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Direct marketing is a sometimes controversial sales method by which advertisers approach potential customers directly with products or services. It is a form of advertising that reaches its audience without using traditional formal channels of advertising, such as TV, newspapers or radio. Successful direct marketing also involves compiling and maintaining a large database of personal information about potential customers and clients. For many companies or service providers with a specific market, the traditional forms of advertising (radio, newspapers, television, etc.) may not be the best use of their promotional budgets. Instead of investing in a scattershot means of advertising (like radio), companies with a specific type of potential customer can send out literature directly to a list of pre-screened individuals. Direct marketing agencies must respect the do-not-call list maintained by government agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It is attractive to many marketers, because in many cases its positive effect (but not negative results) can be measured directly. Unlike many of the Hive Fives where all the tools are freeware, several of the reader favourites in this list were paid commercial releases. Delicious Library was a popular candidate for organizing movies, but this app can cover a lot more of your organizing needs. Movie Collector sports many of the features available among other cataloging applications here, such as support for bar code scanning, the ability to export the collection, and advanced searches for drilling down through your media.
If you have tips and tricks, software or otherwise, for corralling movies or other media, sound off in the comments below and help your fellow readers whip their media collections into shape. It's compatible with all OS's and has the added bonus of allowing multiple users to create their own catalog and request to borrow from others in the system. Add Movienizer, it's a great free movie organizer, I like strong searching tools within the collection or different online databases. I like Coollector, it has a consistently updated offline database which comes in handy when I don't have internet and want to browse old or recently released movies. Over on Flickr, fosco_ submitted this simple Ubuntu desktop, with just a few things tweaked for a cleaner experience.
But the key to investing in productivity is to be strategic in what you pursue -- productivity isn't plug and play, not everything will work every time. As one of the oldest forms of marketing, direct mail is still one of the best marketing strategies today.
Direct mail marketing was slow to develop because not everyone could write at the time; not even the educated few.
In 1872, Aaron Montgomery Ward, the godfather of direct mail, launched a catalogue that consisted of only one page.
Richard Warren Sears created the Sears Catalogue, bringing fine shopping to every rural nook and cranny around the world. Even in the 21st century, marketers still use direct mail to really stand out from their competitors. Prospects Influential will work with you to help define who your target markets are as well as the best way to reach them. Our goal at Prospects Influential is to try to educate everyone we work with, so by the time we have finished you have a better understand of the direct marketing industry.

Prospects Influential is a list brokerage company with offices in West Vancouver, BC and in Bellingham, WA.
We have had the opportunity to help a wide range of companies grow their business, one customer at a time. We understand the marketing challenges that companies can face in Canada and that sometimes it seems impossible to market to the ideal audience.
With over 30 years’ experience, Prospects Influential List Brokers are the authority in direct marketing lists for direct mail, telemarketing & email campaigns. Our experienced list brokers will work closely with you, providing knowledgeable insights into the marketing list industry, giving you the tools you need to plan a successful direct mail marketing campaign. Our direct marketing list brokers know how important marketing directly to a certain group of consumers or businesses can be.
Businesses communicate straight to the consumer with advertising techniques such as fliers, catalogue distribution, promotional letters, and street advertising.
Direct marketing firms may also keep email addresses of those who match a certain age group or income level or special interest. Customers also have the right to unsubscribe to unsolicited catalogs and to block bulk emails from their in-boxes. To keep better tabs on your visual stuff, check out our top five finalists for best movie cataloging tools. Users can gather and catalog anything they can assign tags and attributes to—books, movies, music, glass gnome figurines, exotic ale collections, you get the picture. All the features of the program, save for high resolution cover art, are available for the the first 50 movies you enter into the program.
Movie Collector also has support for television series and boxed sets, including specifics on which episode is on which disc and in which part of the box. The Windows app shares more than a few similarities with Delicious Library, and can manage more than just your movie collection.
Weighing in at just under 1MB, Eric’s Movie Database is surrisingly effective for its spartan stature.
It has some interesting features like the possibility of taking snapshots, loan manager, division in people and movies, very convenient. Like we've said, sometimes less is more, and this desktop makes good use of a few widgets to make a great UI even better. There are tonnes of different methods and apps to consider, from Pomodoro to Getting Things Done, and the gear that complements it. Many innovative retailers and brands still embrace direct mail despite the emergence of other marketing strategies.
We have been in the direct mail business since 1997, providing targeted direct marketing lists to small businesses, large corporations and non-profit organizations throughout North America. Our clients include nonprofit organizations, real estate developers, ad agencies, mail houses, marketing companies, resorts, financial services, foundations, government agencies, pro sports teams, as well as mom and pop operations in hundreds of types of businesses. In our 30 years in the list industry we have grown to be direct marketing experts now representing 70,000 different databases in Canada and the United States. We provide targeted direct marketing lists to companies big and small; from large corporations to small businesses.

They will help you achieve maximum returns from your direct mail marketing efforts by providing the best quality marketing lists available. With over 70,000 direct marketing lists available worldwide, there’s no shortage of possibilities. Like DVD Profiler, Movie Collector supports tagging you movies as owned, on order, and on your wish list. You can import your collection from other cataloging apps, enter items by scanning the bar codes on a web cam or actual scanner, or enter your titles manually. There are a lot more features and they take suggestions to add improvements very seriously.
His technology helped to improve the printing technique, making it easier to produce direct mail on a larger scale.
With the details you give us, Prospects Influential List Brokers will connect you to even the most hard-to-reach target audiences.
Unfortunately, several of the features that are included in the other applications on this list are only available in the Pro version of Movie Collector, which will run you an additional $20. Libra has built in loan tracking, list creating tools for web posting, and an old-fashioned paper catalog print-out of your titles. If you spend a chunk of every weekend checking social media apps and surfing the web, it might be time to put your children in charge of your mobile devices. We like to call that “list intelligence” That’s where our list brokers’ expertise can help make those tough decisions easy. You can add movies by UPC or title, the app provides results as you type in titles, and usually offers multiple versions to fit the exact edition you have.
Oh, and Libra also has the distinction of being among the free-as-in-beer applications in this list. Cover art is grabbed from the Internet Movie Database, or you can supply your own if you want better quality. Using the Smart Shelves system you can create a nearly infinite variety of displays based on search expression. You can search your movie collection by all manner of filters, like cast and crew or release date. Want a swank wall of cover art that displays all your Western movies from the 1960s and 1970s, or a tribute shelf to Neil Flynn? Data geeks can generate serious charts highlighting the miscellanea of prices paid, genre type break-downs, years of release, and other data sets and combinations. DVD Profiler also lets you track movies you wish to own, have on order, or have lent out to friends.
Your library can be exported and published on the web, or even shared with friends through your own website or Bonjour, if they are on the same network.

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