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As internet access is mainstreaming and the use of mobile intensifying in Peru, digital marketing is becoming a fundamental part of the marketing mix - changing the way marketers communicate.
To keep you on top of how digital marketing is changing in Peru, here are some key developments and trends we've identified.
Overall ad spending in Latin America will jump more than 10% in 2015, outpacing all other regions, according to new data. Apple is expanding its iAd to Latin America for the first time, via a partnership with Internet Media Services (IMS). In the biggest technology deal of the year so far, US telecommunications giant ATT has bought broadcast satellite service provider DirecTV for nearly $50bn (?29bn). This chart shows the mobile broadband penetration for each region's population across the globe. The Latin America online population grew faster than any other global region in the past year, rising 12% to 147 million visitors, according to new research. Audience buying company Xasis has launched of operations in Latin America, as the WPP-owned firm expands its global operations. Global IP traffic is set to grow three-fold between 2012 and 2017, with some 3.6 billion internet users in 4 years time, according to research from Cisco. Clothing and electronics are the most popular categories for online shopers in Latin America, with brand awareness and loyalty key to driving purchases, according to a new study. More than 9 in 10 Chilean web users tuned into online video in August, with YouTube by far the most popular site across the Latin American territories, according to data from comScore. Facebook is by far the most used social network in Latin America, growing by 7,915 million users between 2011 and 2012.
Facebook continues to reign as the leading social network in Latin America by a wide margin with 115.5 million visitors in November 2012, but other players in the sector have also begun climbing in the rankings, according to new research.
Digital ad spend in Latin America is set to double by 2016, with Brazil leading the way, according to new research. Across Latin America, the growth of online marketing continues to be rapid as brands unlock a smarter communications mix. It all starts with understanding the channel mix of your consumers and reading the landscape correctly. Latin America represents a huge opportunity for digital marketers, with the world’s fastest growing online population, hungry for social, video and mobile content.
According to research firm comScore, Latin America’s online population grew faster than any other global region in 2011, rising 16 percent to 129.3 million visitors in December 2011. If you’re working on a global brand, remember that the beautiful site their New York agency has created might be designed for high-bandwidth markets. As more and more people connect to the Internet in Latin America, time spent social networking is exploding (on sites like Facebook and Vostu). While ownership of Internet-connected PCs might still be relatively low across the region - and reserved mainly for the more affluent city-dweller - mobile phone ownership is more wide spread and growing rapidly.
This chart details internet users across South American nations (and relative percentage of total local populations). Facebook ranked as the second most popular search destination in Latin America (after Google sites) with 525 million searches and a 2.8% share of total searches for the region. Between March 2010 and March 2011, Latin America conducted 18.5 billion searches- an increase of 21% from the previous year. South American retail chain Homecentre Sodimac used an unconventional marketing method to increase sales by 54% during the ‘Homecentre House Season’ with the campaign ‘The man who gave everything away’. Copa Airlines with a social marketing campaign 'Passport America' to grows its' Facebook fan base, generates and awareness and increase ticket sales on its website.
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Once a training ground for novice SEOs, local search has evolved into a complex, unpredictable  ecosystem dominated by Google. This guide is geared towards helping you deepen your understanding of the local search ecosystem, as well as local Internet marketing in general. I hope that, after you finish reading this guide, you will be able to make sense of local Internet marketing, use it to grow your business or help your clients do the same. For example, if your objective is to “grow your law firm,” a good goal derived from that would be to “generate client inquiries”. These will be the numbers that you or your client should care about on a day to day basis. Regardless of size, every local business needs to know what is their average lifetime customer value and the cost of customer acquisition. You need to know these numbers so you can set your marketing budget and be aware if you are on the path of going out of business despite acquiring lots of customers.
Lifetime customer value (LTV) is revenue you expect from a single customer during the lifetime of your business. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is the amount of money you spent to acquire a single customer. You can use them to sell Internet marketing services, as well as to demonstrate the value of investing heavily in Internet marketing.
Understanding and using these metrics will put you and your clients ahead of most competitors.
Now when you have your business objectives, customer acquisition costs and other KPIs defined, and their targets set, it's time to talk budgets. Now when you know what business objectives your local Internet marketing campaign has to accomplish, your targets, and your budget - you can start developing a campaign. Data aggregators or compilers are companies that build and maintain large databases of business data.
Before you embark on a data correction campaign, have in mind that data aggregators take their data seriously. Simply put, citations are mentions of your business's name, address and phone number (full citation) or name and phone or address (partial citation).
Just like links in “general” organic search, citations are used to determine the relative importance or prominence of your business listing.

Conventional wisdom tells us that citation strength depends mostly on the algorithmic trust that Google has in the source of the your citation. You also want your citations to be structured, relevant and to have a link to your website for maximum benefit. You shouldn't forget business and industry associations such as bbb.org or your local chamber of commerce. While it's possible to achieve some success using just Google Places and other platforms to market a local business, it's not possible to capture all the Web has to offer. To run a successful local Internet marketing campaign, you cannot just rely on quantitative data (keywords), you need to conduct qualitative market research.
Coupled with data from SEOBook Keyword Tool, Ubersuggest, and Bing's Keyword Tool, you will have plenty of data to work with. Keep in mind that the quality of data using this method depends on your use of keyword matching options. If you're not running AdWords, Google gives you a chance to get a good representation of your local search market using the Keyword Planning Tool as described in this post.
Largely, your content will depend on your business objectives, brand and the results of your keyword research.
Local websites are no different from corporate websites when it comes to technical aspects of SEO.
Every business should give back.  Sometimes you will get a link sometimes you will not but you will always benefit from this type of community involvement. It pays to a friend of your “local blogosphere”.  Try to include local bloggers in your community involvement, offer to contribute content or offer giveaways. If you're offering discounts to any organization, make sure it's reflected on their website.
Every organization that strives to get better at what it does should use consumer reviews to improve its business operations. Since you need to get high rating positive reviews on different websites in a way that doesn't break any guidelines and keeps you out of jail, your best bet would be to use reviews as a customer service survey tools.
This means that you should seek customer feedback systematically in order to improve your or your client's business.
Paid search advertising works, especially if you did a good job gearing your site for conversion. You can also read this post by PPC Hero on what you should keep in mind when running local search advertising campaigns.
It means that you should have most of the big IYP listings claimed, verified and optimized to the best of your ability.
It's amazing how many businesses miss to build their presence on classified sites like Craigslist.org. If you'd like to get the most out of Craigslist and other classified sites, remember to make your ads count.
Other sources of non-search traffic you should explore are local newspaper advertising, ads on big industry websites, local blogs and others. Proper tracking ensures that you don't make a mistake of spending too much on customer acquisition or spending anything on acquiring a wrong type of customer.
You can use a number of free or low cost web analytics solutions, including Clicky, KissMetrics, Woopra and Google Analytics. If you're like most people and don't care if Google has access to your data, you can use Google Analytics. In order to make the most out the traffic you get, and to get more of the traffic that is right for your business, you should create custom reports. To create a custom report, click the “Customization” tab in Analytics and then click the “New Custom Report” tab.
Vedran Tomic is a member of SEOBook and founder of Local Ants LLC, a local internet marketing agency. Now you can know exactly where they rank, pick off their best keywords, and track new opportunities as they emerge. Enter a competing URL below to quickly gain access to their organic & paid search performance history - for free. Comprehensive competitive data: research performance across organic search, AdWords, Bing ads, video, display ads, and more.
Compare Across Channels: use someone's AdWords strategy to drive your SEO growth, or use their SEO strategy to invest in paid search.
Historical data: since 2009, before Panda and Penguin existed, so you can look for historical penalties and other potential ranking issues. Join our training program today and get the Google rankings, search traffic, growth, and profits you deserve! Our research into internet use and mobile marketing shows the scale and speed of change, which is why brands need to review their digital ecosystems to identify the best mix of paid, owned and earned media.
North America has the highest percentage of its population using mobile broadband with 72%.
Other sites that reported large growth over the period were Ask.fm (12,739 million growth) and Tumblr (5,471 million growth). The country with the highest average time spent on social networks is Argentina with 9.8 hours.
The region is home to five of the most engaged social networking markets worldwide, with an online audience that is fast embracing video and mobile advertising. The mobile device offers a great way for marketers to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world and you don't have to rely on the latest, most sophisticated smartphones to engage your audience. Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Chile have the highest penetration of online populations, whereas Ecuador, Paraguay and Bolivia have the lowest number of online citizens. This case study shows how with the campaign Homecentre created a viral effect with a common man giving away everything he owned. Patio Batel used Facebook to generate donations of books, with one 'like' equalling one donation. Your customers get impressed by seeing your product and services which is displayed beautifully and creatively. Here we have web site designers who have minimum 3 years of Industry experience and who are aware of the trendy designing.
Regardless of company size, business models and market, your website needs to bring you closer to accomplishing one or more business objectives. It will determine the way you set your goals, largely shape the functionality of your website, guide you in deciding what your budget should be and so on. Without getting into too many details, goals could be defined as specific strategies geared towards accomplishing an objective. They are simply metrics that help you understand how are you doing against your objectives.  For this imaginary law firm, a good KPI would be the number of potential client leads. If you are having trouble calculating this number for your or client's business, use this neat calculator made by Harvard Business School.
Budgets will determine what kind of local Internet marketing campaign you can run and how far it can essentially go. It's about aggregation and distribution of data across different platforms and technologies. It's the anchor business data and should remain accurate, consistent and up to date everywhere. This means that they provide baseline and sometimes enhanced data to search engines (including Google), local and industry directories.

You will need to have access to the phone number on the listing you are trying to claim and verify, an email on the domain of the site associated with the business, and sometimes even scans of official documents. If Google notices an abundance of consistent citations, it makes them think that your business is legitimate and important and you get rewarded with higher search visibility.
Oh, there is also a little matter of citation quality as not all citations are created equal. Since you are very serious about local search, you will make sure to claim and verify listings with major IYPs, too. You have the freedom to track and measure anything you want, and the freedom to use your website to accomplish any business objective.
This is very important as it will reduce your risks, as well as acquisition costs if done right. This practically means that if you want to get exact match search volumes for a certain number of keywords, you have to make sure to have those keywords set as exact match. The time of local brochure type sites has long passed, at least for businesses that are serious about local Internet marketing. Performance and crawlability are very important, as well as proper optimization of titles, headings, body text etc. Mobile websites are not a luxury but a necessity Luckily for you or your clients you don't have to invest a lot of resources in developing a mobile site.
Sometimes these websites can refer significant traffic to you but they almost always make for a good link and a solid citation. Customer reviews should be treated as one of the most valuable pieces of qualitative data. It's not complicated to ask your customers about specific aspects of their experience with your business and record their answers. It's understandable - organic traffic is relatively cheap (in most markets) and seemingly unlimited.
You can also check out this post on Search Engine Land about managing and measuring local PPC campaigns.
Local businesses should use social media platforms to connect with customers that love them.
Even though Craigslist audience the type of audience that is always on the lookout for a great deal, the buying intent is very strong. As we established in the beginning of this guide, everyone needs to know how much they can afford to spend in order to acquire a customer.
Remember that every Internet marketing campaign works better if you're able to provide a remarkable experience for your customers. That would make every aspect of your marketing, especially Internet marketing, work better.
Facebook proved to be popular across all regions, with 55% of North American users posting or contributing every month. Of the top 10 countries, Mexico showed the lowest average time spent on social networks with 7.5 hours.
Ditch the flash and the heavy images: it’s better to be there, than be pretty but never get loaded! As they do, marketers have the opportunity to reach and engage an interconnected audience and build brand reputation through the spread of positive word of mouth. Why not think about the options that can be offered by shortcodes text back response, SMS, Interactive Voice Response and automated outbound dialling?
The campaign was to create a suspense about an ordinary man who has come up with a peculiar idea of giving away everything he owns and only and the end he reveals the reason – The Homecentre season sale.
A total of 279,000 users registered for the promotion and 1.3 million invitations were sent out. Using Facebook as the main platform for the campaign, the strategy was to reach as many people as possible with ads and social awareness. Also, a good design compels your website visitors to explore your website further and much deeper. It's everybody's job to make best out of local Internet marketing because its importance will continue to grow. Divide the sum of total costs of sales, marketing, your overhead, with the number of customers you acquired in any given period. To do that, click the Campaign tab, followed by the Keywords tab, then Details and then Search Terms. But there is a way to triumph, all you need to do is change how you view local link building.
As a bonus - displaying the BBB badge prominently on your website you will likely receive a boost in conversion rates.
You should be surveying your customers daily and use their feedback to improve your services, products, customer service etc..
Since you're aware of your customer acquisition cost and have a measurement framework, it's easy to know how affordable traffic from other sources is for your business.
Empowering these customers and giving them an incentive to recommend you to their family and friends. Interestingly Middle East and African respodents posted to professional social network Linkedln more than any other region (18%). But in order to be successful in social marketing you need to listen first, then plan before entering into the conversation. Thus, subtly emphasising the sale being so good that he wanted to get rid of his possession to be able to shop.
People could donate their books on the street and, at the same time, share this act online by inviting their friends to participate. The only way to keep your customers engaged and increase your sale is good content, easy-to-use features and exciting offers.
The bulk of your citation building will be covered by simply making sure that your data in major data aggregators is accurate and up-to-date. They do so in a way that makes good links great citations, especially if they're structured. South Asia proved to have the lowest reach with only 4$ of it's population using mobile broadband. Once you are engaged in a dialogue, manage the responses carefully so you can maximise the benefits of brand advocates and minimise the risk of negative PR. This was done by a creation of a facebook page with videos, picture and updates of things being given away and the date when it would be done.
The best thing about our designing team is they are always ready to provide with endless ideas and possibilities. It also resulted in reaching out to 4,468,482 people and generating a donation of more than 10,000 books in 20 days. If you require any creative assistance, they are here to assist you with proper suggestion.

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