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Livestream Studio HD1700 is perfect for control rooms, production trucks, venues and studios where a rack mountable form factor is a must. Transform your PC into a professional live production control room, designed by broadcast professionals for broadcast professionals. You can now open in the media player your recordings without the need to stop the recording - allowing you to perform some basic replay workflow. Remote Desktop - Broadcast a remote computer desktop video and audio as a Livestream Studio input via your local Wifi or Ethernet network.
Cloud Source - Downlink live feeds from your Livestream accounts and use it as a remote live source in your program mix.
Now you can map multiple audio channels to left and right in the pre-mixer, allowing you to perform a pre-mix in stereo mode. The Livestream Studio HD51 Live Production Switcher is an All-in-One, broadcast-quality, 5-input switcher with pre-installed Livestream Studio production software.
Discuss the various methods you use in music production, from compressor settings to equipment type.
Man I can not wait for this, I love live but there is so many thing that are noticeably missing. If Ableton were to pursue legal action I think it would be based more on sour grapes than a legitimate contention.
Studio HD1700 is built with 4 Blackmagic Design DeckLink Quads and a Blackmagic Design DeckLink Studio to give you 17 inputs from a vast array of analog & digital sources or 16 inputs and 1 output for when you need broadcast quality output display.
Build your own switcher hardware to the specifications you need using any Blackmagic Design device and a Windows® computer. Supporting a wide range of video card manufacturers usually ends up with quirks and instabilities in the software. In evaluation mode, the software runs for only twenty minutes, and all outputs have a visual watermark.

Connect up to five HDMI or professional HD-SDI cameras and stream to in-venue screens or to the web using the built-in HD multi-bitrate encoder. The unique settings for each user is also a fantastic idea, although I'd like to know how that works for recording audio tracks or FX for example.
The timing of those Bitwig guys leaving was the exact point Ableton said they were putting Live 9's development on hold to concentrate on bugfixes. Requires installing Livestream Studio Remote Camera on the transmitting computer (Available for Windows only, Apple OSX coming soon).
As a result, we made the choice to work exclusively with Blackmagic Design® products to ensure that our product is extremely reliable and robust by removing the need to test and integrate many cards from many vendors. The HD51 is built to perform with a 3.2 GHZ six-core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 1TB 7200rpm hard drive capable of recording four simultaneous isolated (ISO) recordings or 20 hours of broadcast-quality HD video. The HD51 can be rack-mounted using the included accessories, making it suitable for studios, production facilities, live venues and production trucks. DJ Badman and MC Egoflex, taking each other to court over who did what in a Bitwig Studio session haha. I'm pretty convinced that the Bitwig guys were the ones Ableton were relying on to recompile if not totally rewrite Live 9 from the ground up to fully 64bit.I bet Live 9 news magically appears when Bitwig drops.
Also included is a twelve month telephone support plan, a configurable, color-coded Livestream production keyboard, a mouse with mousepad and power cord.
We’re not entirely sure of the background here and what their current relationship is, but it’s certain to be an interesting story.It’s also worth noting that Ableton prices don’t seem to be currently dictated by price accessibility or to compete with other industry alternatives, so a competitor like Bitwig Studio that’s bound to put a lower price on their software will only help breed innovation in the Ableton camp. That being said, everyone’s expecting something big from Ableton at NAMM – stay tuned next week as our coverage goes into full swing starting Wednesday!Updated: One of our writers and friends, Hedgehog, called Bitwig this morning and got a chance to get a few more details from them. I imagine things would get more serious if these guys got as big a dedicated following as Live.
Five Blackmagic Design DeckLink Mini Recorders provide support for five inputs sources, with each input available as HDMI or HD-SDI.

Two remote camera sources, such as a live feed from your Livestream account and a remote computer desktop, as also supported, providing a total of seven live inputs. The pre-installed Livestream Studio live production software provides a full field rate multiview that displays all live inputs, graphics and media players in real-time.
The multiview features audio monitoring for each input and audio PPM overlay with peak hold on all inputs and outputs. The integrated NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 Commercial Series graphics card lets you extend your display to two additional monitors via HDMI and DVI connectors. The incorporated video switcher follow feature supports audio crossfade when fading between two video sources.
Create templates to quickly change sport scores, lower third text, or other graphic elements on-the-fly. Add a simple second camera angle, a scoreboard cam, or even a broadcast network 4-person live chat over an animated background video. You can import popular media formats such as H.264 video, MP3 and WAV audio), build playlists, loop clips and auto-play on transition. When working with clips that do not match your project settings, the built-in transcoder is available for file conversion. You can even get basic instant-replay functionality by loading an ISO recording into the media player. Cloud: Downlink live feeds from your Livestream accounts and use it as a remote live source in your program mix.

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