share your content and updates, as well as helping your customers by answering their questions.
While the SEO value of links from social media hasn’t always been particularly clear, these links definitely come with huge referral potentials. Tracking your competitor brand mentions can help you to get an understanding of how they are building new links and what their customers are saying about them.
Similarly, if you see that somebody has linked to one of your competitors in a blog post or news article and it would also make sense for them to link to you too, then you can contact the author and try your luck.
The main thing to remember when looking to build links is that you need to remove your focus from the ranking benefits associated with the links, and instead think about the bigger picture: the referrals they could bring, the brand awareness they could build, how they could improve the overall user experience or allow you to become a trusted member of an online community. If you have found recent success from any other legitimate forms of link building and you would like to share, please leave a comment and get the conversation going! As a newbie to SEO, I have learned that there are must do’s and must avoids’ in building your web presence online. Being genuine in link building is much easier to do when you have quality content or links. Link building is all about improving web presence in order to get conversions, return on investment, clicks: whatever the metric you may be seeking at any given point in time.
Ekaterina Walker is an example of a guest blogger that regularly  incorporates quality in her online presence.
Another example of a strategic link building tactic would be to interact with your business community and open up the discussion with thought leaders in your industry. In planning the awards, the wrong approach would be to delegate the event to a specific employee, and not a team. The Online Marketing and Media Awards showcase thought leaders and progressive advertising campaigns across different industries.
Takeaways: If you are going to do something like web-based awards, attack it head on with proper preparation and budgeting. Let’s be blunt, If you are constantly seen as spamming your customer base, the efficiency of any given promotion will go down. Link building 2016 & link building strategies 2016 is most widely search term in internet. I am here going to share some best SEO link building techniques – blogger seo tips and tricks 2016 which will helps you to increase your blog traffic.

As a part of link building strategies that is to be applied, guest blogging has been picking up as a best link building strategies to get high quality links to your articles. Among the various result oriented best link building strategies 2016, besides On-Page Search Engine Optimization is Do Follow Links. One of the other effective best link building techniques 2016 has been submission to directories and forums.
Social Media too is considered one of the well known strategies used for link building as it can give you high PR from websites such as Facebook and Twitter. One of the not so good method of link building techniques have been the reciprocal link exchange method.
You can share this post of best link building strategies 2016 with your friends on social media by clicking below social media sharing buttons.
Qadir Qd is a 26 year self-trained guy, a young part time blogger and computer experts last for five years. These tricks work but apart from that I would like to suggest the link building in a tricky manner with Exact anchor, Naked URL and also to go with long tail keywords.
The need for using legitimate link building strategies has become far more crucial after the latest Google Penguin update. Only good sources will be linked to by other websites and this gives the search engines a clear indicator which websites need to be promoted in the search results. With link building becoming highly crucial in getting top positions in the search results, many new link building strategies have emerged. Most website owners hire link building companies to take care of their link popularity needs and this seems to be the most practical approach to link building. Webmasters that have taken things lightly in this regard have burnt their fingers very badly, you too should not follow suit but to consider a Google Penguin update as a wake up call to use legitimate link building strategies and make consistent efforts to promote your website online.
Even if those posts are helpful, lawyers need to first become a helpful member of the community. News pieces submitted through HARO get distributed all over the web helping attorneys get lots of exposure for their firm or private practice. Look for PR opportunities you think may be beneficial for your attorney brand and for links and go for those. That may not happen the very first time you respond to an opportunity but if you stick with it, HARO can be a valuable resource.
There is also a sharing widget attached to the map so others can share it on their own social networks making more inbound links to a page on your site. They can insert links on crowd sourcing sites that call on a community to answer questions or they can use crowd sourced content to get links. This involves multiple different contributors submitting content to you for a publication like a blog post.
Finding & removing low quality links should be the first step of any link building strategy, so if you didn’t get a chance to read it take a look before moving on. While part of your strategy should definitely include some competitor research, to dig into the link profiles of successful websites within your industry, there are many other avenues that should also be explored.
Focusing on just one or two of these channels is unlikely to provide you with a natural link profile, so the more diverse the sources, the more likely you are to future-proof your strategy. How many times have you seen a piece of content that you liked and shared with others as a result, whether it was through social media, blog comments, or from referencing it within one of your own blog posts.
Do some research into content that was successful on competitor websites to give you some insight into which topics work well; there are several tools that allow you to check the number of shares that a page had, including SharedCount and ShareTally. Creating a blog for the sake of SEO is worse than not having one at all, so in this case it can make more sense to create some ever-green content in the form of guides or white-papers that will help your readers for years to come and naturally generate links when referenced as resources. Restoring broken links can also yield much more value than other link building efforts based on the amount of time invested, as the links are already in place, it’s just a matter of fixing them. This is usually caused by a page either being removed or moved to another URL without suitable redirection in place, but can also be triggered by a link that points to an invalid URL.
Other tools such as Screaming Frog will allow you to identify internal broken links within your website. This can be done quickly for internal links that you have control over, but may be harder when the broken link is located on another site. While other redirects may appear to successfully divert users to the new page, they don’t pass value, so the new page won’t benefit from the ranking power on the old page.
As long as you’re not doing it too often and with the sole purpose of building links, it can still be a great way to build awareness, traffic and the odd link.
Being part of the online community in your industry will also help you to gain credibility – people are more likely to want you to write on their blog if they can see that you have a respectable following that you frequently engage with, so Twitter is a great place start.
However, done naturally, with other goals in mind besides just gaining links, it can still bring some value.
Most bloggers (myself included) will dismiss a comment with an anchor text link without even reading it. This keeps things natural and even if a nofollow is applied, you may be able to drive some visitors to the resource.
Comments here are unlikely to ever be seen by anyone and will put you in the same boat as the other spammers. However, if you’re not the patient type, you could reach out to groups of websites that may be interested in your image portfolio.
This way you know that the website you’re reaching out to you does provide credit links.
This is not just limited to blog posts, but includes other promotional content that your company has produced in the form of whitepapers, e-books, PDFs, case studies or even restaurant menu cards. This won’t suit all business types, but if you’re regularly posting well written news articles then you may be an ideal candidate. This caused Google to take action and penalise some of the sites involved, including one of the most well known – PR Newswire. If you have some useful industry statistics or data from conducting your own industry surveys, replace a boring, text-based blog post with an infographic to give a visual representation of the data. Do a bit of digging around into your Google Analytics data to pull out your most read content, then think about which pieces of content could be translated into an infographic. The reason for this is simple; these days, most people use some form of social media, including your mum, uncle, grandma and of course your competitors. If you handle the situation well, this can play to your advantage, as you’re demonstrating that while things don’t always go to plan, you’re there to help and happy to resolve issues. But as Matt Cutts explained in a video when answering a question around whether pages from social media sites are ranked differently, social media signals don’t play a direct part in Google’s ranking algorithms (or at least they didn’t at the time the video was made in 2014). For starters, they may be potential customers reaching out to you via whatever channel they happen to be using, so this would allow you to respond.
If you see a potential customer asking questions about one of your competitors, it can be the perfect time for you to step in and make them aware of what you have to offer. Look at the quality backlinks that you competitors are building then use their success to compliment your own backlink profile. Google Alerts is completely free and gives you a daily email update with all of your mentions. As in any topic as deep as search engine optimization, there are going to be conflicting viewpoints. In guest blogging, if the blogger is providing useful and relevant information, it will be easy for them to come across as genuine. She guest blogs for such online powerhouses as FastCompany and Mashable, as well as a for the tech company INTEL. A guest post like this is effective for Fastcompany as the content and its principles are applicable long term. For example, you could start a web-based awards to recognize or even reward these people that contribute regularly and add a lot to the industry.
One employee, whether a link builder, marketing specialist, or event planner can usually not tackle such a large goal alone. Focus on quality and being genuine throughout the entire process, especially in interactions with those involved. The product is the focal point of the tweet but is not overbearing and the tweet manages to show some personality.
Quality over quantity is another point of debate in link building, but being genuine in one’s attempts is not. This is one of the easiest way to get backlinks by commenting on blogs such as CommentLuv and KeywordLuv. You could get your blogs listed in high PR directories which includes Yahoo, DMOZ and other well known directories. Traffic can be organized but the only disadvantage has been that, it cannot help to increase the Page Rank.
Choosing one of the best link building strategies 2016 is important to get higher ranks especially at SERPS. He is very passionate about blogging and his area of interests are SEO & Internet Marketing. Those things wil work good to maintain link velocity in a proper way such that you can build some good authority.
As there are millions of websites on the web, search engines need to use very advanced ranking algorithms so that they can provide the users with the best results when they are looking for some information.

Webmasters are however required to use their discretion while choosing their link building strategies. However, the mistake most website owners make is that they do not check what type of link building strategies are used by their service providers. Lawyers can either submit links or submit text posts (with hyperlinked text in them) on Reddit but there is a specific strategy that should be followed. HARO is owned by Vocus and content sourced by the service is used by The AP, Gannet, FOX and other major names in news.
If any of these services have testimonial pages on their sites, (or even if they do not), reach out to them and offer to give a testimonial of their services. These pages can also be optimized to rank in the search engines for related keywords, giving your website another great source of organic traffic. Ideally the linking site can be contacted and the new URL updated, but if this isn’t possible, 301 redirects can be added to redirect the value (and users) from the old URL to the new (or a relevant alternative page). Screaming Frog allows you to filter redirects by type, helping you to find internal links that redirect using anything other that a 301. What’s more, some commenting platforms such as Disqus allow blog owners to mark comments as spam and even add users to their blacklist, which is shared with other bloggers. Comments like “Great post!” and “Thanks for posting this useful information” are unlikely to be published.
This also makes it easier to add the credit message and link to your site, by providing the code with the image and the credit note. Google news articles often appear higher up in the search results, giving your content a boost without any special SEO efforts required. This seemed to do the trick, as the website made a full recovery and now appears to be performing better organically than it was before the penalty. You can then post the infographic to your blog and embed a link to your post, so that you are credited when others use your infographic. For example, if you have a blog post that explains a process, use this to create a infographic with a flow chart to bring the process to life. When they are looking through their Facebook feed to see what their friends are talking about, they are not, so you need to keep this in mind when thinking about how to engage with them. But Matt did note that there’s usually a strong correlation between pages that gain more traction in social media and those that rank well in Google, so this suggests that Google is good at knowing what people like.
But they may also be from people saying something negative in a public space, so it gives you the opportunity to quickly reply to defend your brand while also looking to address any issues. Get the most out of your guest blogging by doing some sharing yourself:  promote the post on social media and advise the blog owner to do so as well.
Stay away from a blog post about “the benefits of the WordPress theme everyone seems to be using at the moment.” Remember the goal is to provide usefulness and value, quality, which can come through presenting expertise and applicable takeaways.
It also uses a trending twitter hashtag #upcomingschoolyearin4words to increase its outreach to trend-seeking Twitter users. Best link building strategies are a core part of any search engine optimization techniques. This could take place when spiders in the search engine look for fresh content that is exact to the topic available.
Guest Blogging could be initiated by setting your goals on guest blogging and work to achieve it.
This is considered one of the most effective methods as the links that you get from such directories are more quality based than any other blogs. You need to be careful not to over post on Facebook as it could become a spam one fine day. The technique involves exchange of links between two mutual understanding websites of bloggers.
This is one of the reasons why back links have always played a very special role in search engine ranking.
Just because there are many link building strategies it does not mean that all the strategies used will please the search engines. It is vital that you choose dependable and reputed link building companies so that your website is guarded against search engine penalties.
For instance try finding and responding to legal questions at least a few times per day on Reddit.
For example by using the operator inurl: and the keyword “resources”, you can get a list of pages that have that term in the URL. You have to offer a bounty to fix whatever the issue is but you can set it very low and submit simple issues to be fixed by the community. Another useful tool to check HTTP headers, redirect codes, and identify redirect chains is the Ayima Redirect Path Chrome extension. If the majority of comments you made were marked as spam, most blog owners won’t even read your comment, let alone approve it.
This extra exposure can also lead to links, as other websites may reference your article from their own content. Mention gives you more data allowing you to monitor mentions from millions of sources in over 40 languages, so you can react quickly.
Cutting through the static, an underlying sentiment on both sides of every debate is that genuine based link building is preferred. In link building, whether you are trying to gain web presence and awareness for a B2C or B2B company, excellence is dependent on whether or not you can provide value or usefulness. More exposure for the post means heightened awareness of your company and  its role as a curator of progressive ideas.
These superior posts will have a longer shelf life than the more narrow posts  locked down to its subject and contextual basis. Of course, it’s always good to stay in touch with thought leaders and industry luminaries, but more significantly, a web-based awards could have large impact from a marketing and inbound standpoint, with minimized expenditures and high ROI. Set up a meeting with the event planning specialist in the office, the search engine optimizer, AND the marketing guru to fully address the goals of the event. The event sparks discussion and creativity within the industry by recognizing thought leaders and industry mavens.
Individual efforts, even when attempted by SEO Superman will likely fall short of the company’s goals. Quality and genuine–oriented link building strategies will position your company in a positive light, and very literally speaking, give your links potential to be built upon, shared, and built upon some more. But eventually you can be sure of having a successful method of having link building strategies 2016 which are required for increasing traffic of the blogs. Internal Linking is relevant in link building as it connects the important content articles as a part of the strategy.
You can search for top guest blogs that are high in terms of Alexa ranking and quality in traffic. As the competition is so high in all the niches, search engines allow no manipulative approach. If one of your friends was constantly trying to sell things to you via social media, you would probably delete them. The event is in many ways a vehicle to showcase your company, so put your best foot forward.
Tactically, the awards are  interesting enough to gain exposure outside the immediate industry, which should be a long term goal of any web based awards starting up. A  well rounded approach with multiple contributors will produce the best quality and experience for those involved in the event. You need to choose the right path of achieving success and keep it alive for a longer period of time. Though some of the illegitimate strategies bring quick results they will not do good to your website in the long run because search engines like Google is constantly monitoring the web for such shady link building strategies.
If the link building strategy that you use happens to be a problematic one, it is your website that is going to be affected and it is not your service provider that gets penalized. Be careful as the community is very sensitive to spammers and you can find yourself banned quickly for posting too many self-promotional links. Remember,  a  quality link building approach recognizes the need to create a positive experience for your audience.
Sooner or later such practices will be identified and the websites that have used such strategies will be penalized. So it is your responsibility as a webmaster to hire the right service providers and to ensure that you use the best link building strategies.
To maximize results, the campaign surrounding the event should be promoted well before the award is given as well as afterwards.
Every website is already under the tremendous pressure of competition and in this scenario, getting your links devalued or getting your website penalized for dubious link building strategies can prove to be highly damaging. This type of effort is what defines great quality from OK quality and OK quality from poor quality.
Avoid having the event fly under the radar as this small-ball approach will not get your SEO very far.

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