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Yet very few people focus on email list building when they start out building an online internet marketing business.
The a€?foundationa€? or the a€?secreta€? of these 2 list building a€?secretsa€? is the classic a€?fail fast, win biga€? approach most successful entrepreneurs take with pretty much any decision they have to take. This is not to say you give up, what Ia€™m saying is that if you really want to figure out how to build a list, youa€™re going to have to try a few different things and learn from the mistakes before you arrive at your ultimate list building automation system thata€™ll make you money day in, day out on autopilot. Are fortunately over and there are some places where you can find decent quality PLR content thata€™s good enough for testing new list building approaches without ruining your reputation in the market-place. Well, typically (as the a€?you can do things in your cara€? example suggests) PLR content is of so-so quality, so if you want to build that warm relationship with your list I mentioned at the beginning, youa€™re going to have to have content that resonates with your audience. And a€?you can do thingsa€? PLR content does generally not have much a€?resonancea€™ built in (apart from the giggle-factor of course), but, ita€™s great for testing!
You only spend a few minutes customizing it so it appears to come from you, put it online, drive some traffic to it and observe the results. Beats sitting down, staring at a blank screen and trying to come up with a fresh list building piece of content anytime. As an alternative, if you are looking to build an email list in the IM niche, then for a couple of days (apparently the offer is closing soon) you may want to check out Calvin Woona€™s IM Video Vault which consists of 30 really high quality videos on a variety of a€?Internet Marketinga€? related topics. Grab some high(ish) quality PLR, drive some traffic to it, once you see which ones convert (as in: your target audience a€?resonatesa€? with the offer), then go and create your own list building magnet based on that particular piece of PLR. If youa€™re not into PLR (personally, I used to hate the idea of putting something that wasna€™t truly a€?minea€? in front of a€?mya€? audience, these days Ia€™m focusing more on idea-creation, and then either use PLR if I have the perfect fit or have it written for me and only create a€?mya€? version in my own style with my own voice once ita€™s proven), then something else thata€™s really hot for building lists is of course apps and plugins. Outside the IM niche, an example for a semi-useful, (and partly playful) app is something that helps people track their weight when theya€™re trying to lose weight.
By a€?playfula€? I mean something thata€™s interactive, gives fresh content on a regular basis and gets the user engaged.
Once again, it falls in the a€?fail fast, win biga€? category, as you can test an idea very quickly, if it works, awesome, you do more of it, if it doesna€™t, well, no harm done, try the next idea. Ok, the a€?lead-magneta€? part obviously only answers part of the a€?how to build a lista€? puzzle, other things you need to look at is traffic and then conversion (including, yes, I know we all love it TESTING;-) and finally follow-up.
But for now, grab one of these approaches (my guess is you probably already have one or two pieces of PLR on your harddrive (a€?mhmm, I wonder if the word Solid-State-disc is going to enter normal everyday IM-language a€?hey, you probably have some PLR on your SSDa€¦a€?), put one of them on a blog that has some traffic and simply see if it works. The National Do-Not-Call Registry does not apply to charities and organizations conducting research or surveys.

Attraction Marketing Strategy #90 is to consider taking the media route by starting a magazine online or a special podcast or even show and position yourself as the expert and observe how your followers will start skyrocketing. Attraction Marketing Strategy #91 is to constantly provide irresistible product offers because having so will help create loyal customers and we all know how it is much easier to retain the customers that you already have than to keep attracting new ones all the time. Attraction Marketing Strategy #92 is to have surveys and use it to ask people for feedback on the value or service that you have provided so that you will be able to further improve it and make it even better. This eBook will give you the information you need to get the C-suite on-board … so your business can begin reaping the benefits of automation. Turn prospects into paying customers and increase your revenue QUICKLY.Plus you'll get a FREE subscription to our weekly profit tips. Posted on July 2, 2014 Written by Sydni Craig-Hart 2 Comments Even if you’re not currently offering a lead magnet on your website, you’ve probably seen them before – a free report for opting into an email newsletter, a free music download for filling out a survey, and so on. Some small business owners go to great lengths to offer dynamic lead magnets, or as we like to call them “problem solving gifts”.
A ‘Porsche’ lead magnet is a lead magnet that could easily be sold as a viable product or service. With a Porsche lead magnet, you’ll likely have to spend time and money creating what amounts to a valuable product or service. Manage logistics like hosting the eBook on your website, making sure it’s linked with your opt-in form, etc.
It’s clear that it would be much easier to opt for the “fun” lead magnet, save the time and money, and move on to other pursuits.
But as with so many things in life and business, the easy option is not necessarily the most effective option.
When you create massive value in the form of a lead magnet and give it away, you are sending a strong message to your prospects. If you offer your customer a single slice of mediocre pie, how likely will they be to purchase the whole thing? If, on the other hand, you give them a taste of dynamite pie, the kind that has you getting up in the middle of the night for “one more bite”, they will be begging you for more and will absolutely be willing to pay for it. If you can answer yes to these questions, you can be sure your lead magnet is building brand loyalty and trust with your customers. The next step is to use your lead magnet to build your email list of high-quality, pre-qualified prospects who you know already have an interest in buying your products and services.

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Ideally, youa€™ll have collected feedback and you can easily add to the PLR and make it a really good piece that people voluntarily Google+ or FB-like. One can find PLR products in tons of different niches, so you can start building your email list in pretty much any market you can imagine (I even got content for my ill-fated tattoo-project. Our primary research specializes in creating surveys and gathering first-hand information through surveys. So, in order to have an effortless base of loyal customers, you need to use a business model that encourages ongoing purchases to keep them constantly attracted and hooked. Remember that “birds of the same feather flock together” and so if you want to be successful then go and hang out with successful people so that you will be influenced with their unique ideas and strategies to attract people to their business and be inspired to achieve even more. He trains people in offline and online marketing and values building relationship with new people he meets every day.
With capabilities that span the range of inbound and outbound techniques, CRM integration, and robust measurement, marketing automation offers tremendous value to businesses of all sizes and industries by increasing efficiencies, saving costs, improving the sales pipeline, and boosting revenues. They put in lots of time and money to create a product or service that they could, in essence, sell for a profit. These “just for fun” lead magnets are inexpensive to create and give the small business owner a chance to reveal the personality behind their brand.
You are implying that the quality of your products and services is so good, you can afford to give away such useful information at no cost.
Exempt Organizations include charities or certain non-profit organizations, organizations engaged in political solicitations or surveys. Start by creating your own system based on your experience and what has worked for you so that you can help others achieve the same results as yours. But instead of selling the solution, they give it away to build credibility and generate leads. So start gaining experiences so that you will be able to design your very own system out of the successful results you have attained out of those experiences.

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