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The Premier Package is our basic package and the recommended choice for anyone with a live streaming webcam to promote their own website and feature their webcam on the MyLiveStreams Live Streaming Network. Update: This article has been updated to include the poll numbers from the Iowa caucus as well as the current roster of candidates. But, in a political landscape rife with mouthpieces, skewed advertisements and limitless bankrolls, it can be tough to sort out exactly what to believe and, consequently, what any of the people running for the presidency believe, either. While the staff here at techradar aren’t the foremost experts in politics, I do consider this website to be a top-class tech outlet (techradar is the home of technology, after all).
Rand Paul, the 53-year-old Senator from Kentucky, is good at two things: Using the internet to berate opponents during their debates and using his political power to fight against a government-controlled web.
For: Would modernize the technology behind air traffic controls to reduce the amount of accidents during flights (Oct.
For: Urged Congress to speed the deployment of broadband, high speed Internet networking throughout the nation (Sep. Hailing from Silicon Valley, Fiorina is touted as one of the most successful women in technology. For: Unsure about the cause of global warming, but believes solving it is a global issue (Sep.
Christie, the current governor of New Jersey, hasn’t said all that much on the subjects of science and technology, and generally steers the conversation away to larger, more pressing issues when the topics are brought up.

For: Helped his home state of New Jersey reach its 2020 clean energy goals five years ahead of schedule (Sep. Old George’s brother might not be the best spokesperson for the technology-loving community (he uses Apple products almost exclusively), but he does have some ideas on how to balance innovation here in the US with manufacturing done overseas.
Marco Rubio is a young, energetic junior senator of Florida who might have made a better president seven years ago than he would today.
Surprisingly, however, his statements in the fields of science and technology aren’t all that divisive. Against: Has called to move Apple manufacturing to America, which would destabilize the company and exponentially raise the cost of its products (Jan.
Against: Opposes Net Neutrality and the idea of reclassifying the internet under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. Against: Would deport international students upon completion of their bachelors or masters degrees (Dec.
While Bernie Sanders hasn’t given America his complete view on all aspects of science and technology, his broad-stroke ideas are generally agreeable.
Hillary Clinton has been in politics for a very long time and, as you might expect, carries a bit of baggage into her bid for presidency. Finally, Martin O’Malley, former Governor of Maryland, brings up the rear of the list. For: Supported an investment of $156 million in federal, state and local funds to connect all 24 counties in Maryland via high-speed fiber-optic broadband (Feb.
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The right to vote and thereby influence the political structure of this country cannot be understated in its importance.

There are more candidates in the running than made this list, including those running independently, but this list should apply to about 95% of voters out there. This is based simply on the criteria that science and technology lend themselves to a more progressive agenda rather than a conservative one, and is not intended to garner support for one party over the other. Coming from more of a business background than a political one has allowed Fiorina to avoid getting bogged down by either party’s dogma, taking ideas from both sides of the aisle. Two points he has made abundantly clear, though, are that he would like to drive America towards energy independence by means of nuclear power and that the educational system needs a major overhaul. He’s fairly level-headed when it comes to threats against cyber security, however has gone on record saying that, if elected, he would fight against Net Neutrality. There are those that laugh along with Donald Trump and agree with him, and there are those that laugh at him while rooting for one of the less extreme Republicans to clinch the nomination. He agrees that some part of climate change is real and that the educational system isn’t at maximum capacity, and wants a fair mix of open internet and regulation. If you like Ted Cruz for his stalwart defense of the traditional American values and love affair with the flat tax, it’s all good.
He generally votes to increase spending for research and development while simultaneously pushing for free college tuition for the first two years.
While a few issues, like her complacency on the Keystone XL pipeline and email controversy, may have marred her image, Clinton supports many programs that continually push for scientific and technological advances. In the past, O’Malley has supported funding for building out infrastructure needed for faster internet speeds, and he believes in clean energy. That said, you might want to do some research on her history as CEO at HP before you cast your vote in the primary. That said, as far as science and technology are concerned, Cruz has no clue what’s going on. He’s a member of the Congressional Internet Caucus and has done the most out of any candidate to preserve the internet in its current form. But, without much of a platform, it isn’t all that clear how he plans to achieve any of it.

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